Psychic or Intuitive and how do you live well in all this chaos?

Plant your feet on the ground! Time to get real about what living with awareness and devoting yourself to personal/professional growth is all about!

I am just tickled to share this interview with you. Kim Thalken of Love First and I have become fast friends and she has so much wisdom to share, both from her voice and those of her guides. 

What's it like to be psychic?
What do you do to take care of yourself when you are intuitive?
How can we live more consciously with self-love? 

These are just a few of the questions Kim addresses in our 2-part interview.

Part 1 - How to build your intuition and self-care for the sensitive - Kim shares her own self-care practices and her thoughts about psychic versus intuitive

Part 2 - What can we do today in our chaotic world to make it better? - Kim talks about how you can live well today despite all the chaos and fear that is so troubling to us. 

Grab a coffee, tea or cider, get cozy and be loved by us as you listen in! 

The practice you must master to live your best life

To what do I attribute my great life? If I had to choose one thing it would be this ~

Leave a comment below ~ what is stopping you from sitting with yourself regularly?

Feeling the Ease by Pixie Hamilton

I love the ease of my world.I love knowing what I know about vibration and energy. I love my vibrational nature. I love knowing that this life is all about frequency and energy and that I can focus on and manifest a feeling of well-being. I love setting this time aside to find this feeling of ease. I love starting my day this way. I know that my ease comes with the power of my focus and intention and allowing. I feel momentum building in this ease. I feel it fully. I own it. I so adore this non-physical energy that is flowing with perfection and ease, in and through me. I love knowing that I can experience this atmosphere of well-being and ease to the degree I allow it. I love knowing the Laws of the Universe and knowing that they are working in my life right now for my highest good. I love knowing that I can stay in this feeling of ease and well-being for as long as I want. I love knowing that Source is surrounding me and everyone in my life and that everyone I know and love is surrounded by this ease. I am in a place of utter well-being, and I shine my well-being through my focus in the direction of things that matter to me.


Source Has My Back I know I will be guided to perfect thoughts and behaviors at the perfect time. Meanwhile I sit in this ease and eagerness and appreciation for all that is to come. I feel so happy that I leave “conditions” and outcomes out of my ease. I allow myself to feel the eagerness about things. Not an eagerness that inspires me to action right now but one that inspires optimism and renewal within me. I know that the timing may not be now. I am patient. I am comfortable in this space, in focusing and aligning the Universal energy to flow to me and through me. As I bask in this ease, I am more and more capable of not putting conditions in my way to block the energy flow. I am excited, but I will not run ahead of it. I will let the ease guide me. I won’t act yet. I will sit in this “knowing” a little longer. I will allow myself only to feel the ease. My desire will ultimately inspire the right action at the right time. I am setting the tone. I am focusing on alignment. I am asking the questions. I am readying myself. And then I will watch the results manifest – revealing the place that I have found – at the perfect time. I am eager to watch the greater expansion. Meanwhile I watch what is going on right now. Right here around me. I am watching the energy moving around me now, as I create and activate my vibrational alignment. I know that I can and will influence anything I desire. I am so appreciative of this life experience and my focus on things that are important to me. I can feel the allowing. Source energy is flowing to me and through me. This is the “work” I am to do. I reside here right now. There is no impatience on my part. I am not ready. I will never be called to do something that I am not ready to do. I will not push myself to act when I am not ready to do it – because that is where a vibrational misalignment comes. Source has my back. My work is to hold this place. I will not try to take the role of Source. Instead I wait and serve as the vibrational heart of the movement. I own this vibrational place and allow Source energy to do its thing. I know that I am in the right place at the right time and loving what I am supposed to do and what this life provides for me. And all is well.

False Dichotomy by Pixie Hamilton

I hope you enjoy this writing as much as I do. It's written by Pixie Hamilton, a dedicated practitioner of meditation. She sent it along to some friends (including me) and I asked if she was willing to share it more publicly. She said she'd love to help :) I think it is a beautiful guided meditation piece that allows you to open to the energy of your chakras. There are two separate parts within each of us if we let them be. It’s our choice. It is our free will, every second of every minute, of every day to choose the Divine as we move through our daily routines and throw the humanness to the side.

Bringing each segment of our day into this divine space allows access to the infinite universal wisdom, love, intelligence, truth, life, and spirit. In this space, we have all the answers. In this space, we are calm, protected, creative, happy, confident, loving, grateful, authentic, true to ourselves, intuitive, wise, and one with our Source.

Why not bring our highway adventures, work phone calls, trips to the doctor, appointments, meetings, social gatherings, meals, bath times, yard work, finances, health, wellbeing, relationships…into this space?

