Waking Up In A New World

What You Can Do to Live Well through Chaos and Uncertainty

A free speaker series to support you in cultivating your inner power and a sense of community. 

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We are living through a truly unprecedented time.

This is something we didn’t expect and could not plan for. We are all feeling our own personal fears and those of the collective. Let us gather together and talk about the ways in which we can help ourselves and our loved ones through these chaotic and uncertain times. 

We’ve called on the many incredible wise women we know who are living aware and awake in the world.

We will bring you conversation, story, and guidance to navigate these murky waters. These women are empowering themselves and others to live life through the lens of peace and possibility when it comes to facing life’s biggest challenges.

Hosted by Laurel Holland and Cassandra Neece, in this experience you will…

  • Counteract fear with specific strategies and advice from those that know how
  • Learn ways to boost your immunity naturally
  • Find ways to navigate financial stress
  • Gather in community 
  • Connect with your strength and courage 
  • Maintaining sobriety in a time of isolation and social distancing
  • Learn practices to cultivate peace and safety within
Join Us

During our time together we'll hear from...

Jenni Glad

on Working With Your Fear

Bri McCorkell

on Mothering and Family

Amber Lilyestrom

on Mindset and Focus

Jenna Wolf

on Ritual and Devotion

Adrea Peters

on Owning Your Story

Tara Eschenroeder

on Anxiety and Creativity

Jen Heilman

on Finding Comfort In Your Home

Briggs Wallis

on Boosting Your Immunity Naturally!

Jan Phillips

on Making Meaning of Crisis

Kinlen Wheeler

on Security and Love From Within

Roberta Keller

on Weathering the Financial Storm

Kim DeMado

Thursday May 7 at 12pm ET
on Building Strength and Staying Committed

Liv Mokai Wheeler

on Bridging the World to Spirit

Life feels so fragile and now, more than ever, we must practice coming home to ourselves to find safety and support within.


We are thrilled to have you join us. 

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