guided meditation

Come Home to Your Inner Self


This meditation was inspired by a beautiful circle at a women's retreat I attended in Maine this fall with Authentic Women Circle. Give yourself a few minutes today to take a break and walk with me, be uplifted and supported. You can download the meditation on iTunes too.
Within you there is the light you seek, the healing you crave as you gaze out into the world.

You can embody that light.
You can be the healing you desire.
But first you must come home.


Guided Meditation to Support Grief Work

It's important to be grounded as you move through grief work and to develop the skill to re-ground and re-center after having moved through grief and the chaos of loss. This guided meditation intends to support you as you move through grief in a conscious way, creating self-care that will help recover from loss. 


4th Chakra Guided Meditation for Cultivating Love Compassion and Forgiveness

This guided meditation offers you time to focus on yourself and gain awareness of your heart chakra. As you focus on this energy center you begin to bring greater awareness to the way you give and receive love, compassion and forgiveness in your life. If you feel troubled by any of these aspects or emotions of your life, this meditation offers light and healing to you.