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Justice Without Judgment, The Inner Work of Justice

Season #2

How often do you hear yourself say the phrase, "that's not fair"? If you know that you say it then this episode is inviting you to explore the phrase more deeply. More importantly, to help you find your way w so that you don't suffer with the feelings that this phrase may bring up for you.

In a world that often feels run by a legal system, we can get caught up in what we think is "just" or "fair", and more emotionally, what we see as "unjust" and "unfair". Because this is the way of humans - different values, flawed execution of systems, and sometimes misuse of individual and collective power - the topic of justice and judgment is essential exploration for a creating life of inner peace and one that feels beautiful for you. May it inspire you to free yourself of suffering over justice and instead become the activist in service to your own values.

This show is full of provocative questions and ideas for how to shift your thinking and working with this topic so grab your journal or notebook for this one!

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Guiding others to become effective leaders of their own lives, Laurel Holland, has been on a journey of awakening and transformation throughout her life. Writing about inner work, Laurel has authored four books including Crossroads and Love’s 8 Laws, as well as Live Your Inner Power, the Journal, and Courageous Woman both of which share the eight foundational practices for creating transformation from the inside out. Through her books, programs, and innovative talks, Laurel’s great desire is to lift others up and courageously step into the life they came here to live.

Laurel Boivin, life coach and founder of Flux+Flow Professional Coaching, helps high-performing professionals overcome overwhelm and disillusionment by increasing self-awareness and shifting perspective to improve performance, increase personal contribution, and experience a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose. Laurel began coaching after a 30-year corporate career.  A Reiki master and yoga practitioner, collector of sea glass and antiques, she lives in New Hampshire and summers in Maine.


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