Your power over stress and anxiety

Your power over stress and anxiety

Stress is optional these days. At least suffering with stress is! There are so many tools to use to counteract the debilitating energy of stress and anxiety. One of the most powerful things you can do is decide that feeling stress and anxiety is not acceptable any longer as a way of life! Here is a guided meditation and some spirited thoughts on how to turn your relationship with stressful situations around.

Free from Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck – no one likes it and yet many of us stay in this uncomfortable place.
When you feel stuck you have opposing forces inside you keeping you in one place. Like a tug-of-war, you may inch back and forth but nothing really changes.

This guided meditation will help you ~

  • get clearer in what you want
  • identify what conflicts with what you want
  • free yourself to move toward what you deeply want

Grab your journal, you may want to make notes afterwards.

Mastering Being in the Moment

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Why is it worth mastering living in the moment?

Here 's a sampling of the infinite reasons ~

  1. You no longer accept feeling rushed or hurried
  2. You feel more centered, more grounded
  3. Being truly present to those you love is a gift they rarely get and will love receiving from you
  4. Your anxiety lessens
  5. You increase your ability to respond to life authentically and courageously
  6. You tap into your creative nature
  7. You control your relaxation level at any moment
  8. Your magnetism increases
  9. Life is so much more enjoyable!

Enjoy this guided meditation to help you - Master Being in the Moment. 

Lesson for Cultivating Love Compassion and Forgiveness through Heart Chakra Awareness

This lesson shares a brief description of the energy associated with your 4th chakra, the heart chakra. This chakra relates to the way you give and receive love, compassion and forgiveness in your life.

Lesson for Increased Energy for Relationship Growth and Creativity

This is the lesson that accompanies the Guided Meditation to focus on your second chakra and the cultivation of increased creative energy, clarity and power in your relationships. Pose these questions to yourself as you consider your relationship with you ~ How do you care for yourself? Where are you on your priority list? What is important to you from small life routines to the great vision of your life?

Guided Meditation for Increased Energy in Relationship Health and Creativity

Focus on the area of your body that is located above your pelvis and below your navel. the central point is about midway between pelvic floor and navel. The energy here is concerned with your relationships in life and ultimately your creative nature. While focusing on this chakra or aspect of your energy you bring awareness to ~ how you show up in relationships, your history of them and your desires for the quality of relationships you want. 

Guided Meditation for Increased Energy for Home and Life Foundation/Chakra 1

This guided meditation uses breath, color, affirmation and imagery to tune in to the energy of your first chakra, the energy that relates to your home and life foundation. This meditation will be particularly helpful if you are working on developing increased self-acceptance and the ability to create a strong foundation in your life to launch you forward.  

Tuning in to Your 4 Intelligences

You empower yourself when you know what is happening internally. Living your inner power means you respond to inner life rather than ignoring it or denying it. This meditation guides you to connect with your 4 intelligences and bring that connection into your everyday life as a positive habit. 


Tuning In to Your Innermost Channel

Living your inner power involves tuning in regularly to your inner life and being able to experience clarity and self-understanding. When you take responsibility for the condition of your life, both inner and outer, meditation is a path to empowering yourself with the truth of what is happening inside. With this truth, you set the stage for any change you may desire. Emotions fuel your life, therefore, clarity of emotional experience and the power to direct and influence your emotions is a key factor in manifestation.

This meditation involves using the tool of identifying and relating from your innermost channel. We begin here by connecting awareness with this inner space and remembering to reconnect consciously with that place throughout the day.