Chakra Illumination and Affirmations

Be sure to be in a quiet place, sit tall in a chair. Imagine a string coming out of the crown of your head and you are being gently lifted upright as you relax and breathe into your body. Close your eyes and visualize vibrant colors as you are led through this lovely experience.

Lesson for Developing Your Will and Clarity in Life Purpose through 3rd Chakra Awareness

How committed are you to your life? How clear are you in choices? How good do you feel about your choices, your life in general? If you find yourself confused, dissatisfied or lost in any aspect of your life, and feel unable to move out of that state, this meditation is meant to help you focus energetically to work with your 3rd chakra. Activate and strengthening this energy center can translate to increased clarity and energy to step forward in the ways you really want.