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Sharing Your Truth

Season #1

Do you have a hard time sharing your truth? Do you have a hard time identifying your truth? Do you struggle listening to others truth? What does it mean to share your truth?

We hope this podcast helps! We live in a culture where it's rare to be witnessed and heard fully and safely, so sharing our truth well is a prevalent problem for many individuals. I'm introducing you to Dr. Courtney Pare who specializes in working with individuals who struggle in relationships, with anxiety, and with self-image issues. She has been on her own deep healing journey for many years and speaks intimately not only from both a personal and professional place.

On the podcast today, we dig into how you can more readily and comfortably share your truth, create safe spaces for listening to others truth, and be an advocate for good listening and honest and authentic conversation.

The email to send questions to Dr Courtney Pare is [email protected] and for Laurel Holland - [email protected]

Host/Cohost/Guest Info

Laurel Holland’s mission is to help connect individuals with their own deep inner peace. As a meditation and Tai Chi instructor she spent years guiding students in the practices of internal relaxation, mindfulness and empowered choice. Through Life Coaching Laurel helps her clients remove the inner chains holding them back so they step into their power and consciously create the lives they desire. Her book, Courageous Woman, and her publication, Live Your Inner Power, the Journal, teach women the eight foundational practices that she believes are the main tools in creating transformation from the inside out. Laurel loves gardening, creating beautiful, sacred spaces and showing you the beauty that lives inside of your soul.

Dr. Courtney Paré is a holistic anxiety coach, naturopathic physician, and speaker. Through fiercely compassionate, action-oriented, 1:1 and group coaching, she helps high achieving women rediscover their deepest value, talents and joys and reclaim a life worth living.

Utilizing an integrative approach, she guides clients to shift their relationship with fear and failure, delicately process trauma, connect with their inner wisdom, and be genuinely proud of who they are. Through Courtney's leadership, clients learn how it's possible to live a powerfully fulfilling life alongside anxiety and OCD.


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How to Speak with Confidence

Through these three video lessons, we’ll begin your transformation together. I’ll be inviting you to consider new ways to think about the importance of using your voice, take some time to reflect, and master an exercise which will shift your energy and allow you to relax into your confident and authentic voice.