A beginner’s guide to manifesting the life you want


There’s a lot of language out there in the personal development space these days about “manifesting” and the “law of attraction”. Language about putting what you want out into the Universe and then it comes back to you. All of that might sound a little involved but really, it’s pretty simple stuff. Let’s dive into how you can start this process in your own life today.

  1. Take an inventory of what’s working in your life and what’s not working. Start with an assessment of your core values. How are you living in alignment with what you value and where are areas you aren’t living in alignment with those values?

  2. Get quiet and ask yourself how you want to feel. What do you want your primary emotion to be that you aren’t feeling right now? What brings that emotion out of you? (ex. I want to feel joy. Then ask, what decisions in your days bring you joy?)

  3. DREAM! What do you want your life to look like? Write out your perfect day. What activities do you do? How do you spend your time? What do you feel? What do you taste/smell? Dive into all those sweet, juicy details.

  4. Put it out there and release. Create a vision board for your life. Share your dream with a trusted friend. Someone that allows you to wholeheartedly let yourself be seen and heard.

  5. And then, let go.


Here’s the deal.

In order for the universe (or whatever higher power you believe in) to hear you, then you must be in alignment with what you value and want in your life. That’s where that sweet little inventory at the beginning comes in.

Boundaries are also key here for coming into alignment. Creating boundaries and habits that support the life experience you want to be having is the initial step to becoming aligned, not only with yourself, but with your higher power.

When we are in alignment, we are vibrating at a higher frequency. Our energy is lighter and we feel good. If I lost you there, think about it this way. When you get rid of a burden, a weight has been lifted (aka you feel lighter). Or when you’re sad, you literally feel heavy and weighed down. When you’re happy, it’s like you could skip down the sidewalk or jump right up and touch the sky because of that joy. The simplicity is this -

Positive emotions are light and negative emotions are heavy. We want more of the positive ones so we experience that high vibration, light-weight energy.


Allowing yourself to express your dream and have it be received by the great beyond is so important. Don’t get bogged down with asking for it all the time or using your energy every moment to think about what it is you want. That’s not useful or effective.

After you’ve put it out there, you’ve gotta let go and simply live in alignment. Michael Beckwith explains it like this - if you keep asking for it then you’re only sending messages that you don’t have it. He also says it’s like a wishing well, you make the wish and then you release it.

“It’s just about letting the universe know what you want and working toward it while letting go of how it comes to pass. Your job is not to figure out how it’s gonna happen for you but to open the door in your head and when the door opens in real life just walk through it. And don’t worry if you miss your cue, they’ll keep opening.”

- Jim Carey

What do you think? Not too hard right? Follow those simple steps and you’ll be on your way to the life of your dreams. And if you want even more, go listen to Michael Beckwith and Oprah over at SuperSoul Conversations - wowwweeeee that’ll really put things into perspective.

If you have any questions about this or want more guidance, comment below! I’m here to help!

Love & Light,

Your Competitive Nature and Your Soul

First, let’s get the truth out of the way – we are all competitive.

Competitive – it’s a human quality. So it exists in all of us in some way. We all have all the qualities - in some form, somewhere within.

The question to pose is – how is my competitive nature showing up – what’s its focus?

When you don’t ask the question, bring the topic into the light, it lurks in the shadows where you might want to disown this part of you. When you do this, the competitive you shows up in ways you don’t feel good about or want to claim, so disclaiming it may feel like the best course.

Disclaiming it can look like this - 

Jealousy – “She’s better than me”

Mean thoughts – “She thinks she’s so great”

Self-loathing – “I could never do that”

How do you work with your competitive self so she can serve you and others and not wreak havoc and unpleasantness around you? Invite it in, and have a conversation with yourself.

Ask –

What haven’t I grown in myself fully?

What still awaits expression?

What’s she doing that I want to be doing but am not?

How is my life not fulfilling in ways that I deeply desire?

What lies dormant in me that I see in her?

What’s getting uncomfortable not to express?

Your competitive self can get driven by your ego –

Look at me!

I’m so grand

I’m the best

Or by your soul –

What’s next for me?

I am committed to fully expressing myself

What’s in my heart and soul is here to be shared

What am I waiting for? 

What’s the best thing about bringing your competitive nature out to be seen and guided by your soul?

You love all women, all people. You want everyone to shine brightly and contribute greatly and create more goodness in the world. You know their great is different – not better - not less – than your great.

And that’s a truth you can relax into, let go and allow in your life. Competition isn’t bad, it just needs to be led by your soul, not your ego.

Are you practicing acceptance?

