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Doing the Beautiful Work ~ A Summer Coaching Book Circle

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These are intimate coaching circles using a peer group model where we all grow and share together. The book is the catalyst and tool for self-exploration and change.

Laurel and Laurel, 2 seasoned Life Coaches with a different approach to transformation


Doing your beautiful work translates to living a beautiful life.

Circle #1 ~ "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz, a self-help classic

This book, although it has been around for years, has the power to change your life in dramatic and incredibly beneficial ways. When you know how to apply the agreements and understand their value, they can powerfully shift unconscious beliefs that limit your life. This summer explore and embrace the power of these four agreements and witness your transformation. 

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Make it a highlight of your summer to enjoy the connection and community of an inspiring group experience. This is a gentle and nourishing way to move through inner work that can be beautiful.

"The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene Brown, a guide to wholehearted living

How do we not only embrace our imperfections but see them as gifts? What are the guideposts we can use to bring us into more wholehearted and joyful day-to-day living? We'll utilize the wisdom in Brene Brown's book as inspiration and education to help us move into this beautiful transformational experience.

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"I am speechless as I listened to this episode of the podcast. This was powerful, and I was able to transform your words and concepts into my own beautiful work. As I reflected on your words I understood that I have found the core in some ways. In other ways, your words showed me that I am still on the journey of the beautiful work. "

Praise for Beautiful Work Beautiful Life Podcast with Laurel and Laurel

About The Group Leaders

Laurel Holland and Laurel Boivin coach individuals through personal and professional transformation. Knowing the value of community for lasting change, as well as for supporting deep growth and healing, their mission includes creating safe containers where you can discover your authentic voice and align with your heart and soul's desires. 

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