Live Your Inner Power 10-Month Program

A Transformational Course for Women

The Live Your Inner Power™ (LYIP) course teaches you eight foundational practices to help you transform your life from the inside out. This means you actual re-wire your inner world for the changes you want. When you create this kind of transformation, you lead your life from a place of authenticity. And - you’ll experience an inner power that makes anything possible.

When you want your life to change and aren’t sure how to make that happen, it’s frustrating, disappointing and confusing. Often, we spend huge amounts of time trying to change things on the outside like work, relationships or where we live. You may be surprised to know that feeling unfulfilled, bored, or stuck can be the doorway to creating the life you deeply desire - if you are willing to look inside.

I want you to know you have the answers within you to change whatever feels out of line in your life right now. This course leads you to those answers.

In this course you will:

  • learn to identify, listen, and trust your inner voice and let that wise voice lead you into fulfillment and freedom

  • replace old limiting habits with liberating habits that lead you into the life you desire

  • create an inner foundation of courage, authenticity and peace that supports you in building the life you most want

  • connect and bond with like-minded women who support your growth


This course is for the woman who wants to create a life based in her heart and soul’s desires. She’s ready to transform feelings like distress, stuck, bored, restless, confused, anxious, or overwhelmed, into feelings of fulfillment and peace. This life-changing course replaces the habits that got you where you are right now and connects you to your courage. Feeling strong inside, you begin to walk steadily toward the life you really want.


“After more than 30 years of personal and spiritual development, it’s clear to me that Laurel’s Inner Power Wheel represents a natural, divine process within each human for accessing and engaging our greatest power. Bring the wheel into focus, activate it and watch the magic unfold. I am excited to put the wheel into conscious practice and experience my next level of transformation!” ~Pixie H.


“When I found the Live Your Inner Power program I was in desperate need of a change, my situation was unstable and my emotional well being was at risk. This program provided me with a step-by-step blueprint for uncovering my inner truths, exposing my subconscious beliefs, challenging my perceived reality and present behaviors, discovering my authentic self and my inner power.” ~Annalia A.

Live Your Inner Power Wheel

LYIP is based on the practices of the Inner Power Wheel. The Inner Power Wheel was created from the tools I was repeatedly teaching my clients for the transformations they were seeking.

Transformation comes through gaining confidence to use your voice the way you want, live with authenticity, take action towards true fulfillment, and connect and live from your deep inner peace. After learning these practices, you’ll have the Inner Power Wheel as your resource, forever. When you’re feeling challenged by any life issue, you can go to the practices of the wheel for clarity and direction.

Regularly you gather with a small, like-minded group of women to address an issue in your life that’s just not working. And you actually watch it transform.

You steadily move through the wheel, integrating each practice with:

  • Journaling questions

  • Guided meditations

  • Yoga practices

  • Video lessons and,

  • Live group coaching calls/meetings.

The content is all online - this course is self-paced and you have the accountability of the group to keep you on track. You’ll focus on one practice at a time in order to really make the practice feel a part of your life. Each practice becomes the new habit that replaces the patterns that got you into the undesirable place you want to leave behind.

Slowly you watch yourself, and your group, transform and grow, blossom and heal...together. Group support and connection are the participants most favored aspects of the program. Our powerful and transformational group process came from theories based in feminine empowerment and consciousness-raising.

Our small group process creates safety, trust, and a deep and abiding belief that each woman has her own best answers within. She needs the right environment and support to find her way into those answers. LYIP gives her - you - that space and support.

It’s magic that must be experienced first hand!

Kate T Testimonial

“I feel like I own my power now. My weight has always been a barometer of how strong or secure I feel. Being in this program was the transformation I had been wanting for decades. Now I feel powerful over my self-care, my eating and my choices in ways that I never have. I’ve released baggage that showed up as weight in my body…I have immense gratitude for this experience!” ~ Kate T.


Meet Laurel...