Acceptance is an art ~ a craft that you get really good at with practice. The life shifts that occur when you become an artist in the practice of acceptance are often unexpected, but always welcome. You will stop judging.

You will move toward self-love, exactly where you are in need.

You will let go of trying to control the world around you.

You will be a peace generator.

You will discover new perceptions without effort.


What do you need to practice acceptance with? Anything that causes a disturbance within you. It's the foundation of all positive change. It's the first step in building just what you want. I'd love to hear what you will commit to practicing acceptance with.

In my book, Courageous Woman, Live Your Inner Power, I describe the Inner Power Wheel. This wheel is a medicine wheel of eight practices that allow you to master your inner life and manifest the conditions you want to experience. 

Acceptance is one of these foundational practices. The wisdom of acceptance is a transformational energy that is difficult to describe and must be experienced.

When we accept the truth of the present moment, and surrender to it's information, we bring both outer and inner conditions into our field of perception. We acknowledge the fullness of the multiple dynamics of the present moment. Sometimes these are conflicting and complex, requiring some time to understand. Acceptance must not be rushed.

In order to gain the wisdom and insight you need to navigate your life optimally, acceptance of all conditions is a must. Answers emerge, paths open and dynamics shift as you accept fully. I'd love to hear how life shifts as you embody the wisdom of acceptance.

Sending you love and gratitude,


Feeling the Ease by Pixie Hamilton

I love the ease of my world.I love knowing what I know about vibration and energy. I love my vibrational nature. I love knowing that this life is all about frequency and energy and that I can focus on and manifest a feeling of well-being. I love setting this time aside to find this feeling of ease. I love starting my day this way. I know that my ease comes with the power of my focus and intention and allowing. I feel momentum building in this ease. I feel it fully. I own it. I so adore this non-physical energy that is flowing with perfection and ease, in and through me. I love knowing that I can experience this atmosphere of well-being and ease to the degree I allow it. I love knowing the Laws of the Universe and knowing that they are working in my life right now for my highest good. I love knowing that I can stay in this feeling of ease and well-being for as long as I want. I love knowing that Source is surrounding me and everyone in my life and that everyone I know and love is surrounded by this ease. I am in a place of utter well-being, and I shine my well-being through my focus in the direction of things that matter to me.


Source Has My Back I know I will be guided to perfect thoughts and behaviors at the perfect time. Meanwhile I sit in this ease and eagerness and appreciation for all that is to come. I feel so happy that I leave “conditions” and outcomes out of my ease. I allow myself to feel the eagerness about things. Not an eagerness that inspires me to action right now but one that inspires optimism and renewal within me. I know that the timing may not be now. I am patient. I am comfortable in this space, in focusing and aligning the Universal energy to flow to me and through me. As I bask in this ease, I am more and more capable of not putting conditions in my way to block the energy flow. I am excited, but I will not run ahead of it. I will let the ease guide me. I won’t act yet. I will sit in this “knowing” a little longer. I will allow myself only to feel the ease. My desire will ultimately inspire the right action at the right time. I am setting the tone. I am focusing on alignment. I am asking the questions. I am readying myself. And then I will watch the results manifest – revealing the place that I have found – at the perfect time. I am eager to watch the greater expansion. Meanwhile I watch what is going on right now. Right here around me. I am watching the energy moving around me now, as I create and activate my vibrational alignment. I know that I can and will influence anything I desire. I am so appreciative of this life experience and my focus on things that are important to me. I can feel the allowing. Source energy is flowing to me and through me. This is the “work” I am to do. I reside here right now. There is no impatience on my part. I am not ready. I will never be called to do something that I am not ready to do. I will not push myself to act when I am not ready to do it – because that is where a vibrational misalignment comes. Source has my back. My work is to hold this place. I will not try to take the role of Source. Instead I wait and serve as the vibrational heart of the movement. I own this vibrational place and allow Source energy to do its thing. I know that I am in the right place at the right time and loving what I am supposed to do and what this life provides for me. And all is well.

Want an Aha Moment?

Who doesn't love a great aha moment? When I have one, I think of it as a rearranging of my inner architecture, a way to open inside to new insights, opportunities and positive change.  I had ah aha recently while training with my coach. A vulnerable area in my life and within my being is my voice. I have always been horrified at the thought of being the center of attention. Inwardly I shrink when all eyes are on me and I can get flustered and nervous. Depending on how rampant the energy is running through me, hiding seems like a great idea. People are often surprised when I reveal this because apparently many just see my calm, cool and collected exterior and think I am all confidence and comfort. Not so much.

