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The World Needs Your Gratitude - Laurel's Monday Message 11-26-12

The world needs your gratitude - what could this mean? Well, we are the humans, defining life in this form. gratitude needs you in order to multiply in the world, creating waves of energetic joy and peace. When we feel full - abundant - happy - satisfied - that energy radiates around, and then life radiates it back to us. Whatever is lacking in your life right now, whatever you feel is missing, is simply a pointer, a guidepost on your quest to experience gratitude, abundance and joy. Today's message asks you to consider your state and whether gratitude needs more of your attention!!!

Relationships and Creativity

Relationship energy and creative energy go hand-in-hand for most women because they emerge from the same space in our being. Lately I have noticed how single-minded I have become with work on developing my business. I am specifically aware of how my mind is directing massive energy and attention toward the creative aspects of my work, allowing me to express my passion and wisdom. I am thoroughly enjoying the process despite the many learning curves that I take and the tasks I must tackle, especially when those tasks are not very exciting. I am learning to focus on myself in a new way. What I am noticing is that it is natural and fluid for me to focus on my work because the relationships in my life are in harmonious and healthy conditions. As a woman, my organic psychological process of maintaining wellness depends on my relationships being well. It is simply how I relate to the world and myself, through relationships as well as through my "work". My personal well-being depends on healthy and vibrant relationships with those who nurture my inner world and support my growth. I do not think I am much different from many other women.

For much of my life, I adopted the role of wife and mother. Through these roles, the essential aspect of my success depended on healthy relationships. My energy and attention went to my children, to my husband, to creating stable family. No one told me to do this, I simply believed it was in my role, I felt that is was essential to my well-being, and I wanted harmonious relationships. Not superficially harmonious, deeply harmonious. So my life has been significantly shaped by my choices in my relationships and the ways that I have navigated these spaces in my life. I defined myself for most of my life through the success and health of my closest relationships.

Today I find myself with an empty nest and a happy marriage. Relative to the last thirty years of my life, I am not needed for much in these relationships. What I am needed for, I believe I am providing well. What does that mean? I am left with massive amounts of creative energy that can be used elsewhere. I feel grateful and thrilled most days that I found work that I love along the way of raising my children. Now I am taking that work role and expanding and engaging it in the world in new ways. My life has become focused on the creation of the next stage of my life. My work.

Why am I writing about this? Because I have learned a few things as this major shift in my life has taken place. I have learned them personally and I have learned them professionally by working with women who are in transition and awakening to the truth in the inner worlds. Let me share my lessons - (these may or may not hold true for all women - I am speaking about myself and those with whom I am connected intimately)

* Women care deeply about the relationships in their lives. They will sacrifice much, both consciously and unconsciously for relationships.

* Women define themselves in essential ways through their relationships, therefore their self-confidence and happiness connects directly to the health of their relationships.

* Women feel conflicted when they believe they must choose between the health of relationships and their own health.

* Women can unconsciously sacrifice their personal health to deliver what they believe they "should" in their relationship roles.

* Women's health and happiness depend on healthy relationships.

* A women's happiness depends on how she cares for herself.

* The collision of the last two sentences is often where women become conflicted internally and unable to satisfy both these needs simultaneously.

* The creation of harmonious and fulfilling relationships begins with a healthy relationship with Self. This is news to many women.

The dedication to my work is often motivated by the success I experience with my clients and the process of our work together. As we collectively bring these truths to light, the women of today are learning to navigate the world and our lives in new and exciting ways. We are beginning to tap into our creativity in ways that energize us tremendously. In order to do this well , a woman must consciously consider what is happening in her important relationships, and the ways she is investing time and energy into them. She must learn to accept help and support as well as give it, learn to develop and maintain healthy boundaries. She must recognize when she is experiencing resentment, depletion and frustration and deal with it directly. Dealing with it indirectly continues that heavy energy being perpetuated and most often is playing out in unpleasant and repetitive patterns that serve no one well. As women, we are redefining how to navigate our creativity and our relationships consciously and the conflicts that naturally arise from this attention. Bravo to the conscious woman!

Helping ourselves to find inner peace is the way we ultimately serve the most and the best in this world. When we do the hard work of turning inward and discovering where we are conflicted, then take the time to resolve that inner conflict, we are serving everyone in our lives. We become a role model of health and empowered choice. The world needs more of that for working with the many dilemmas in which we find ourselves today. Self-care directly impacts relationships and creativity in positive ways. Trusting and acting on this truth serves the greater good.