When we do, the separation disappears. The dichotomy between Divine reality and human illusion disappears. Everything happens at the perfect time. The right people arrive at the right time and say the right things. There is divine unfolding of events that bring out the greatest expression of who we really are, in every moment. We reach our “soul” (sole) purpose as divine spirits, fully experiencing the contrasts of this earthly experience…all of which are good and all of which move us towards growing, evolving, expanding, and experiencing and expressing the God within.

Each morning I awake and bless my physical being and the divine energy in each cell. But even more, I focus on specific energy centers because I can feel them, sense them, relate to them. Each “center” has a divinity that I love – each center also has human ego that I throw aside. Yes, each center could show dichotomy….if we choose. Erasing the dichotomy in each center helps to erase the age-old resistance, the patterns of beliefs built up over the years that don’t allow us to experience the Divine.


I take you with me….. I focus on Center 1, at the base of the spine. I breathe, deeply. I feel the spiraling red energy, swirling, expanding, as I allow and receive its calmness, protection, security, and grounding through the divine source. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that protection and security comes through bank accounts, job security, a big house, networks, and stature. I feel the Divine cover of protection, knowing that all is well. My lower back feels alive, full, grounded. And, I am grateful. I move up to my splenic area, the womb. I breathe, deeply. I feel the spiraling orange energy, swirling, expanding, as I allow and receive happiness, creativity, passion, and sensuality through my divine source. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that happiness comes from the outside, through material possessions, romance, and relationships. I feel the happiness within, despite circumstances. I know that happiness is inside/out, and I know that all is well. My splenic area is alive, full, vibrating. And, I am grateful. I move up to my Solar Plexis. I breathe, deeply. I feel the spiraling yellow energy, swirling, expanding, as I allow and receive confidence, discipline, courage, enthusiasm and a surrendering to the will of my Divine Source. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that success comes from work, work, work, struggle, competition, and a feeling that “there is limited abundance for all.” I feel worthy, collaboration, and success, knowing that the right people are in my life at the right time and I am doing exactly what I need to be doing right now. I reach my goals effortlessly. My mid-section is alive, full, vibrating. And, I am grateful. I move up to my heart. I breathe, deeply. I breathe, again, deeply. I bask in the spiraling, warm green energy, swirling, expanding, as I allow and receive unconditional love, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that love is for only a few. I see Divine love in everyone. My heart is limitless, swollen. And, yes, I am grateful. I move up to my throat. I breathe, deeply. I feel the spiraling, blue energy, swirling, expanding, as I feel authenticity and a knowing that I can be who I truly am, freely expressing the Source within me. I speak my Truth, without reservation. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that I have to “fit in” and say what people want me to say, think what they think I should think, do what is expected. My throat is open, clear, alive, vibrating, allowing. I am grateful. I move up to my third eye. I breathe, deeply. I feel the spiraling indigo energy, swirling, expanding, as I am filled with intuition, wisdom, and Truth. I am tuned into the words of my Source. I am listening. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that I must study, educate, read, and analyze life around me. I have all the answers within. My brow is open, alive, vibrating. I am grateful. Ah, yes, my crown, the Source of spirit. I feel the spiraling violet energy, swirling, expanding, as I am filled with the Oneness of life. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that I am separate from my God. I am infinite in possibility. I am at peace. And, I am grateful. We are given free will to recognize that dichotomy is false. We are Spirit. We are One. Every second, of every minute, of every day. And all is well.

Silence is Golden

While I was in the throes of my early spiritual development, I went on a Zen retreat weekend. Much of that weekend was spent in silence. I left feeling restored in a way that is inexplicable until you experience it for yourself. For many years after that I chose one weekend in the summer when I would remain silent for a portion of the weekend. I loved this practice. It helped me become centered, it was relief to not speak for a time, and I relaxed in a way that only silence can provide. It was a beautiful portal to my inner stillness. I invite you to give it a whirl. Find the golden elixir of silence for yourself. tuneoutnoise

Thanksgiving Morning Meditation

It is dark. I awaken and lie in bed for a bit, begin my prayer of thanks for the day ahead. I hope that I will drift back to sleep, but alas, I am Awake. I head to the bathroom, prepare to greet the dawn, and head to the kitchen to put the tea water on. What do I want this morn? Hot water with a healthy splash of apple cider it is.

Warm mug in hand I head to my office, light a candle and take my seat.IMG_1352

Good morning, Thursday November 28th, 2013. Thanksgiving day. Twenty eight years ago this day I cradled my infant daughter, only a week old and blessing life with her light. She remains one of the guiding lights of my world. My heart suddenly surges with love for my three children. The holy act of motherhood was a blessing in my life, and continues to grace my world with relationships of love and joy. My being swells with love and gratitude.

