Progress, not perfection

Have you ever felt like you aren’t doing enough?

Or how about feeling like you’re constantly moving to the next thing?

Well, sister  - if you answered yes, you are not alone and I am right beside you.

This life is so funny - even this journey of self discovery feels funny at times. I made a goal to meditate and journal daily while taking part in the Live Your Inner Power program. Within the last few weeks I’ve held true to that goal and made it happen (with the help of Laurel’s guided meditations) and I feel so grounded and at peace each day as I start my day in this way. It’s pure magic.


Truth be told, I’ve fell a little “behind” in the course at times (or what I consider behind cause I’m always on time… hence the air quotes). I’ve been meaning to jump back into the content - learn, grow, expand and uncover more truths behind my heart. But lots of travel over the last few weeks has taken precedence. We had a group check in just the other day and I told the ladies that I’d been meditating daily but ended my update with “just that, nothing big to report...maybe I’ll have more next time after I get back into the content.”

And in that moment, I completely discounted my progress.

I was focusing on what felt like “not enough” that I wasn’t “doing enough” or I wasn’t where I “should” be. Always looking ahead at what needs to happen next instead of being right where I’m at and appreciating progress.

There is so much irony here. I’m trying to be the best version of myself and reach my highest potential, right? But that feels as though I’m not appreciating where I’m at and focusing on a goal/moving to what’s next. The journey along the way is just as important! It’s so critical that we don’t forget that, because then we’ll miss the whole point!!


This life, this personal development work - all of it is progress.

I listen to my heart and love myself for where I am and how far I’ve come. I love myself so that I can see my truth in it’s messy, imperfect entirety - to have fun with it all and not worry about making things perfect. Do what feels good and forget about the details.

The ups and the downs, the “not enough”, the race against time - I can’t say it’s going to stop and that everything is going to be peachy because I know the real truth. Oh hell no.

The truth is there will be days where I still feel like I haven’t done enough. When I use my awareness to see how far I’ve come, I return to progress, imperfection and truth. That leads to gratitude, joy and love. Love for myself and love for who I am and what I have to give. And that’s all there really is folks. Radical self-love.

Today, I invite you to write down three things you’ve accomplished and three things you are grateful for.

When you look at that list, feel the love fill your heart. And if you’re willing to share with me - I’d love to celebrate those victories with you. Comments invited right here :)

All my love,

Are you dating yourself yet? - A Return to Love

When I was newly separated and living without a significant other, I spent time alone when my children were spending time with their dad. In retrospect, I was dating myself. I would wonder - what do I want to do tonight, or all day - that would be fun, fulfilling, nourishing? At the beginning it was a little strange. Coming from a family of five children, being alone at home never happened. This was new territory.


During these dating years, I discovered that I love to spend time on my own. I am happy puttering around my house. Light cleaning and clearing, along with a little redecorating using what is already in my home, can be some of the most "fun" of my month. Cutting fresh flowers or greens and placing them in my work and sitting spaces makes me smile and nurtures me each time I gaze at the arrangement. I love reading, sitting outside and watching the clouds, listening to the birds. I love creatively writing. I love browsing in stores that have arranged their merchandise beautifully. I surround myself with beauty because it raises my joy level daily. Returning to love creates more joy.

As I discovered aspects of what I love, I returned to love, to a special experience of self-love that exists within myself, for myself. I found a place within that endlessly pleases and delights self by always being ready to explore - what will make me happy and nourish me right now? This discovery led me to live my passion and purpose, it allowed me to own my inner truth and open to desires of my heart, then get to the business of fulfilling those longings. The return to love is a romance with blossoms always blooming!


I find that as I grow, many of the same activities still nourish me, and I explore more of me with new activities. Lately I think about watercoloring often. I know it's calling to me and it's time to make space in my life to play with color and paper. Because I have returned to love, I will be watercoloring soon!

One of the books I read very early on in my process of recovering self-love was "A Return to Love" by Marianne Williamson. I highly recommend it!

Do you know what you love? Have you dated yourself? A return to love, self-love, will transform and uplift your life. Being in love with yourself magnetizes you to more love and others to you. No time to date? Make time. Falling in love this way lasts forever. You will always be in relationship with you, why not make it the love of your life?

Offer Yourself Undivided Attention

Do you get the quality of attention that you want from others? One of the biggest wishes that my soul has consistently cried out for is undivided attention from the ones I love. Growing up in a family of five children, receiving undivided attention from one of my parents was special. Because I desire intimacy in my relationships, I have learned how to offer and ask for undivided attention from my closest peeps. Thank you dears! But the thing that truly changed my world forever, was learning how to give myself the undivided attention I want and crave. Sitting with myself quietly, noticing my feelings and thoughts, staying till a deeper place within has been experienced and acknowledged - this undivided attention has given me the gift of knowing what my heart and soul truly desires. Finding my path to fulfilling my heart came about because I gave myself the undivided attention that only I could give to me. Because of this attention I find and create what truly brings joy and fulfillment into my life.

Today's message encourages you to offer yourself the undivided attention you too may be craving. Making the commitment to yourself means you draw more people into your life who also offer this loving attention. It's amazing how it works!

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