How to Live your Dream

How does a dream actually show up in your life? Usually not the way you thought it would.The universe often delivers way bigger than you imagine. That's if you can truly let go and surrender.

Your job is to dream from your heart. Your work is to get through the doubts and negativity that will show up as you start working toward that dream. Your mission, actually, is to serve your dream.

How does that feel when I say that to you? Is your dream important enough to you for you to surrender, bow to it, and then get to the business of aligning your inner state with that dream? 

Remember, your dream is something that comes to you, through you, usually without effort but definitely with attention. You must claim it and commitment.

Align your inner life with your dream or vision, doing the necessary work of releasing all limitations, doubts and judgments so that you can produce that dream through you.

Surrender, commit and serve your dream. If it's important to you then you must align action and your heart and your voice in service to that dream.

What is your dream - what feels like it's in the way of aligning with that reality? Post your comments and let me hold your dream with you.

No Back Doors – 5 steps to take to raise your commitment level to Achieve what you want

As women, it can be a struggle to maintain relationships and also commit to what we really want from work, from recreation and for ourselves. I intimately understand this dilemma. My relationships are essential to my well-being. Therefore, like many women, I must be vigilant to not over give, and then find I haven't the energy to achieve what I want in other ways.

During a final session of a week-long retreat when I was training in the Shamanic path, we were urged to commit to our work, to our life and to the path we were walking. The session was called – “No back doors”.

I often think of the phrase, no back doors, and this session as I re-commit continuously to my work as a healer and a coach. In my work with women, I witness them struggle to keep their own life in a place of top priority to them, for them. I am reminded of the deep shift that came for me when I simply decided, there would be no back door when it came to this important work. Because of this, I have written a book - something I never would have imagined not that many years ago - and work with more and more clients to live more fulfilling and satisfying lives. 

As women we often work hard at our relationships, investing oodles of time and energy, often making it hard to shift focus when we want to achieve something important. It’s not necessary to abandon relationships, but it is critical to modify your patterns if you want to succeed in other important areas of life.

Here are a few steps to take today to begin to alter your habits and give yourself the energy and focus required to make what you really want a reality.

1.     Take inventory of all relationships to which you give time each week. Actually track the hours you give to others to get a sense of what is really happening. This includes every hour you spend with someone that isn’t about what you really want. You might surprise yourself.

2.     Identify which relationships make up your support circle – the ones that hold what you want in high importance too. These are the relationships that must become a priority as you move toward change.

3.     Stop saying yes to anyone for anything for at least one month and say, “I’m not able to commit time to you right now. I have too much going on.”

4.     Take time everyday, even if it’s only for 10 minutes to write in a journal about what you want to change and how you want your life to be 2 years from now.

5.     Consider finding a mastermind or support group to be a part of as you make the changes you desire.

When you commit to yourself - to your deep wants, saying – there are no back doors – it’s surprising what opportunities show up, what others accept as you change and grow, and what excitement you ignite inside!

If you live in the Richmond area, think about joining us for Winter Solstice this year. We’ll be focusing on commitment and following through with action toward our dreams. Solstice is always a night to remember. Details are here.

The Deepest Commitment

showdreamsWhen you keep the deepest of commitments to the authentic you at the heart of your being, you will be challenged and their will be trials. Who wants these trials? I do.

In order to reach your potential and grow into the version of yourself that you only aspire to be today, there will be pressure to act beyond your comfort zone. Who wants that kind of pressure?

I do.

When you dream a big dream in life, you need to expand to hold that huge vision, and that may be painful at times. Who wants that kind of pain?

I do.

In order to manifest your beautiful visions of the world, you will need to become clear in thought, word, and deed, keeping this alignment in the strictest manner. Who wants that kind of discipline?

I do.

When you commit at the deepest level to the authentic you that wants your dreams to all come true, you have only yourself to look in the mirror and answer to. Did you honor yourself in all that did today?

I did, I do and I will.

I am committing to the big dreams.

What are you committing to and what stops you from manifesting that vision?


Connecting Physical and Spiritual Energy, Laurel's Monday Message 8-27-12

Today's message calls on you to directly experience the uplifting quality of spiritual energy by tuning into your physical body in stillness. We have the opportunity to experience this enriching aspect of our humanity, but we must be willing to practice stillness in order to receive this amazing energy. I hope today's message will inspire you to learn to get quiet with yourself!