Breathing gently in and out I allow the energy of this radiant feeling wash through me, and I keep my attention on my breath. My mind reaches for the next thought of gratitude. Ah, my home, my husband. The grounding of my world to this earth, the anchor of my days, the resting place I return to each day. What love and gratitude for these blessings, I feel this daily. It is not new or different today, but still my heart swells with my love and gratitude for this man who loves me so well, this home we have made together, enjoying in our unique and creative way. Thank you, thank you for these gifts of stability.

Breathing in and out, this lovely and loving sensation washes through me and I allow my consciousness to notice how my full being is affected by this tingling warmth. My heart relaxes and my breath quiets. Next thought.

Oh, my dear friends. Their sweet essences arise as I think of each of one and the ways they touch my life, the beauty and love they offer, each in her own special way. They see me, and I them, right into the very heart of who each of us is. My friends see me, the best me, and they show this to me. For this reflection, I am grateful. These beautiful beings inspire me to continue my journey into bringing forth my highest potential, my radiant essence, my gifts to share in this lifetime. Thank you, thank you friends-sisters, for being a mirror that I often pass by, forgetting to notice my own essence, the beauty I came here to offer. Thank you for reminding me.

Breathing in and out I gently let this gift of deep and honest friendship wash through my heart and enliven my soul for this day. This energy continues to awaken my spirit ever-more deeply, calling me forth. Thank you friends, and the tears spill now.

Breathing, I have quietly entered the holy place within, where I dwell with spirit. I place my hand on my heart, words of gratitude for sensing this divine energy this day fill the very fibers of my being, do not need to be spoken because spirit knows my heart and the loving energy that streams forth from me. I bow my head in humble joy, thank you thank you thank you. Many of the gifts of my life tumble through my consciousness, the healing, the awareness. all the many friends, the abundant goodness that surrounds me daily, the gift of work I love, the gift of wanting for nothing. Tears, tears gush. I am blessed and my heart feels as if it will burst with this love and gratitude. Thank you thank you thank you. Breathe, breathe deeply - and let it all wash through.

Happy Thanksgiving dear ones.IMG_1351

Sharing a Meditation Experience

Meet Pixie. She attended my workshops last year and is on a wonderful spiritual adventure that includes regular meditation. Pixie sent me this delightful email last week. I, in turn, asked if I could share it with the readers of Focusing Inward for inspiration to sit still, to continue their quests to develop a meditation practice. When we have direct experience such as this, it enlivens, invigorates and causes us to feel blessed by Life itself. Thank you Pixie, for this beautiful testimonial to meditation...
"I have GOT to share my meditation with you. Amazing this morning. I usually meditate and then write in my journal whatever comes out. Another pivot towards clarity. God, I love it.
Anyway, I got quiet and envisioned a beautiful ball of light entering my crown, lighting up my third eye, my throat, and then surrounding my heart. It felt warm. I felt it spread through my body and then outside my body. Out. Out. Extending. Going. Out. Spreading far away into the universe. I was in the middle of the universe. An amazing space. I stayed there.
Not sure how long I meditated.
Then I wrote. In my journal. Word for word, this is what came out, fast, too.....(I think in reading it after I wrote it, I would title it "Universal Love"
You grabbed my soul, and now I am embraced by total light. 
My soul feels untouched, sacred. I feel it expand. Out into the universe. I am now in the center, embraced by the serenity and power of the universe.
In this space, I am calm. I am still. I am fulfilled. I am joyful. I have everything I need!
In this space, I am grateful. I forgive myself and I forgive those around me.
In this space, I am authentic to me and who I really am, and I don't care what people think. 
In this space, I am compassionate to myself and I don't need to be perfect anymore...just for the approval of others.
In this space, I don't work, work, work with task oriented action, action, action. Instead, I create joyfully with ease, through the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
In this space, I am loving the journey. I don't care about an outcome in this space. I have meaningful work, no longer guided by "shoulds."
In this space, I laugh. In this space, it is easy. 
In this space, I listen. I feel. And I choose based on my feelings because I am divinely guided and they are real.
In this space, I am loved. I am free.
In this space, I have no control. 
That feels good. I like that !! 
Thank you God. And AMEN!!!!!!"


