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Discovering Your Light Within

Season #3

What does it mean to raise your vibration? And how can this make your life better? Do you desire a life that feels more connected to God or the Divine? How can you go about having that quality of life? This podcast goes about addressing these potent questions and more.

Often there are more questions than answers when we work in the energetic realm, and at the same time, questions seem to have simple or different answers from what we expect. This podcast shares conversation and stories to bring the listener into experiences that involve letting go of the rational mind to enter into mystical events that the mind often cannot "figure out" but that our hearts understand without explanation.

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Host/Cohost/Guest Info

Guiding others to become effective leaders of their own lives, Laurel Holland, has been on a journey of awakening and transformation throughout her life. Writing about inner work, Laurel has authored four books including Crossroads and Love’s 8 Laws. Her books, Live Your Inner Power, the Journal, and Courageous Woman, introduce, share, and explore the eight foundational practices for creating transformation from the inside out. Through her books, programs, and innovative talks, Laurel’s great desire is to lift others up and courageously step into the life they came here to live.

Laurel Boivin, life coach and founder of Flux+Flow Professional Coaching, helps high-performing professionals overcome overwhelm and disillusionment by increasing self-awareness and shifting perspective to improve performance, increase personal contribution, and experience a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose. Laurel began coaching after a 30-year corporate career.  A Reiki master and yoga practitioner, collector of sea glass and antiques, she lives in New Hampshire and summers in Maine.

Chery Banfield channels the LoveLight guides; Mother Mary, Jesus, Archangels and Ascended Masters who have given her information about the light body structure and miraculous light courses for quicker transformation and ascension work to share with others. Her writings are fully channeled and offer high vibrational support for light body development. After recovering from a brain injury in 2001, Cheryl experienced self-transformation, an awakened state of being, higher consciousness and heightened development of her intuitive and channeling abilities. She uses her spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities to support others in their spirit and soul advancement, receiving enlightened teachings, gifts of healing and channeled elevated vibrational courses for mind body spirit soul illumination. Cheryl's contact info is:

Facebook- LoveLight Illuminations, Instagram- @lovelightilluminations YouTube- Lovelight Illuminations  website-, Email- [email protected] 207-216-9584, 2089 Post Rd Wells Maine 04090


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How to Speak with Confidence

Through these three video lessons, we’ll begin your transformation together. I’ll be inviting you to consider new ways to think about the importance of using your voice, take some time to reflect, and master an exercise which will shift your energy and allow you to relax into your confident and authentic voice.