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Enrollment for Live Your Inner Power is open!

Are you worn out by the drama of your life? Both the inner drama that plays out in your head and the drama that’s going on around you?

Does your life need to change?

Are you ready to take some action that feels good? That doesn’t involve anyone else’s time, permission or involvement?

When you change your inner world, you change your life.

And it feels natural.

Live Your Inner Power is a 10-month transformation journey where you learn 8 foundational practices alongside like-minded women. These essential practices allow you to finally release old habits that hold you back from what you truly want to experience in your heart and soul. You realign your life so that you can feel good every single day, living from a foundation of courage, authenticity and peace.

This is an invitation to begin a journey on a sacred pathway to take you into your inner world. Your destination is being at home and comfortable inside yourself - from now on.

Why do we doubt ourselves? Why is anxiety so prevalent in our lives?

Because we have learned to be motivated by fear. But it’s not our fault. We’ve been raised in a culture that constantly uses fear as motivation and this causes chronic anxiety.

You can change this. This doesn't have to be your story any longer.

When you master your inner life amazing things happen. You know without a doubt that you are on your right path. You understand that every step on your journey is useful. You recognize that every relationship teaches you something important. You connect with your passion and purpose and feel the confidence that this change brings.

This program is for you if you are a woman who is ready to embark on a transformational journey to -

  • use your voice confidently
  • make powerful choices that give you power over negativity and unwanted emotions
  • make the impact you want by living courageously

Each month you will embark on a journey to learn a new Inner Power practice. You’ll have access to teaching videos, workbook pages, guided meditations, journaling prompts and group coaching calls so that you can fully develop each practice in your own life.

Here’s what we’ll accomplish together:

  • MONTH 1 ~  Kick-off! Introduction to the work. Setting a focus on what you will transform during the program.
  • MONTH 2 ~ Master your body, emotions and mind as your guides to a better life. You'll become a witness to yourself and learn how to move out of drama in the moment.
  • MONTH 3 ~ Put an end to judging yourself and others. You'll know how to create inner peace and acceptance continually throughout the day.
  • MONTH 4 ~ Get out of the automatic habits that keep you in low-energy emotions and in patterns that feel unproductive. You'll learn to make intentional choices to create the life you want.
  • MONTH 5 ~ Release your past, forgive what is over, and bring closure and compassion to different aspects of your life. Free yourself to move into the next chapters of life gracefully.
  • MONTH 6 ~ Learn to gracefully receive the gifts that your sadness and loss have to offer. You'll learn from your disappointments and hurts, transforming them into sources of strength and power.
  • MONTH 7 ~ Create boundaries with confidence so that you can experience that quality of life and the relationships you long for. You'll identify what changes you can make in your life today and visualize the life you want to create.
  • MONTH 8 ~ Reduce anxiety by knowing how to move out of thought-based living and come into a stronger connection with your intuition.
  • MONTH 9 ~ Make your inner life a sanctuary and your true home, understanding that you do have control over how you respond to life and enjoy that truth.
  • MONTH 10 ~ Wrap up. You will enjoy the Inner Power Wheel as a way of life, learning to think forward and yet live in the moment.

Looking for a tribe who understands you?

Because this is a small group coaching experience, you will be connected to other women and gain insight and knowledge from one another’s lessons and challenges. Small group coaching creates rapid transformation. In the safety of a group of loving women and a skilled leader, you will access what lies within you and that which is stopping you from living your best life. Past participants often say that this is the part of the program they loved most!

We are now enrolling for the 2018 Live Your Inner Power Program and I would love for you to be a part of it. The window to join won’t be open long and enrollment won't open again until 2019.

Are you ready to start living with intention, connected to your source of inner power and peace? Click the button below to claim your spot on the journey of a lifetime!

This is your time to step into your power
and Claim your life


Doors close on March 28