Saying Good-bye and Thank You to An Icon

What a week of holding space for devastation and loss. How are you holding up? I'd love to offer you a bit of inspiration today. Even though it's a loss, there is inspiration to experience here.

Lousie Hay, one of my heroines, passed away this week. She was 91 years old, and to many, she was considered the founder of the self-help movement.


Louise was involved in her company until very recently.  I felt surprise the day I read that she would no longer be writing her weekly messages. At her age - still sharing from her heart! 

I had the delight in meeting Louise several years ago at a conference. I was able to say hello and thank her for her  inspiration and light - she actually greeted many of us at the entrance. She signed a book for me later that weekend and I will treasure that now.

Why was she an inspiration to me? Because she followed her heart and soul. She dedicated herself to her mission and lived her talk. Who isn't impressed by a woman who remakes her life at 40 after going through an unexpected divorce?

She followed a path of healing inwardly and then went out to help others. Louise conducted her own research project by tracking those she counseled as to their emotional symptoms, physical imbalances and determined how "affirmative" thoughts could heal their lives. She published the results of that data in a book that eventually became, You Can Heal Your Life. This book has sold more than 50 million copies and helped countless people understand the mind body connection. I use it all the time with clients.

In a time when so many are suffering and moving through devastating circumstances, I like to think that Louise is on the other side now, being the light that's needed. I feel confident her spirit will be watching over us.

Who inspires you - who raises you up with their light? It's important to look to those who shed that light as we do the difficult work of holding space for a world that's hurting. Inspiration is a healing balm, especially during a time when loss can become debilitating. 

This week I'll be lighting my candle in honor of Louise, and so many others who are suffering. If you aren't familiar with Louise's work, take a moment and read about her life, filling your cup with inspiration. 


Welcome to our New Contributors

As the founder of Focusing Inward, I am so proud to be headlining new voices. Big welcome to Rachel Camfield and Pixie Hamilton! Pixie Hamilton's post last week, Feeling the Ease was a fantastic list of affirmations and an exquisite reflection on being fully home in Self. Pixie is not new to Focusing Inward, she has shared her writing before. Pixie inspires us with her post meditation flow. I am so happy her words are here to support us in our journey inward.

This week Rachel Camfield debuted with her first posting entitled "Anybody Home?". Rachel has a unique, beautiful and fun way of expressing herself. Her growing ability to be still with herself and get into her flow are fully expressed in her writing. Her gems of truth are embedded throughout her fresh voice.

Pixie and Rachel will be featured regularly as time goes on. Both of these women give great voice to the beauty and riches that one experiences through focusing inward. I hope they inspire you to look within, to make a commitment to your Self and grow the joy that life offers. You can read more about them our Our Contributing Writers page.

Both of this month's posting reveal the truth that you can find comfort, guidance and your security by engaging a strong connection with your inner world. You are your most beautiful home and your best guide. Please join us in this wisdom.


Feeling the Ease by Pixie Hamilton

I love the ease of my world.I love knowing what I know about vibration and energy. I love my vibrational nature. I love knowing that this life is all about frequency and energy and that I can focus on and manifest a feeling of well-being. I love setting this time aside to find this feeling of ease. I love starting my day this way. I know that my ease comes with the power of my focus and intention and allowing. I feel momentum building in this ease. I feel it fully. I own it. I so adore this non-physical energy that is flowing with perfection and ease, in and through me. I love knowing that I can experience this atmosphere of well-being and ease to the degree I allow it. I love knowing the Laws of the Universe and knowing that they are working in my life right now for my highest good. I love knowing that I can stay in this feeling of ease and well-being for as long as I want. I love knowing that Source is surrounding me and everyone in my life and that everyone I know and love is surrounded by this ease. I am in a place of utter well-being, and I shine my well-being through my focus in the direction of things that matter to me.


Source Has My Back I know I will be guided to perfect thoughts and behaviors at the perfect time. Meanwhile I sit in this ease and eagerness and appreciation for all that is to come. I feel so happy that I leave “conditions” and outcomes out of my ease. I allow myself to feel the eagerness about things. Not an eagerness that inspires me to action right now but one that inspires optimism and renewal within me. I know that the timing may not be now. I am patient. I am comfortable in this space, in focusing and aligning the Universal energy to flow to me and through me. As I bask in this ease, I am more and more capable of not putting conditions in my way to block the energy flow. I am excited, but I will not run ahead of it. I will let the ease guide me. I won’t act yet. I will sit in this “knowing” a little longer. I will allow myself only to feel the ease. My desire will ultimately inspire the right action at the right time. I am setting the tone. I am focusing on alignment. I am asking the questions. I am readying myself. And then I will watch the results manifest – revealing the place that I have found – at the perfect time. I am eager to watch the greater expansion. Meanwhile I watch what is going on right now. Right here around me. I am watching the energy moving around me now, as I create and activate my vibrational alignment. I know that I can and will influence anything I desire. I am so appreciative of this life experience and my focus on things that are important to me. I can feel the allowing. Source energy is flowing to me and through me. This is the “work” I am to do. I reside here right now. There is no impatience on my part. I am not ready. I will never be called to do something that I am not ready to do. I will not push myself to act when I am not ready to do it – because that is where a vibrational misalignment comes. Source has my back. My work is to hold this place. I will not try to take the role of Source. Instead I wait and serve as the vibrational heart of the movement. I own this vibrational place and allow Source energy to do its thing. I know that I am in the right place at the right time and loving what I am supposed to do and what this life provides for me. And all is well.