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Do you ever wonder what to write about in your journal? What if you had a space that helped you unearth your truth and live more authentically through insightful, thought-provoking questions?

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Live Your Inner Power, The Journal is a revolution in the journaling world. It is a self-guided journey to gain clarity and direction in your life so you can live with authenticity and courage.

Live Your Inner Power, the Journal

A guided journey to embody your courage and live with authenticity


Filled with prompts and guidance, this book is an invitation to be courageous and trust your truth.

As you move through your inner journey, you'll be answering thoughtful questions and insightful journaling exercises. You'll be invited to take inventory, explore your buried dreams, and re-awaken your true voice.

Laurel's 22 years of life-coaching, and as a therapist, are distilled into these eight chapters in which you learn the lessons she teaches again and again. These are the practices of the Inner Power wheel.

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These eight practices will become your new habits that break through limiting beliefs, address self- judgment and allow you to embody and enjoy your full presence. Through this process you will turn heartache into wisdom, anxiety into clarity, and dreams into reality.

What this journal includes...

  • Lessons on your major emotions

  • How to witness and gain power over your thoughts

  • Paying attention to how your intuition speaks to you

  • Suspending judgment thoughts that limit your life

  • Working with inner resistance

  • Becoming aware of your current habits and patterns

  • Empowering your life through more conscious choice

  • Releasing limiting stories

  • Working to end any victim thinking
  • Developing healthy grieving habits
  • Considering and encouraging forgiveness work to free yourself
  • Become more heart-centered and trusting
  • Consistently tuning in to your inner wisdom and impulses
  • Growing self-trust
  • Becoming clear in your values and what you most want
  • Practicing using your authentic voice through journaling your truth


Live Your Inner Power, the Journal offers guidance and support, page after page. Our mission is to help women courageously own their truth and confidently take action for the life they most want.

"With no real expected outcomes when I began this process, I can say unequivocally that I am changed. I am now a courageous woman who approaches my days with more authenticity, joyful energy, conscious choices, ease, and love. Amazing!"

Pixie H.

"Live Your Inner Power was the transformation I had been wanting for decades. I no longer take things personally and see my transformation impacting the behavior of the people I am closest to. The awareness of boundaries is amazing! I own my power now. I also feel powerful over my self-care, my eating and my choices in ways I never have. I’ve released baggage that showed up as the weight on my body."

Kate T.

"Before I did the work of Live Your Inner Power, I had a relationship in my life that had caused so much pain for years. I knew it was time to face the part that I had played in this and totally get free. The questions prompt you to go very deep and get in touch with feelings and behaviors that you might not be aware of. Working with the Inner Power wheel lifted the veil off areas of my life where I functioned on autopilot. It has given me the tools to see these areas and change them. I have become more empowered to listen to my heart, pay attention to what I want and voice my truth. I have learned to pay close attention to what I’m feeling in my body, observe my thoughts, take a moment and breathe, and without reacting to the thought, let it pass. I am growing in this and I’m very thankful for the guidance of Live Your Inner Power."

Kym T.

"When I found Live Your Inner Power I was in desperate need of change, my situation was unsustainable and my emotional wellbeing was at risk. Live Your Inner Power provided me with a step-by-step blueprint for uncovering my inner truths, exposing my subconscious beliefs, challenging my perceived reality and present behaviors, discovering my authentic self and my inner power. I have learned the art of sitting with myself, and my emotions. I have unearthed and begun to honor my true feelings and core values through the use of meditation and journaling. As a result, I ended a long term unhealthy relationship, explored several new interests, created much needed boundaries at work and in my family life, and developed supportive relationships with men and women who also seek a more enlightened life."

Annalia A.

A Message from Laurel...

This journal comes to you as a loving message to encourage you to adventure inward and discover the wisdom within. While you dedicate time to this sacred journey, I am holding the intention that you lovingly return to a basic trust of your authentic impulses. These impulses are personal signposts that can lead to courageously taking the next steps for your growth and fulfillment.

As you learn the transformational practices of the Inner Power Wheel, I invite you to begin the integration of these new habits into your life. By learning and integrating these practices, you will turn heartache into wisdom, anxiety into clarity, and dreams into reality.

You have the power to craft a life that will fulfill the unique dreams waiting in your heart! The first step is coming home to your authentic nature and true voice. May Live Your Inner Power reveal to you the heroic story of your life and the deepest calling of your soul.

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About The Creators

Laurel, Cassandra and Kira created this remarkable guided journal as an invitation to every woman to show up in her life as her most authentic self. The provacative questions in Laurel’s book, Courageous Woman, were expanded here so that women have a safe place to learn the practices of the Inner Power Wheel, explore their inner truth, and claim their deepest desires. Cassandra and Kira crafted Laurel’s words into a beautiful journal where each woman who holds this book will come home to her inner garden and plant the seeds for a fulfilling life.

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