inner peace

Resentment - A Guided Lesson

This lesson gives you guidance on how to work with resentment, to coach you to use this valuable anger that you're not dealing with directly. I'm offering suggestions about how to clean up any resentment pattern in your life.

When you make choices from peace and confidence, rather than resentment, you can rest assured you won't look back with guilt or regret. Journaling questions are included!

Come Home to Your Inner Self


This meditation was inspired by a beautiful circle at a women's retreat I attended in Maine this fall with Authentic Women Circle. Give yourself a few minutes today to take a break and walk with me, be uplifted and supported. You can download the meditation on iTunes too.
Within you there is the light you seek, the healing you crave as you gaze out into the world.

You can embody that light.
You can be the healing you desire.
But first you must come home.