When Your Life Needs to Change

Discover the clarity, truth and courage you crave by learning the transformational practices of the Inner Power Wheel with Laurel Holland.

Do you ever find that…

  • It feels challenging to show up authentically -  it’s as if you’re always wearing a mask.
  • You often feel conflicted and confused, not knowing exactly who you are and what you honestly want.
  • Relationships are challenging and you don’t have people around you that truly support you. 
  • You have trouble saying no to things you don’t want to do. 

The answers to these perils and the solutions you’re looking for aren’t out there. They are inside of you.

Live Your Inner Power is about guiding you to the answers within.

By learning the practices of the Inner Power Wheel, you’ll uncover the truth of who you are and how you want to show up in the world so you can feel confident, fulfilled, and be surrounded by loving relationships.

Rebuilding a connection with your Self and finding these answers is the pathway to living your inner power.

Speak with Confidence

How to authentically communicate

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"When I found the Live Your Inner Power program I was in desperate need of change, my situation was unsustainable and my emotional wellbeing was at risk. Live Your Inner Power provided me with a step-by-step blueprint for uncovering my inner truths, exposing my subconscious beliefs, challenging my perceived reality and present behaviors, discovering my authentic self and my inner power. I have learned the art of sitting with myself, and my emotions. I have unearthed and begun to honor my true feelings and core values through the use of meditation and journaling. As a result, I ended a long term unhealthy relationship, explored several new interests, created much needed boundaries at work and in my family life, and developed supportive relationships with men and women who also seek a more enlightened life."

Annalia A.

"Live Your Inner Power was the transformation I had been wanting for decades. I no longer take things personally and see my transformation impacting the behavior of the people I am closest to. The awareness of boundaries is amazing! I own my power now. I also feel powerful over my self-care, my eating and my choices in ways I never have. I’ve released baggage that showed up as the weight on my body."

Kate T.

"Before I did the work of Live Your Inner Power, I had a relationship in my life that had caused so much pain for years. I knew it was time to face the part that I had played in this and totally get free. The questions prompt you to go very deep and get in touch with feelings and behaviors that you might not be aware of. Live Your Inner Power also gives you practical exercises that help walk you through these and release them. Working the wheel lifted the veil of areas of my life where I functioned on autopilot. I have become more empowered to listen to my heart, pay attention to what I want and voice my truth. I have learned to pay close attention to what I’m feeling in my body, observe my thoughts, take a moment and breathe, and without reacting to the thought, let it pass. I am growing in this and I’m very thankful for the guidance of Live Your Inner Power."

Kym T.

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How to Speak with Confidence

Through these three video lessons, we’ll begin your transformation together. I’ll be inviting you to consider new ways to think about the importance of using your voice, take some time to reflect, and master an exercise which will shift your energy and allow you to relax into your confident and authentic voice.