Welcome Yourself Home

An Experiential Day to Create Peace and Ease In Your Life

Welcome Yourself Home - Richmond, Virginia Retreat

Join Laurel Holland and Linda Adams for a day to let go and be fully present to yourself and your wise inner voice. Dive into a framework of practices that create peace and ease within. Give yourself time and space to rest and come home to your breath, body and mind.

During this full-day retreat, you’ll be guided to listen inwardly in order to restore both your energy and your attitude. You’ll leave with a renewed outlook to tackle daily stress and challenges.

Come home to your body and remember how to listen to and trust yourself.

February 10, 2019 | 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Chrysalis Institute, 213 Roseneath Rd, Richmond VA

$79 investment in yourself

Welcome Yourself Home Retreat
Welcome Yourself Home Retreat

In the fast pace of the world today, we collectively continue to struggle with burn-out, overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. Despite how much we know about how these realities negatively impact our health, we may not set aside time to rest, reflect on the past, and create an ongoing strategy to support ourselves. We don’t seem to make time to learn how to create the changes we want and need.

Laurel Holland, Life Coach and Meditation Teacher, alongside Linda Adams, Yoga Teacher, will lead you through a restorative day of movement, reflection, yin yoga, and meditation in a beautiful sacred space where it will be safe to let go and deeply relax.

During this day retreat, you will be guided into a fusion of breath work, gentle yin yoga, deep rest yoga, journaling, and moving meditation. Learn how to soothe your nervous system using these gentle practices that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

There’s no experience necessary to join us and give yourself a day to gently relax and restore.

It’s true that it isn’t until we actually experience the beauty of deep inner rest, that we understand and prioritize making this part of our daily life. You’ll walk away from the day feeling renewed, knowing you can give yourself this gift again and again.

Laurel Holland, Life Coach

Laurel Holland, Life Coach

Laurel Holland’s mission is to help connect individuals with their own deep inner peace. As a meditation and Tai Chi instructor she has spent years guiding students in the practices of internal relaxation, mindfulness and empowered choice. As a Life Coach, Laurel helps her clients remove the blocks that hold them back so that they step into their inner power and consciously create the lives they desire. Her 30 years of personal development work, spiritual practice, mental health counseling and energy medicine training all inform the work she does with her clients.

Laurel's book, Courageous Woman, and her signature program, Live Your Inner Power, teach women the eight foundational practices that she believes are the main tools in creating transformation from the inside out. Laurel loves gardening, creating beautiful, sacred spaces and showing you the beauty that lives inside of your soul.

Linda Adams - Welcome Yourself Home

Linda Adams, Yoga Teacher

Linda is a certified yoga teacher, focusing primarily on gentle yoga practices.  She worked in leadership roles, in the financial services industry for over 30 years. After suddenly losing someone very close to her, she began listening more deeply to her inner voice .  Knowing in her heart that every day is a gift, she decided to “get moving” and take action towards some of her long-time aspirations, including completing her yoga teacher certification.

Once Linda attended her first yoga class 15 years ago, it connected her with her deepest desires and has helped to guide her through life’s ups and downs since.  Linda will share practices to help connect with the body and breath, weaving in poetry to speak to your soul.