Guided Meditation to Increase Authentic, Clear Self-expression

Our 5th chakra is the center of our self-expression. When this chakra is open and clear we feel our power to communicate authentically and honestly. As we grow in this power we use our compassion, kindness and respect to give voice to our truth and creative ideas. 

Guided Meditation for Increasing Your Connection to Your Will and Life Purpose

Relax and restore your vitality. Connect inwardly to focus on the energy that invigorates you to make choices that feel clear and determined, but also filled with peace and compassion. When you feel powerful energetically you can assert yourself well, make important decisions with more ease and lay the strong foundation for a life you enjoy every day.

Lesson for Developing Your Will and Clarity in Life Purpose through 3rd Chakra Awareness

How committed are you to your life? How clear are you in choices? How good do you feel about your choices, your life in general? If you find yourself confused, dissatisfied or lost in any aspect of your life, and feel unable to move out of that state, this meditation is meant to help you focus energetically to work with your 3rd chakra. Activate and strengthening this energy center can translate to increased clarity and energy to step forward in the ways you really want.

Tuning In to Your Innermost Channel

Living your inner power involves tuning in regularly to your inner life and being able to experience clarity and self-understanding. When you take responsibility for the condition of your life, both inner and outer, meditation is a path to empowering yourself with the truth of what is happening inside. With this truth, you set the stage for any change you may desire. Emotions fuel your life, therefore, clarity of emotional experience and the power to direct and influence your emotions is a key factor in manifestation.

This meditation involves using the tool of identifying and relating from your innermost channel. We begin here by connecting awareness with this inner space and remembering to reconnect consciously with that place throughout the day.