Laurel Holland is passionate about creating ways for her clients to embody a courageous lifestyle that leads to personal fulfillment and a deep sense of inner peace. She has been coaching women for over 20 years - guiding them into their inner worlds.  Laurel helps clients remove the blocks that hold them back so that they step into their inner power and consciously create the lives they desire. Her 30 years of personal development work, spiritual practice, mental health counseling and energy medicine training all inform the work she does with her clients.

Laurel's book, Courageous Woman, and her signature program, Live Your Inner Power™, teach women the eight foundational practices that she believes are the main tools in creating transformation from the inside out. Laurel loves gardening, creating beautiful, sacred spaces and showing you the beauty that lives inside of your soul.

Laurel trains women who have completed LYIP to lead their own groups with her Empowered Leadership Training. You can meet the other leaders of LYIP here.

Laurel Holland, Live Your Inner Power

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment necessary to actually do the program?

We suggest you plan on one or two one-hour sessions each week to devote to this sacred process. This is an invitation to commune with yourself and reflect on your life, to discover insights into the choices you’ve made and how you can move forward in new ways. You’ll be learning new skills and ways of being with yourself - it’s quite exciting. You may want to give yourself even more time because it's so rich :)

You will be supplied multiple guided meditations to use throughout each month and these can be brought into your daily life at a pace that feels right for you. You also have basic lessons in the chakra system and a yoga lesson to help you re-energize, focused each month on a different chakra.

What if I can’t keep up with the program at the pace suggested?

Each participant goes at her own pace. There is no “right” way. Sometimes, life happens and can “get in the way” of the plan you had at the beginning. You have lifetime access to the program because we don’t want you to feel stressed to complete it during the program timeframe if you need more time. It’s important to attend meetings or be on the calls no matter where you are in the program. The meetings/calls are valuable; they are your time for sharing with your group and getting the support you want.

How do I get my questions answered if I'm in the program and feel stuck?

We have a closed Facebook group where women share and can post questions as well as comments and celebrations. Within the program itself, questions can be posted in each module right where you are working and most questions are answered within 24 hours by Laurel.

How do I know if this program is what I need for what I am struggling with?

Live Your Inner Power™ has been applied to many women’s issues. Participants in the past have worked through -

  • chronic anxiety

  • self-doubt/low self-confidence

  • deepening self awareness

  • aligning life with your heart and souls wants

  • living with a feeling of ease and flow

  • relationship stress

  • chronic weight related to emotional eating

  • finding life purpose

  • feeling stagnant

  • trust in relationships with other women

  • feeling like something is missing in life

  • confusion about how to proceed in life

We feel confident that the practices of the inner power wheel give you tools to address any issue you may be struggling with, especially when it feels like it’s connected with your inner life.

What do I do if I start the program and decide it’s not what I want?

We honor a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program in the first month.



Is this your time to courageously become and express your authentic self?

Enrollment is open - our next group begins in September 2019 in Richmond VA.
Schedule a free call below to learn a bit more or head to the enrollment page!

CarrieB Testimonial

“The Live Your Inner Power program provided me with amazing workbook pages that prompted questions and answers that I didn't even know were there. These, connected with online video modules, meditations, and even yoga practices, provided me with more than enough resources to go to when needing extra support...It is a well-thought out and designed program for those looking to connect with others and most importantly, their own selves. Cass and Laurel are both loving and dedicated beings that will support you every step of the way.”  ~ Carrie B.


“The LYIP program is hugely impactful, and is something I can say I will continue to use even after it’s over. Every aspect of the program became a stepping stone towards cultivating more alignment and authenticity in my life. Through a combination of meditation, journaling, and group meetings, we were able to dive into each practice on the power wheel and personally integrate it. It was amazing to be able to do this type of soul work introspectively but one of my favorite things about the LYIP program was having a safe space to come together as a group of women. Each month we listened, shared, and empowered each other. By the end, I felt like we had created a sisterhood” ~ Stacie M.