Surrendering to the 24 hours in each day

Your relationship to time matters. When you chronically feel that there isn't enough time, you trap yourself in a world where you can never get enough done. You turn yourself into a human machine instead of a human being. I don't want that for you because I know how terrible it feels to be living like a machine. That's a story for another day :)

Here are some ideas about how to shift your relationship with time. 

1. Spend time without having a schedule. Yes, you can do this at least on the weekends.

2. Stop wearing a watch. Use the handy timer on your smart phone (or buy a cheap timer) to keep track of a meeting or a portion of time.

3. Learn how to wake up without an alarm clock.

4. Start telling yourself everyday that you have plenty of time for what is really important to you. Get your subconscious mind to start prioritizing and stop wasting time with unimportant stuff.

5. Do your deathbed work so you aren't afraid of wasting your life.

Some of these may sound a little strange, perhaps impossible. I would have thought so years ago too. All of these practices helped me change my relationship with time. These habits equate to a sense of real freedom and peace. 


Sure you can organize more, be more efficient and plan better.

But if you really believe you don't have enough time, you'll just organize and plan yourself into another time-limited box.

If you want to really get to the business of changing your relationship with time, consider a few coaching sessions with me. Email me at

Surrender to the truth that each day is 24 hours ~ and you will discover there's just the right amount of time every day ~

You Create Wholeness (in a World that can feel Broken)

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."

Helen Keller

Where is the place within you that feels disempowered, vulnerable, weak or simply - "not yourself"? This is the place within you that can become your goldmine of living well. Each of us is the transformational agent that causes movement from scattered, broken, misunderstood, or hurt to - wholeness - where we choose to act on love, generosity, beauty, harmony and grace. You and I, and every other individual, are these agents of transformation. The question is, are you acting on that power from within today?

As a Life Coach and spiritual teacher, I consider it my responsibility to deepen my understanding of how we collectively move towards the high attributes that we all inwardly seek. I know through my profession that love, generosity, beauty, harmony, grace, respect and kindness are at the heart of what each of one of us deeply desires. Sure, we might want a new Porsche, a big house, or fancy clothes too. But these pale in comparison to the deeper cravings that each one of us holds in the depths of our hearts. I know this from working with folks who have flashy cars, homes and clothes, and yet they sit in silent misery because love, kindness, harmony and grace all seem like lofty ideas that hold no place in their lives in the moment. That can change.

Life changes for anyone who takes their precious attention and turns it towards, and in service to, embodying what their heart craves. We are here to embody - to bring into form - those gorgeous attributes! What do love, beauty, harmony, grace, kindness and generosity look like, feel like, seem like to You? There is your answer, and also the world's answer to the very same dilemmas and stresses. You are here to embody your inner vision, to bring it to life and to experience incredible and immense joy in the process of doing so. As we all are, collectively.

Are you ready and willing to use your power within to be one of the agents of change, creating the world you deeply crave? If so, I hope you will find the support you need to come forth. I am here to help.

Tips for Meditation This month I am sharing links to videos that can help you create masterful habits. Everyone who connects with me knows that I am a big proponent of meditation and the powerful transformation this practice allows in your life. I meditate for an hour most days, which sounds like a lot. Deepak invests even more time than I do :) Here are great tips for helping create the meditation habit. Want healing, happiness and peace? Meditate!

Your Discomfort Becomes Your Wisdom - Laurel's Monday Message 10-22-12

On the other side of your discomfort is the wisdom of the how, why and what you have learned through the challenges of life! Moving through your discomfort inside, learning the way your body and being communicates with you, finds you empowered with your innate wisdom. You too can find your greatest strengths when you are willing to courageously face the discomfort inside and find peace with your tailor-made messages. May today's message encourage you to find the support you need to move towards your discomfort, where the healing can happen.