Are you practicing acceptance?

Acceptance is an art ~ a craft that you get really good at with practice. The life shifts that occur when you become an artist in the practice of acceptance are often unexpected, but always welcome. You will stop judging.

You will move toward self-love, exactly where you are in need.

You will let go of trying to control the world around you.

You will be a peace generator.

You will discover new perceptions without effort.


What do you need to practice acceptance with? Anything that causes a disturbance within you. It's the foundation of all positive change. It's the first step in building just what you want. I'd love to hear what you will commit to practicing acceptance with.

In my book, Courageous Woman, Live Your Inner Power, I describe the Inner Power Wheel. This wheel is a medicine wheel of eight practices that allow you to master your inner life and manifest the conditions you want to experience. 

Acceptance is one of these foundational practices. The wisdom of acceptance is a transformational energy that is difficult to describe and must be experienced.

When we accept the truth of the present moment, and surrender to it's information, we bring both outer and inner conditions into our field of perception. We acknowledge the fullness of the multiple dynamics of the present moment. Sometimes these are conflicting and complex, requiring some time to understand. Acceptance must not be rushed.

In order to gain the wisdom and insight you need to navigate your life optimally, acceptance of all conditions is a must. Answers emerge, paths open and dynamics shift as you accept fully. I'd love to hear how life shifts as you embody the wisdom of acceptance.

Sending you love and gratitude,


Thanksgiving Morning Meditation

It is dark. I awaken and lie in bed for a bit, begin my prayer of thanks for the day ahead. I hope that I will drift back to sleep, but alas, I am Awake. I head to the bathroom, prepare to greet the dawn, and head to the kitchen to put the tea water on. What do I want this morn? Hot water with a healthy splash of apple cider it is.

Warm mug in hand I head to my office, light a candle and take my seat.IMG_1352

Good morning, Thursday November 28th, 2013. Thanksgiving day. Twenty eight years ago this day I cradled my infant daughter, only a week old and blessing life with her light. She remains one of the guiding lights of my world. My heart suddenly surges with love for my three children. The holy act of motherhood was a blessing in my life, and continues to grace my world with relationships of love and joy. My being swells with love and gratitude.

Breathing gently in and out I allow the energy of this radiant feeling wash through me, and I keep my attention on my breath. My mind reaches for the next thought of gratitude. Ah, my home, my husband. The grounding of my world to this earth, the anchor of my days, the resting place I return to each day. What love and gratitude for these blessings, I feel this daily. It is not new or different today, but still my heart swells with my love and gratitude for this man who loves me so well, this home we have made together, enjoying in our unique and creative way. Thank you, thank you for these gifts of stability.

Breathing in and out, this lovely and loving sensation washes through me and I allow my consciousness to notice how my full being is affected by this tingling warmth. My heart relaxes and my breath quiets. Next thought.

Oh, my dear friends. Their sweet essences arise as I think of each of one and the ways they touch my life, the beauty and love they offer, each in her own special way. They see me, and I them, right into the very heart of who each of us is. My friends see me, the best me, and they show this to me. For this reflection, I am grateful. These beautiful beings inspire me to continue my journey into bringing forth my highest potential, my radiant essence, my gifts to share in this lifetime. Thank you, thank you friends-sisters, for being a mirror that I often pass by, forgetting to notice my own essence, the beauty I came here to offer. Thank you for reminding me.

Breathing in and out I gently let this gift of deep and honest friendship wash through my heart and enliven my soul for this day. This energy continues to awaken my spirit ever-more deeply, calling me forth. Thank you friends, and the tears spill now.

Breathing, I have quietly entered the holy place within, where I dwell with spirit. I place my hand on my heart, words of gratitude for sensing this divine energy this day fill the very fibers of my being, do not need to be spoken because spirit knows my heart and the loving energy that streams forth from me. I bow my head in humble joy, thank you thank you thank you. Many of the gifts of my life tumble through my consciousness, the healing, the awareness. all the many friends, the abundant goodness that surrounds me daily, the gift of work I love, the gift of wanting for nothing. Tears, tears gush. I am blessed and my heart feels as if it will burst with this love and gratitude. Thank you thank you thank you. Breathe, breathe deeply - and let it all wash through.

Happy Thanksgiving dear ones.IMG_1351