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Empowered Leadership Training

Many of us want to lead, to support, to empower - our children, our friends and our colleagues. How do we do this and truly help others to live a vibrant, authentic and compassionate life? Often when others lead we feel "bossed", "de-valued", or even "less than". In a culture where it's rare to find others who truly listen, we are finally understanding that this skill - deep listening - creates the most effective and appreciated leader. Empowered Leadership Training offers you new age leadership practices to support others into their own greatness. 

Empowered Leadership ~ 20 hours of interactive training

  • Group theory based in peer counseling and consciousness raising
  • In-depth exploration and practice using communication agreements
  • Introduction to Internalized Oppression and a healing approach for this wide-spread pain
  • Distress/Wounding Recovery process exploration
  • Empowering questions versus directive coaching
  • Group structure for creating sacred circles

Please email with your interest in this training for early 2019.


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How to Speak with Confidence

Through these three video lessons, we’ll begin your transformation together. I’ll be inviting you to consider new ways to think about the importance of using your voice, take some time to reflect, and master an exercise which will shift your energy and allow you to relax into your confident and authentic voice.