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Live Your Inner Power, The Journal

Do you ever wonder what to write about in your journal? What if you had a space that helped you unearth your truth and live more authentically through insightful, thought-provoking questions? This beautifully crafted journal inspires with every turn of the page.

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Courageous Woman

Laurel became a courageous woman after years of silencing her inner truth and disconnecting from deep desires held in her heart. She invites women into her medicine wheel of practices. By activating the wheel, a woman turns inward to discover the wisdom and guidance that leads to a fulfilling life.

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A free series of interviews with wise leaders, offering thoughts and ideas about how to live well through chaos and uncertainty to help individuals deal with daily anxiety and stress.

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In this masterclass you'll learn how your anger can serve you and not become a harmful emotion. Packed with 5 important lessons, you'll discover how anger can positively impact your life. 

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This one-hour masterclass with Laurel Holland, Life Coach provides specific steps to take to become a better listener and support others in becoming better listeners as well.

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A one hour video masterclass to support and guide you for meeting confrontation, conflict and difficult conversations with a new ease and comfort. 

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This one-hour masterclass takes you through a brief meditation, and then into a step-by-step strategy for planning from a centered and grounded place that aligns with your deepest desires and leads you into your truest calling.

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With video lessons, more than 20 guided meditations, and many of the beloved questions from "The Journal", The Live Your Inner Power™ (LYIP) online digital product, teaches, guides, and helps you integrate the eight foundational practices for transforming your life from the inside out.

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Are you a meditator yet? If not, you can become one, as you learn 12 pillars for manifesting the life you desire while mastering this transformation skill. This 12-week audio/video/journaling lesson roll-out guides you to connect with the power you have for creating the life you want.

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