Empowered Leadership

Learn how to create and hold sacred space
for truth-telling and healing

The #metoo movement has brought about an outpouring of truth-telling, and disclosing the ways we, as women, have been hurt, wounded, or traumatized.

This is quite a moment in history. An exciting and yet, tenuous time in many ways. How can you be a part of the forward movement without fear of creating more harm than good as we move collectively through this age of revelation?

  • By becoming an excellent listener.
  • By understanding that you do not have anyone else’s answer.
  • By learning how to support and empower -  not by teaching and being the expert -  but by peaceful presence, heartfelt sharing, and complete honoring of one another and our unique stories.

This takes special skills and understanding.

Empowered leadership is a different way of communicating than what we experience as “the norm” in our world today.  It offers a more enlightened approach to both empowerment and leading.

My training as a mental health counselor brought many wonderful skills and lessons into my life. However, my graduate work and clinical experience didn’t give me the most powerful tools that I use as a Life Coach and leader in my practice today. As a matter of fact, that training would have guided me away from the approach I use and the philosophy I embody that truly serves my clients at the highest level.

The most powerful - and empowering - skills I use in my practice come from consciousness-raising and peer counseling.

The techniques are steeped in equality, awareness, and sacred trust.

These techniques for deeply honest and enlightened communication are not complex, but they’ll radically challenge the patterns you may be using now. They will redefine not only how you interact with your clients, but every person in your life. And they will bring a new sense of peace and presence to your everyday communications.

By learning these skills, you too can nurture and empower others in the most sacred way.

It’s your time to become an empowered leader guiding women through creating change, raising-consciousness, and inviting deeper healing into their lives.


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