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What Do You Stand For?

This weekend I went to The Art of Feminine Presence and I was wowed! A heartfelt thanks to the women who joined the experience and willingly opened themselves to the awesomeness of their femininity and power! I had an aha moment within the first hour of the process. As we were practicing a fun and enlightening walking exercise, I passed a woman whose name tag read "Laurel". What!!! Another Laurel? This had never happened before. In my nearly 57 years of life, I had not yet shared the space with another Laurel. I was jolted and became acutely aware of something in that moment.

I cannot rely on my name as a way to make me unique or stand out. In some subtle yet deep way, this was what I had been doing. I considered myself "special" because no one else had my name. Yikes. (I feel embarrassed just writing this).

What flashed into my mind is that I need my voice to let everyone know who I am, how I am unique and what I stand for. I will not rely on "Laurel" to get the job done any longer. If you have been reading my blog for a time, you know that I do have a voice and I stand for a few things. What do I stand for?

I stand for people knowing and loving themselves and valuing their unique gifts. I stand for finding the contribution that only you can make to the community of our humanity, the contribution that brings you joy. I stand for demonstrating kindness and respect, honesty and courage. I stand for discovering and claiming the essence of self, and dedicating to that experience. I stand for living in your deepest truth and aligning your life with that wisdom. I feel solid in my inner power because my life is a testimony to what I stand for and my voice aligns with all that I stand for.

On this lifetime journey of all that I stand for, I am not done using my voice in a powerful way. In fact, I may just be beginning :) And most importantly, the experiences that push me beyond my comfort zone - so that my comfort zone becomes greater - are the ones that open the doorway to discovering more of myself. As I stood before others and was held lovingly and appreciated fully, I started leaning into a stronger determination to claim more of who I am becoming.


What do you stand for? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone to claim more fully what you stand for? How will you use your voice in service to yourself and the evolution of humanity? Where will your energy be directed? How will you be remembered when you are gone? I'd love to know. Please comment below <3

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