Relationships and Creativity

Relationship energy and creative energy go hand-in-hand for most women because they emerge from the same space in our being. Lately I have noticed how single-minded I have become with work on developing my business. I am specifically aware of how my mind is directing massive energy and attention toward the creative aspects of my work, allowing me to express my passion and wisdom. I am thoroughly enjoying the process despite the many learning curves that I take and the tasks I must tackle, especially when those tasks are not very exciting. I am learning to focus on myself in a new way. What I am noticing is that it is natural and fluid for me to focus on my work because the relationships in my life are in harmonious and healthy conditions. As a woman, my organic psychological process of maintaining wellness depends on my relationships being well. It is simply how I relate to the world and myself, through relationships as well as through my "work". My personal well-being depends on healthy and vibrant relationships with those who nurture my inner world and support my growth. I do not think I am much different from many other women.

For much of my life, I adopted the role of wife and mother. Through these roles, the essential aspect of my success depended on healthy relationships. My energy and attention went to my children, to my husband, to creating stable family. No one told me to do this, I simply believed it was in my role, I felt that is was essential to my well-being, and I wanted harmonious relationships. Not superficially harmonious, deeply harmonious. So my life has been significantly shaped by my choices in my relationships and the ways that I have navigated these spaces in my life. I defined myself for most of my life through the success and health of my closest relationships.

Today I find myself with an empty nest and a happy marriage. Relative to the last thirty years of my life, I am not needed for much in these relationships. What I am needed for, I believe I am providing well. What does that mean? I am left with massive amounts of creative energy that can be used elsewhere. I feel grateful and thrilled most days that I found work that I love along the way of raising my children. Now I am taking that work role and expanding and engaging it in the world in new ways. My life has become focused on the creation of the next stage of my life. My work.

Why am I writing about this? Because I have learned a few things as this major shift in my life has taken place. I have learned them personally and I have learned them professionally by working with women who are in transition and awakening to the truth in the inner worlds. Let me share my lessons - (these may or may not hold true for all women - I am speaking about myself and those with whom I am connected intimately)

* Women care deeply about the relationships in their lives. They will sacrifice much, both consciously and unconsciously for relationships.

* Women define themselves in essential ways through their relationships, therefore their self-confidence and happiness connects directly to the health of their relationships.

* Women feel conflicted when they believe they must choose between the health of relationships and their own health.

* Women can unconsciously sacrifice their personal health to deliver what they believe they "should" in their relationship roles.

* Women's health and happiness depend on healthy relationships.

* A women's happiness depends on how she cares for herself.

* The collision of the last two sentences is often where women become conflicted internally and unable to satisfy both these needs simultaneously.

* The creation of harmonious and fulfilling relationships begins with a healthy relationship with Self. This is news to many women.

The dedication to my work is often motivated by the success I experience with my clients and the process of our work together. As we collectively bring these truths to light, the women of today are learning to navigate the world and our lives in new and exciting ways. We are beginning to tap into our creativity in ways that energize us tremendously. In order to do this well , a woman must consciously consider what is happening in her important relationships, and the ways she is investing time and energy into them. She must learn to accept help and support as well as give it, learn to develop and maintain healthy boundaries. She must recognize when she is experiencing resentment, depletion and frustration and deal with it directly. Dealing with it indirectly continues that heavy energy being perpetuated and most often is playing out in unpleasant and repetitive patterns that serve no one well. As women, we are redefining how to navigate our creativity and our relationships consciously and the conflicts that naturally arise from this attention. Bravo to the conscious woman!

Helping ourselves to find inner peace is the way we ultimately serve the most and the best in this world. When we do the hard work of turning inward and discovering where we are conflicted, then take the time to resolve that inner conflict, we are serving everyone in our lives. We become a role model of health and empowered choice. The world needs more of that for working with the many dilemmas in which we find ourselves today. Self-care directly impacts relationships and creativity in positive ways. Trusting and acting on this truth serves the greater good.

© Laurel Holland

Committing to Action for Your Growth - Laurel's Monday Message 7-23-12

How ready are you to commit to yourself? Many people want life to improve, change or be filled with dreams coming true. When it comes time to actually create that quality of life, we often get stuck in taking the actions that lead to that reality, blocking our ability to manifest. Today's message shares a simple but powerful tool that can support you in understanding how you are using your mental energy. In this understanding, you become more proficient in focusing and directing this vital energy in life-enhancing ways.