5 Short Lessons to Help You Grieve Well

My brother passed last week. It hit hard despite the reality that it had been expected for quite some time.

As I move through the grief cycle this go-round, I’m sharing some of my own advice, to remind myself, as well as to support you as you move through any losses you’re facing.

1. You can’t plan for this. You might prepare, as in imagining the event and your feelings and the dynamics that may transpire. You can be ready to deal with some of the details that will be required of you depending on the role you may play. You can emotionally build your stamina for grief by being fully present to your losses and your emotions as the loss hits and you move through the aftermath. And yet, with all this (and I do these things) you won’t know how it’s going to truly affect you until you are in it. 

I didn’t expect to be unraveling memories from childhood, revisiting relationships and roles from growing up, or to feel the deep, deep pain that had been...

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The Wisdom of Overwhelm


Are you feeling overwhelmed? I've had my moments lately.

If overwhelm is becoming a constant companion, or too frequent a visitor, I've got some help for you. Feeling overwhelmed relates to feeling powerless. I'm here to help you feel more powerful in the best of ways. That's my jam :)

You have the power within you to address and work with, and through, any feelings of overwhelm. If you're chronically in that state, you may doubt me. 

I want you to consider the kind of overwhelm you're experiencing. Being able to look at overwhelm head on, and see what it's about, will help you work through the issue(s) more quickly. Here are 4 kinds of overwhelm and how to address them so that they don't hinder your daily pleasure or ability to relax.

  1. I have no time/too busy/too much to do. What it’s about - inability to accept your limitations or to manage your time. How to work with it - accept that there are only 24 hours in the day. Acknowledge that you have less...

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How to Speak with Confidence

Through these three video lessons, we’ll begin your transformation together. I’ll be inviting you to consider new ways to think about the importance of using your voice, take some time to reflect, and master an exercise which will shift your energy and allow you to relax into your confident and authentic voice.