How to Get In Between the Thoughts by Kelly McCoy

I wish I could say my most masterful habit were meditation. I want it to be. I work toward it. I'm not there yet. With a huge body of irrefutable knowledge around how helpful meditation is for our bodies, minds and spirits, I often wonder why it is so difficult to get between the flow of thoughts that are much more persistent than my ability to stop them. Sometimes it feels like I'm crossing a huge highway with six lanes of traffic flying by in both directions and I'm trying to find that opening between cars to deftly slide between to get to the other side safely. There's that red car that is so close to the bumper of the blue one in front of it. It carries that nagging message that I have a client deadline today. Maybe I should get up and take care of that. No, I'm here to meditate.  I think I see an opening over, missed it. Here comes the car that has those concerned thoughts about my daughter on her semester abroad. Is she being careful? Safe? Oops...lost that opportunity to slide between the traffic. My attention goes to a cute ivory convertible passing in front of me with the question about what we're having for dinner tonight. Should I get up and pull something out of the freezer? Seriously?! Stop it.

Getting between those cars...or thoughts...often seems impossible. But when you can, when you do...ahh...what a lovely place to be (if even for a moment.) I know getting between the thoughts, in the quiet still place where all that is really lives, is what makes me calm. Makes me centered. Makes me the most authentic me there is. Medical minds have said it reduces stress hormones, calms blood pressure, and boosts our immune systems. I just know I love it when I do it.

So how do we cross the highway to safety? How do we master the practice of meditation? In our consumer-driven world, Nike has elevated the three simple words that just may be the key to this spiritual path: Just do it. I have found meditation to be all about letting go. Let go of your thoughts. Let go of your expectations. Let go of your fears. While I love to sit and just ponder the space in the middle of my forehead right above my eyes and see where that third eye takes me, sometimes that doesn't work to settle my mind and open my awareness. Sometimes I need a guided ritual to help me focus on that sacred space.


Here's what I do. If you are wrestling with the incessant flow of the cars and trying to get between them safely, maybe trying this can help. I close my eyes and focus my thoughts on these words to distract me from all of the hundreds of other thoughts during this meditation...

Receive healing energy from the universe.

I focus on an opening on the very top of my head as I imagine these words and a stream of white light coming into my body.

Trust your intuition.

I focus on my third eye...that space on my forehead above my eyes.

Sometimes it helps to smile. 

Be impeccable with your word.

I focus on a spot on the front of my throat.


your heart.

I focus on the center of my breastbone and imagine light pouring from my heart to all corners of my body.


you are worthy.

I imagine my center, below my chest and above my belly button.


with passion.

I move my attention down below my belly button and imagine the creative energy tracing an infinity symbol.


with family, friends and the Earth to balance your life.

I bring my attention to the base of my spine and then allow the energy that I've drawn all the way through my body to flow into the Earth.


If you are thinking, "that sure sounds like a Chakra meditation," you're onto me. I do often connect the colors of the Chakras with each focal point as I go, but other times I just allow the phrase to take me between my thoughts. If you aren't familiar with the Chakras, no worries. Use this personal ritual however you find helpful. I find these seven mantras to be far more soothing than the constant chatter that I allow to happen in my mind so often. If I get stuck on one phrase in particular, I allow that to be the focus of the rest of the meditation and allow myself the luxury of staying there.

While these words are certainly thoughts in themselves, they are far more freeing than ruminating on that work project or imagining where my daughter might be walking alone in Paris. And sometimes, now more often than before, I look around in the middle of these phrases and realize I've magically made it across the traffic to safety. And I breathe out.

I am thrilled to have Kelly join our writers here at Focusing Inward. Her rich spiritual life journey will add a wonderful new dimension to our blog! Thank you Kelly for being a part of our resource to help others journey inwardly and discover their own treasures. ~ Laurel

Tips for Meditation This month I am sharing links to videos that can help you create masterful habits. Everyone who connects with me knows that I am a big proponent of meditation and the powerful transformation this practice allows in your life. I meditate for an hour most days, which sounds like a lot. Deepak invests even more time than I do :) Here are great tips for helping create the meditation habit. Want healing, happiness and peace? Meditate!

Offer Yourself Undivided Attention

Do you get the quality of attention that you want from others? One of the biggest wishes that my soul has consistently cried out for is undivided attention from the ones I love. Growing up in a family of five children, receiving undivided attention from one of my parents was special. Because I desire intimacy in my relationships, I have learned how to offer and ask for undivided attention from my closest peeps. Thank you dears! But the thing that truly changed my world forever, was learning how to give myself the undivided attention I want and crave. Sitting with myself quietly, noticing my feelings and thoughts, staying till a deeper place within has been experienced and acknowledged - this undivided attention has given me the gift of knowing what my heart and soul truly desires. Finding my path to fulfilling my heart came about because I gave myself the undivided attention that only I could give to me. Because of this attention I find and create what truly brings joy and fulfillment into my life.

Today's message encourages you to offer yourself the undivided attention you too may be craving. Making the commitment to yourself means you draw more people into your life who also offer this loving attention. It's amazing how it works!

Need some extra help and support with sticking to new habits? Read this blog post!