Live Your Inner Power Leaders

Meet the other women who also lead sacred circles through the LYIP program.

Live Your Inner Power  Cassandra Neece

Cassandra Neece

Cassandra (Cass) grew up aware of spirituality, meditation and the search for more as she watched her mother, Laurel Holland, journey to the Self. It wasn’t until doing all the things her culture told her would lead to happiness that she realized she needed to create life on her own terms. Unhappy and dispassionate in her 9-5 job she started her own journey on the yoga mat where she finally felt the inner peace she’d been longing for. Her love for yoga led her through yoga teacher training in 2015 where she began to cultivate her own daily spiritual practices.

She’s been consciously creating life since 2016 and the Live Your Inner Power program was yet another call for growth and a deeper understanding of herself. She went into the program desiring more freedom, open to whatever that meant. What she came out with was exactly that as she began to recognize and free herself from the years of self-judgement that held her back from true joy and inner peace. She wants to share the Live Your Inner Power wheel with women because it is these eight practices that guided her to step into the light and own who she is.

Most days you can find Cass practicing yoga, outside in nature or grooving to a good beat. She loves connecting with like-minded others and sharing a deep conversation over tea. As a Designer, Marketing Maven and Co-Founder of The Dharma Collective, she supports entrepreneurs in living their purpose. She believes in raising the collective consciousness by encouraging others to connect with their inner power.


Live Your Inner Power Carey Phillips

Carey Phillips

In her 30s, Carey started working with holistic practitioners who helped her take her personal healing to a new level. After years of dealing with physically debilitating stress-related issues, she found hope in these valuable practices that empowered her to truly become well. She noticed a shift in how she was feeling and enjoyed a new level of energy. She herself made the leap to holistic healing practitioner in 2008 and has never looked back.

As the 2nd of four sisters Carey grew up in a world of feminine energy. She was dismayed by the societal programs that kept women from truly exploring the full potential of their self-empowerment. Now as the mother of 2 daughters and a courageous leader of her own life, her desire is to help women create a life of inner strength and awareness that will help them navigate the world effectively while they create their own story and live passionately in their experiences. This is Carey’s desire for all women.

Carey values open honest communication, integrity and personal empowerment. She meets her clients where they are and approaches each conversation with a lack of judgement that encourages people to be themselves and explore their greatest potential.

Originally from Scottsdale, AZ, Carey now lives with her husband and two daughters in Goochland County where she also owns her own business, Well Into Life, where she uses massage and energy medicine to help restore the body's natural function and support her client’s ability to heal.


Live Your Inner Power Kira Cline

Kira Cline

Kira believes  uncovering who we truly are is one of the most important things we can do. She is on a constantly evolving journey of self-discovery, acceptance and empowered change - finding more of who she is at every turn. Before discovering Live Your Inner Power, Kira was feeling lost, frustrated, and dispassionate about her life. The majority of her energy was focused on people-pleasing.

After learning the Live Your Inner Power wheel, she has gained a better understanding of who she is, what makes her happy, and how to make decisions that serve her ultimate goals. Kira discovered that she has a passion for uncovering truth and transforming confusion into clarity - a superpower she brings to the table as a leader.

As a creative soul and plant-lady, Kira loves creating every chance she gets, whether it’s making something beautiful with her hands, or turning her home into an oasis of greenery. She loves yoga and spending time with people who see the joy in life as she does. Kira is excited to be a part of a movement that allows other women to make their life and relationship with themselves what they deeply want.