© Laurel Holland

The Language of the Soul

Perhaps my perspective is a bit skewed, but it seems to me that we, as a culture, are mostly comfortable talking about spiritual consciousness. Even those that are uncomfortable, and uninterested, know that the conversation has merit. They may not choose to get involved, talking the talk - yet. I chose to get involved nearly 20 years ago. A health problem led me into the world of Chinese Medicine, and then on to psychotherapy and I never looked back. Finally there were answers to the imbalance that existed in my life. There were words to put my problems into a context, words like holistic and energy. From the beginning, I accepted and acted on the truth that we are holistic beings whose bodies, emotions, minds and spirits are complex equations with each facet affecting the others. When my difficult to resolve health problem was viewed in this light, my quest to understand myself and humanity began. It has been an incredibly enlivening and enlightening path.

Today I am celebrating that the more I cautiously and carefully speak openly about what I do, working as a holistic Life Coach, people want to know more. As I share that I help people learn to find their way into the happiness that awaits them within, most people become more interested. And I talk about how people come to me frustrated or depressed about the quality of their lives, and I join them on a journey inward. We encounter what seem like big problems along the way, and we take those big problems and turn them into learning lessons about life. Slowly (or occasionally quickly) the clients I work with reconnect to the deeper power that resides within, and they feel ready to make some choices from a place of sensing a new strength, despite the recognition of their vulnerability as well.

My blog this year has been about inviting readers and viewers to connect inwardly. I have been asking you to become more vulnerable to yourself first, by learning to sit still with yourself. My focus has been on informing you that you are the powerful creator of your life. Learning and acting on the truth that I am the powerful creator of my life, continues daily for me. This is not a quick fix prospect. We are not here for a quick fix. We are here to evolve our experience of humanity to a greater knowledge and awareness of ourselves, and what it means to be spirit/soul in human form. And in order to do this well, we need to learn how to operate the machinery well - you know the body, heart and soul within which "you" reside.

Learning to operate the machinery well (I use this term a bit metaphorically), means you need to know where the controls are. They are within. We are mostly conditioned to view life and the way we influence it, by connecting to what is available outside us. You know, get the right job, find the right partner, raise a family, acquire a home (and all those trinkets). When we come up unhappy in any of this, we start changing all this "stuff" and we may or may not, eventually, find some happiness along the way. And, all the time, there is a naturally occurring happiness well that waits within us to be discovered. Often we stay outwardly focused until something about our well-being causes a problem that can't be solved from the outside. That's when the doors to holistic thinking and the language of the soul become interesting.

As a culture, we are sensing that the problems we encounter now are not being resolved by the usual means. I like to think that these self-created problems are leading us further along in our development as a species, to recognize the spirit/soul aspect of ourselves and then to act on this truth. People are becoming more interested in the language of the soul, and holistic thought. Not from a religious perspective, but from a personal perspective. A perspective that says, I am powerful within, and when I act well and kindly on this knowledge, the world becomes a more habitable place. That means solving problems without violence, thinking sustainably since our natural resources are limited, and implementing technology wisely by no longer threatening the natural environment and ignoring the ways we pollute our home, this planet.

Today, may I suggest, that you consider this by starting at home, with and in your individual being. Today, solve each of your individual inner conflicts without violence to yourself or those within whom you are in relationship. Think of your being as a limited resource and do not overextend or misuse any of your resources such as time, health and attention. And consider how you might be polluting your being in thought, word and deed. These are powerful and longer term actions that involve looking inwardly. All effort in the direction of living and choosing more consciously will not be wasted. We are the powerful creators of this world.

Rewrite Your Story Starting with Thoughts - Laurel's Monday Message 7-30-12

When you find yourself feeling stuck or dissatisfied with the direction of your life, rewriting your story begins with your thinking. Starting with the dream of what you want, to imagining how to take the steps to create it, your thoughts will support that dream when you can consistently direct your thinking and impact your feeling state moment-to-moment. It works - but you must commit to yourself and clean up anything that gets in the way. Today's message talks about your flexible thinking!

Laurel's Monday Message 6-4-12

Are you using your breath as the most efficient tool there is for becoming centered in your being? This incredible built-in system that connects you with your powerhouse of creative energy must be recognized as the ultimate portal to power. And - it's in you! Ah, Gentle Breath, guide us to find our way into the depths of our hearts and souls so that we may become clear channels of divine wisdom.

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