An intimate mastermind group for women in Richmond, Virginia


You are a creative being.

Your inner truths and desires are not false; they actually can be your best guides.

This mastermind is created to support you both in your professional development and so you can thrive as a whole person.

 If you are reading this, you are a conscious creator and are on a path of awareness and alignment. You and your work are one and the same. This can be good news or bad news depending on what's happening in your life. 

Do you feel supported? Encouraged? Completely heard? 

In a guided and intimate group setting, led by Laurel Holland and Rachel Camfield, you are invited to come together to share, to be encouraged, to be heard (really heard), and to flourish, both personally and professionally. 

Do you feel like you have to push yourself to accomplish, or reach your goals, or even just to be yourself?

What would success and fulfillment look like to you, without anyone else's definitions? 

Are you aware of and connected to what motivates you or are you habitually "on" and going through the motions of life?

Your relationship with yourself and your connection to your feminine essence can create an ease and flow that makes life rich, exciting and fulfilling. It's not talked about or encouraged, the idea of relating to and moving from your feminine. Instead most of us have been conditioned and groomed to do things in a more masculine way, that often leaves us feeling depleted, our energy sources exhausted, and feeling like we aren't doing things "right". Could life be different? It can...

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You will be guided through exercises and strategies that help you –

  • Get clear about what you really want in your business - and your life - and align action with that truth

  • Connect with your feminine power, understand it, and relax into it's energy for guidance and motivation

  • Develop a proper relationship with your fear so it no longer keeps you playing small or safe

  • Focus on what you want rather than what you think is the next "right" thing to do

  • Take the next steps on your unique journey, defining your life from a heart-based place

  • Make your body a safe home to live in and make healthy choices from

  • Create a profound connection with your intuition for guidance and focus

  • Identify where you are holding back/not progressing and deconstruct that resistance to move forward with clarity and intention

  • Have a full year of being motivated, inspired and held accountable by a loving supportive group

Connect all year long at our private Facebook page, ask questions, share videos and stay supported whenever you most need it.


Laurel and Rachel have 28 years of combined experience in the business, coaching, and personal development worlds. Their unique bond comes from a shared desire to go on their souls' true journeys, intuitively support others on their paths, and create beautiful, meaningful, and lasting positive change in the world - especially with women in their lives and career paths.

Enrollment is now closed and will reopen
at the end of the year for 2019