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Events and Speaking

Full Moon Gatherings

Join our sacred circle monthly as we gather together in circle to celebrate Mother Earth and all the gifts we receive daily. These heartfelt gatherings create a reciprocal relationship with nature while we connect with one another in heart space.  Let us know you want to be notified for updates.

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Sample of Past Events

Empowered Leadership Training

Empowered leadership is a different way of communicating, connecting, and encouraging than what we experience as “the norm” in our world today.  It offers a more enlightened approach to both empowerment and leading.


The Secret to Lasting Wellness ~ Women, Presence and Power

In this 60-90 minute transformational talk, Laurel leads participants through an inner alignment experience and shares simple but powerful action items to strengthen each woman's ability to be more powerfully present wherever she shows up so she might make a memorable impact with confidence.

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Whether it's a live in-person event or an online event, I'll bring your participants into a real-time experience of transformation.

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Live Your Inner Power Yoga Series 

Join Cass and Laurel for an intro to the Inner Power Wheel, journaling, and gentle yoga - 90 minutes each week of growing, moving and reflecting together as we usher in 2021. 

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BEcoming, From Wounding to Wisdom

A virtual retreat, led by two seasoned coaches, for deep and lasting transformation. Laurel and Tara will guide you through a weekend of sacred circle, journaling, yoga, meditation and ritual, all created to support and experience in real-time your desired transformation, from wounding to wisdom.

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Speaking to the Heart of Your Audience

Laurel will customize a workshop, group experience, or speech for your audience. For sample topics, check out event details.


Local Gatherings