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Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique

Season #1

Would you like to learn a technique that can help you heal from past emotional trauma? A way to feel empowered to shift your emotional state when you feel stuck? How about a way to rewrite the possibilities of how you show up in habitual patterns in a freer and more empowered manner? 

Today we are discussing and describing Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique. This self-healing tool has been around for many years and it's "science" is based in Chinese Medicine. I consider it a powerful, freeing, relaxing experience when I am feeling emotionally overwhelmed. 

Pixie Hamilton joins me today as we share personal stories of using Tapping for our emotional freedom and healing as well describing how to use and implement this effective tool in your own life. 

As with any alternative healing experience, this is not recommended as a substitute for current treatment from any medical practitioner that currently treats you. We are not recommending this a solution to replace any treatment you are now following. 

Links/Books mentioned - Links/Books mentioned - The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner is a wonderful resource to help you learn and understand tapping in an easy to read format. His sister Jessica Ortner has written a book to help heal from eating disorders using tapping. That book is called The Tapping Solution For Wight Loss and Body Confidence.

The email to send questions to Laurel Boivin is [email protected] and for Laurel Holland - [email protected]

Host/Cohost/Guest Info

Laurel Holland’s mission is to help connect individuals with their own deep inner peace. As a meditation and Tai Chi instructor she spent years guiding students in the practices of internal relaxation, mindfulness and empowered choice. Through Life Coaching Laurel helps her clients remove the inner chains holding them back so they step into their power and consciously create the lives they desire. Her book, Courageous Woman, and her publication, Live Your Inner Power, the Journal, teach women the eight foundational practices that she believes are the main tools in creating transformation from the inside out. Laurel loves gardening, creating beautiful, sacred spaces and showing you the beauty that lives inside of your soul.

Pixie Hamilton graduated from the first Live Your Inner Power Group. She has been on a forty year healing journey. In her professional life she was an engineer and writer and has turned her attention to writing in the self-help realm now. Pixie has been reflecting and learning from the inner journey by consuming and integrating countless self-help books and videos, surrounding herself with like-minded seekers and mentors, and committing to an extensive journaling practice for the last 25 years. 


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