Chakra Illumination and Affirmations

Be sure to be in a quiet place, sit tall in a chair. Imagine a string coming out of the crown of your head and you are being gently lifted upright as you relax and breathe into your body. Close your eyes and visualize vibrant colors as you are led through this lovely experience.

Your power over stress and anxiety

Your power over stress and anxiety

Stress is optional these days. At least suffering with stress is! There are so many tools to use to counteract the debilitating energy of stress and anxiety. One of the most powerful things you can do is decide that feeling stress and anxiety is not acceptable any longer as a way of life! Here is a guided meditation and some spirited thoughts on how to turn your relationship with stressful situations around.

Free from Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck – no one likes it and yet many of us stay in this uncomfortable place.
When you feel stuck you have opposing forces inside you keeping you in one place. Like a tug-of-war, you may inch back and forth but nothing really changes.

This guided meditation will help you ~

  • get clearer in what you want
  • identify what conflicts with what you want
  • free yourself to move toward what you deeply want

Grab your journal, you may want to make notes afterwards.

Mid-year Tune-in

It’s July and now half the year has passed. Are you feeling the fleeting quality of time? In 2012, the wisdom-keepers told us it would be the end of time as we know it. I think that's what they were trying to convey. Our sense of time truly has altered.

I’m inviting you to a mid-year tune in. Not as in - have you made your way halfway through your to-do list -  but rather, let's take a few minutes to listen to your heart and soul. 

This meditation will guide you into:

  • Connecting with your 8th Chakra
  • Attuning to the wisdom of your soul
  • Receive guidance from a deeper place beyond your mind

Grab your journal in case you want to make notes right after the tune in. Of course, I’ll be asking questions!

Come Home to Your Inner Self


This meditation was inspired by a beautiful circle at a women's retreat I attended in Maine this fall with Authentic Women Circle. Give yourself a few minutes today to take a break and walk with me, be uplifted and supported. You can download the meditation on iTunes too.
Within you there is the light you seek, the healing you crave as you gaze out into the world.

You can embody that light.
You can be the healing you desire.
But first you must come home.


6th Chakra Lesson

Your 6th chakra connects you with your intuition - your "inner" sight ~  your ability to see and understand beyond the intellect. This powerful inner resource can be the simple and clear path to fulfillment, to leading relationships well and to discovering a sense of purpose. 

6th Chakra affirmation.png

Guided Meditation to Support Grief Work

It's important to be grounded as you move through grief work and to develop the skill to re-ground and re-center after having moved through grief and the chaos of loss. This guided meditation intends to support you as you move through grief in a conscious way, creating self-care that will help recover from loss. 


Guided Meditation to Increase Authentic, Clear Self-expression

Our 5th chakra is the center of our self-expression. When this chakra is open and clear we feel our power to communicate authentically and honestly. As we grow in this power we use our compassion, kindness and respect to give voice to our truth and creative ideas. 

Lesson for Cultivating Love Compassion and Forgiveness through Heart Chakra Awareness

This lesson shares a brief description of the energy associated with your 4th chakra, the heart chakra. This chakra relates to the way you give and receive love, compassion and forgiveness in your life.

4th Chakra Guided Meditation for Cultivating Love Compassion and Forgiveness

This guided meditation offers you time to focus on yourself and gain awareness of your heart chakra. As you focus on this energy center you begin to bring greater awareness to the way you give and receive love, compassion and forgiveness in your life. If you feel troubled by any of these aspects or emotions of your life, this meditation offers light and healing to you.

Guided Meditation for Increasing Your Connection to Your Will and Life Purpose

Relax and restore your vitality. Connect inwardly to focus on the energy that invigorates you to make choices that feel clear and determined, but also filled with peace and compassion. When you feel powerful energetically you can assert yourself well, make important decisions with more ease and lay the strong foundation for a life you enjoy every day.

Lesson for Developing Your Will and Clarity in Life Purpose through 3rd Chakra Awareness

How committed are you to your life? How clear are you in choices? How good do you feel about your choices, your life in general? If you find yourself confused, dissatisfied or lost in any aspect of your life, and feel unable to move out of that state, this meditation is meant to help you focus energetically to work with your 3rd chakra. Activate and strengthening this energy center can translate to increased clarity and energy to step forward in the ways you really want.

Lesson for Increased Energy for Relationship Growth and Creativity

This is the lesson that accompanies the Guided Meditation to focus on your second chakra and the cultivation of increased creative energy, clarity and power in your relationships. Pose these questions to yourself as you consider your relationship with you ~ How do you care for yourself? Where are you on your priority list? What is important to you from small life routines to the great vision of your life?

Guided Meditation for Increased Energy in Relationship Health and Creativity

Focus on the area of your body that is located above your pelvis and below your navel. the central point is about midway between pelvic floor and navel. The energy here is concerned with your relationships in life and ultimately your creative nature. While focusing on this chakra or aspect of your energy you bring awareness to ~ how you show up in relationships, your history of them and your desires for the quality of relationships you want.