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Coaching and Mentoring

Tune into your heart and discover your truth.

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Let's talk one-to-one and decide if we're a good fit to work together.

In private coaching, we'll carve your path to clarity together.

My mission is to inspire you to...

  • Find your inner peace
  • Discover your authentic voice
  • Enjoy more meaningful, loving and supportive relationships
  • Connect with your passion
  • Blossom into your fullest potential

If you're looking for more, I'm here to help you find it.

Private Mentoring

In my mentoring program, you'll learn with a structured approach using online lessons and guided meditations as well as one-to-one sessions . You will purposefully learn the practices that get taught in one-to-one sessions along the way while in private coaching. Laurel's mentoring program is for someone who can self-start and wants to commit to a faster and more intense phase of self-growth and development. Learning and growing to embody practices that will nourish you for the rest of your life, you'll cultivate a new flow and ease in life.

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"Being a strong, centered woman, I always thought I could meditate or do energy work on myself and find all the answers... which was partly true, till I decided to get a divorce. My attorney insisted I get into counseling. I decided I’d give it a try, once or twice. I can’t begin to explain how working with Laurel allowed me to open up even more. Helping me to understand myself and my feelings as I went through this difficult time. Now in my own business of Reiki and Meditation, I often recommend counseling/coaching to help gain more insight on how to move forward with grace and ease. Thank you Laurel!!"

Mary P.

"Time with Laurel was the best investment I could have made right now! I’m on fire with ideas, insights, breakthroughs, passion, compassion. Thanks for what you’ve done to fan the flames. I don’t think I’d be blazing like this if it weren’t for our conversations."

Elaine K.

"Laurel has a beautiful way of guiding and being supportive without taking the onus off of me to do my own healing."

Courtney P.

Meet Laurel Holland

Tai Chi and Meditation Teacher

Co-founder of a Grassroots Wellness Center

Mental Health Counselor

Life Coach, Private practice since 2003

Speaker and workshop leader

Author of 4 books, creator of online programs, and a podcast

25 years of studies, both formal and informal, include Business, Mediation, Energy Medicine, Mental Health Counseling, Tai Chi, Meditation, Trauma and Healing

"I've love my path of healing, learning,  and serving. It would be an honor to help you discover yours."

Everyone’s journey is unique.

The work we do together is sacred. In order to support my clients fully, I accept new clients by referral or as part of work with me in one of my group programs. Let me know what your needs are and I'll guide you in the right direction for a mentoring process that meets your goals.

To begin, you must reach out for support.

Once our work begins, we'll navigate the journey together. The best way to start this sacred journey together is by a scheduling a free 30-minute clarity session.

Schedule a Free Clarity Session

Begin your journey here with a free 30-minute call with Laurel.


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