At Rachael Jayne and Datta Groover's Awaken Your Impact conference we were doing shadow work. We were all instructed to think of a quality that others exhibit that we physically react to, and not in a good way. The kind of experience when we can become judgmental or resistant to the truth of the experience. Immediately I thought of being around people who just talk about themselves and exhibit no interest in those around them. It's especially irritating when they go on and on and it seems as though it wouldn't matter if you were standing there or someone else was occupying your space.

The next instruction was to consider how this shadow piece held a gift for us in the way we want to grow or develop our business. Speaking on stage and inspiring others has been a long-buried dream that I recently have allowed myself to own. As I consider this dream and the way I want to impact others positively and deeply, I realize I must become comfortable with getting up and talking about myself and being able to sustain that activity in an authentic, take-charge kind of way. I must embody that shadow quality that so irritates me in others.

Sure I will want to connect with who is in front of me. Yes, I will care that they are interested in what I have to say. But some people in the audience may receive me just as I am receiving others when I feel frustrated or offended by their behavior. They may look at me and say, "who does she think she is standing there and talking about herself?" And I need to get okay with this if I am going to speaking to groups and serve in this way.

I think about the inspirational speakers who have dramatically touched my life. They did so because they abandoned their inner critic for the moment. They let go and openly expressed the great feelings and thoughts they had. This inspired me to change and grow and claim more of me!

authenticpowerradiatesIt's time for me to step up and step out of my comfort zone. To grow into the next version of me who wants to help others claim their gifts and use them to make this world more loving, more harmonious, more uplifting for everyone.

Going after a life-changing aha may mean looking at what you most resist - the last thing you might want to do. Enjoy an aha moment right now ... take a few minutes to ask yourself - what is the quality in others that really bothers me? How might this hold a gift for me? I'd love to hear your aha's :)

Here is a video of the man who first ignited my interest in becoming a speaker - enjoy! His name is Leo Buscaglia: as I listen to him today I realize he touched me because what he speaks also comes from my heart.


Worn out by Trying to Control Life?

As I awaken more deeply into the art of manifestation and abundance, I realize the value of letting go of trying to control outcomes. My method of actualizing what I want happens in a much more magical and fun way! I am so glad I gave up the need to control and manage other people and situations! Years ago, I grew into the role of co-dependent and people-pleaser for really good reasons :) Firstly, I wanted others to be happy! Secondly I wanted harmony around me! Thirdly I wanted to be happy! These are all worthy desires.

What I realized after some counseling and through reading really great self-help books is that only I can make me happy! And only I can create harmony in my environment by living harmoniously inside, and living with others who also want this quality of life.


The secret to manifesting a harmonious and happy life is to discover and master it on your inner world. This means you are clear about what you want and you align your thoughts, words and actions in service to this. You focus on what you can do and not on what others are doing. You align your life with others who want similar conditions and are willing to make efforts until the reality is actualized.

You must express yourself authentically and speak openly about what you want if you are going to create your best life. I'm leading a one day retreat entitled "Find Your Courageous Voice and Be Heard Now" on September 20th. This is a great opportunity to become the conscious, proficient creator of all that want you want by learning the skills of an effective communicator.

Worn out trying to control life? It's exhausting. I remember it well. I'd love to help you discover the magic and fun of owning what you want and making it all come into reality!

How often do you swear? Do you judge others?

Are you using your voice wisely and effectively? If you knew that you were creating your current reality through the words that you utter each moment, would you pay closer attention to what escapes your lips? The more I learn and pay attention to my own personal speaking habits, I become aware of the great power many of us misuse or ignore. Your voice is a powerful instrument of creative force, as is mine. I am working diligently to put mine to the best use I can. My life continually feels more positive and I feel stronger because I challenge myself this way.

Here are a few simple habits you can practice. Experiment and see if anything changes as a result of these new patterns.

* Stop swearing (take at least a 3 week time out). Believe it or not, most people feel at least a little guilt whenever a swear is uttered. Swearing is a random statement of displeasure in the moment, but an indirect version of what you really mean to say. You lose an inner power connection when you swear, and often some credibility. Use specific words to describe your experience more accurately instead.

* Give voice to your gratitude and seek to increase your awareness of the good of your life. You raise your vibration to elevate the positive in your life every time you express appreciation. You attract more positive connections when you express gratitude. Pause and be sure to feel gratitude in your heart and in your energy. Go beyond the words and into the feeling.

* Notice how often you judge others and life. Whatever you are doing now is simply a habit. Most of the time, if you are judging others, you are habitually judging yourself. Judging wears away at self-acceptance and self-worth and this is deeply connected to experiencing the fulfillment we seek. Relentlessly seek to silence your inner judge and hold back judgmental thoughts and words. Withholding judgement challenges you to focus on what you want to create and cultivate instead of focusing on the lack of the experience. 


