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Rewriting Your Narrative

Season #3

How do you prepare so that you no longer repeat conversations you don't feel good about, negotiations that went poorly, or simple self-expressions that you wish were different? This podcast episode will guide you into the world of rewriting your narrative as a tool so that you use your focus, your desires, and your imagination to no longer feel stuck in what isn't working, and move towards what brings you to the results and life experience you most want. The participants in this discussion offer personal stories of improved relationships after employing these techniques.

Journaling prompts are suggested to further your exploration. 

Links/Books mentioned - Cassandra Neece of The Dharma Collective shared an example in her recent email of rewriting narrative with success. Live Your Inner Power, the Journal by Laurel Holland is a useful tool for self-reflection with exercises like the ones included in this episode.

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Host/Cohost/Guest Info

Guiding others to become effective leaders of their own lives, Laurel Holland, has been on a journey of awakening and transformation throughout her life. Writing about inner work, Laurel has authored four books including Crossroads and Love’s 8 Laws. Her books, Live Your Inner Power, the Journal, and Courageous Woman, introduce, share, and explore the eight foundational practices for creating transformation from the inside out. Through her books, programs, and innovative talks, Laurel’s great desire is to lift others up and courageously step into the life they came here to live.

Laurel Boivin, life coach and founder of Flux+Flow Professional Coaching, helps high-performing professionals overcome overwhelm and disillusionment by increasing self-awareness and shifting perspective to improve performance, increase personal contribution, and experience a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose. Laurel began coaching after a 30-year corporate career.  A Reiki master and yoga practitioner, collector of sea glass and antiques, she lives in New Hampshire and summers in Maine.

Pixie Hamilton graduated from the first Live Your Inner Power Group. She has been on a forty year healing journey. In her professional life she was an engineer and writer and has turned her attention to writing in the self-help realm now. Pixie has been reflecting and learning from the inner journey by consuming and integrating countless self-help books and videos, surrounding herself with like-minded seekers and mentors, and committing to an extensive journaling practice for the last 25 years. 


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