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Finding your life purpose, experiencing fulfilling work, creating loving relationships, and feeling the way you want each day are the many results of living your inner power.

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Live Your Inner Power Program

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“The LYIP program is hugely impactful, and is something I can say I will continue to use even after it was over. Every aspect of the program became a stepping stone towards cultivating more alignment and authenticity in my life. Through a combination of meditation, journaling, and group meetings, we were able to dive into each practice on the power wheel and personally integrate it. It was amazing to be able to do this type of soul work introspectively but one of my favorite things about the LYIP program was having a safe space to come together as a group of women. Each month we listened, shared, and empowered each other. By the end, I felt like we had created a sisterhood.” ~ Stacie

“The Live Your Inner Power program provided me with amazing workbook pages that prompted questions and answers that I didn't even know were there. These, connected with online video modules, meditations, and even yoga practices, provided me with more than enough resources to go to when needing extra support...It is a well-thought out and designed program for those looking to connect with others and most importantly, their own selves. Cass and Laurel are both loving and dedicated beings that will support you every step of the way.”  ~ Carrie B.