Those are three powerful practices that can transform your life for the better. I still strive toward more consistency in all these habits, noticing the positive results, the way I feel stronger, more centered, more grounded, more influential, and happier.

If you live in the Richmond area and want to work on elevating your own inner strength, join me on Saturday, September 20th for an intensive workshop to grow your skills and awareness to Find Your Courageous Voice and Be Heard Now!

You Can Reinvent Your Life

Do you wake up in the morning excited and eager for the day ahead? If not, maybe you're ready for a reinvention or re-imagination of your life. I've reinvented my life a few times and look forward to at least a couple more rounds as I move through the next decades. Reinvention first requires a re-imagination of the possibility of life. I had a fabulous revelation last month when I seriously contemplated the word "imagination"and it's use. What I realized was that the word "imagination" is like a short version of the expression "in my magic nation". What we do with our minds is amazing! First we imagine what life can be, and then we bring the experience into manifested form through us.

The mind is a magic nation of creative action. It's the land where you are the ruler and participant(s) of the inner world of thought and feeling. You are actually creating all the time, often in an unconscious manner. When you awaken to the power of your mind and heart, you become aware that you can intentionally manifest what you desire through using your imagination, your thoughts and your actions.

Reinvention can awaken new passions, allow new aspects of your personality to develop and bring a juicy new energy into your every day experience. If you are disappointed in life, in how you are engaging in life, maybe its time for a re-imagination - reinvention. Your mind and heart can lead you to amazing new places as you open and allow the energy of desire to work its magic in your life.


If disappointment and faulty expectations are leading your life, time for a reinvention! If you live in the Richmond area, join me this Thursday, July 24th, as I co-lead a workshop entitled "Reinventing Your Life". Meet me at 6:30 at the Goochland Public Library and we'll open the doors for you to explore some new frontier.

Vulnerable Leadership

My most valuable lessons in leadership came through my involvement as a founder and leader at the Women's Center for Wellness, now re-birthed as Authentic Women Circle. It was here that I came to understand that each one of us has our own best advice sacredly held within. I learned how to be a part of forming a safe container for others to come into direct communion with that inner wisdom. It was in these circles that I received and expanded some of my greatest training as a Life Coach. I witnessed again and again the truth that we all have equally important thoughts and ideas to share, that I need not have answers to anyone's life problems but my own. Life is a journey to grow and learn, to evolve into our highest potential through working our way through our individual life challenges as gracefully as possible. Circle

Here are some of my lofty, yet practical intentions when I lead.

* I let go of what may be occupying my mind and allow myself to release into the experience presented. (Meditation is some of the best self-training for this)

* I stay centered in myself to be keyed into what I hear, feel and see, and simply reflect that back. (Again mediation is a power tool)

* If intuitively I sense something of a deeper nature, I share this. (Oops yet again meditation hones this skill too)

* I share honestly from my own experience and perspective.

* I refrain from analyzing and evaluating, but rather approach every encounter as a "what is happening right now?" that is important and worthy of deeper understanding as a teaching tool for both myself and whoever I am with.

If you are growing your leadership skills, I invite you to try on my practices and see how they feel and how they impact whatever experience you are in. I'd love to hear how you do with it!

Who wants inner peace and fulfillment?

What are you passionate about? What will make your life feel really good? I love helping others experience the richness that exists within. I am committed and passionate about this because I know what fabulous results await those who commit to self-reflection. My heart aches to think that in some respects the cure for what so many crave and feel devoid of is available to them - right now - with the proper attention and intention. Do you take time to reflect on your experience? Do you give yourself time to sit with yourself and fully acknowledge what is happening within? Are you willing to make this a priority?

So many people want more peace and a sense of fulfillment in live. How ironic that we can only provide this for Self. If you don't feel like you have inner peace and fulfillment, you can decide to cultivate them in your life beginning right now.


The most successful and happiest folks I know are those that prioritize discovering who they are and what they want. This requires knowing yourself and reflecting on your experiences thus far to distill the wisdom that life experience offers as you take the time to acknowledge your inner response to your life thus far.

You can start today by making the habit of sitting for 5 minutes every day this week, by yourself, in quiet, reflecting while deep breathing, and begin your transformation right now. Up your time to a few minutes every week, and before you know it life will start to feel a little different and you will begin to know the real you. With this knowledge you can take action.

If you want guidance for cultivating this quality of life, join me in our upcoming workshop, Living the Real You, Leading Life from the Inside Out happening this month! Email me for details at laurelhollandh@gmail.com. I love supporting you on this journey to inner abundance!