You want to meditate. You know it’s a good thing.

In fact you believe it to be an amazing tool of transformation because you hear it again and again.

You’ve tried to meditate. You’re distracted. You can’t quiet your mind. You give up.

It’s not fun and you’ve got a lot of other stuff to get done.

Then you feel stressed. You’re overwhelmed. You’re tired of feeling this way.

Back to meditate. The cycle begins again.

Let’s stop this cycle right now - or before it even starts.


Meditation is a simple, and yet not necessarily easy, skill to develop.

It’s best done with guidance and support. Your success depends upon several factors - I’ve got the building blocks, guidance, and support you need for success.

Guidance and support for not only for maintaining a meditation practice, but also the building blocks for understanding that consciously creating your life is based in more than just positive thinking and affirmations. It’s based in your inner life; how you are operating your life from the inside out.

My life was literally a mess on the inside before I started meditation.

On the outside it looked quite nice, but that only made me feel like a fraud. Meditation turned my life around. It helped me find my way into living authentically and harmoniously. Meditation continues to make my life better every day. That’s why The Courage to Meditate™ is one of my essential programs.

The Courage to Meditate ™, is a clear and easy to follow path to develop a meditation practice.

This course provides the essential direction to create a habit of sitting with yourself and gaining mastery over specific areas of inner development that lead to consciously creating a life that feels good.

You will build your meditation muscle slowly and consistently, one of the keys to success. In this 12-week program you are –

  • guided each week to focus on a skill that is critical for working pro-actively with your mind and becoming aware of key areas of self-mastery - video lesson included

  • provided journaling questions to explore each skill and develop a positive relationship with each area of critical mastery

  • supplied weekly guided audio meditations that slowly increase your sitting time so that you gain comfort as you build tolerance - the most challenging aspect of creating a meditation habit

  • given lifetime access to the program in order to take the time you need to create this new habit, use the audios and combine them, extending your daily practice to as many minutes as you want over time

  • included in a private Facebook group with extra live lessons and open Q and A time

You can do this! All the tools are here, just bring yourself.

Get started now with your first 5-minute meditation. Have a resource and a guide to access for life.