Surrendering to the 24 hours in each day

Your relationship to time matters. When you chronically feel that there isn't enough time, you trap yourself in a world where you can never get enough done. You turn yourself into a human machine instead of a human being. I don't want that for you because I know how terrible it feels to be living like a machine. That's a story for another day :)

Here are some ideas about how to shift your relationship with time. 

1. Spend time without having a schedule. Yes, you can do this at least on the weekends.

2. Stop wearing a watch. Use the handy timer on your smart phone (or buy a cheap timer) to keep track of a meeting or a portion of time.

3. Learn how to wake up without an alarm clock.

4. Start telling yourself everyday that you have plenty of time for what is really important to you. Get your subconscious mind to start prioritizing and stop wasting time with unimportant stuff.

5. Do your deathbed work so you aren't afraid of wasting your life.

Some of these may sound a little strange, perhaps impossible. I would have thought so years ago too. All of these practices helped me change my relationship with time. These habits equate to a sense of real freedom and peace. 


Sure you can organize more, be more efficient and plan better.

But if you really believe you don't have enough time, you'll just organize and plan yourself into another time-limited box.

If you want to really get to the business of changing your relationship with time, consider a few coaching sessions with me. Email me at

Surrender to the truth that each day is 24 hours ~ and you will discover there's just the right amount of time every day ~

Mesothelioma- A Post Request

I was graciously asked to participate this summer in a campaign to raise awareness of a disease called Meso-thel-i-oma. I needed to sound it out a few times and practice it aloud more times than that before I could roll it off my tongue. I had never heard of it before. But I did know that Asbestos was a problem and could harm people's health when they were exposed to it. Now I understand more about the disease because someone helped spread the word. I jumped on board.

I wanted to help because it's one of those things in life that really gets me thinking about how some choices just don't make good sense. Some people may still be building with it, even though we now know how deadly it can be.

Here is a flyer that gives you more info about it. I hope this helps inform you so that you can ask good questions about your environment. Education is a good thing :)

Moment for MesoPlease refer to the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance for more information.


What Do You Stand For?

This weekend I went to The Art of Feminine Presence and I was wowed! A heartfelt thanks to the women who joined the experience and willingly opened themselves to the awesomeness of their femininity and power! I had an aha moment within the first hour of the process. As we were practicing a fun and enlightening walking exercise, I passed a woman whose name tag read "Laurel". What!!! Another Laurel? This had never happened before. In my nearly 57 years of life, I had not yet shared the space with another Laurel. I was jolted and became acutely aware of something in that moment.

I cannot rely on my name as a way to make me unique or stand out. In some subtle yet deep way, this was what I had been doing. I considered myself "special" because no one else had my name. Yikes. (I feel embarrassed just writing this).

What flashed into my mind is that I need my voice to let everyone know who I am, how I am unique and what I stand for. I will not rely on "Laurel" to get the job done any longer. If you have been reading my blog for a time, you know that I do have a voice and I stand for a few things. What do I stand for?

I stand for people knowing and loving themselves and valuing their unique gifts. I stand for finding the contribution that only you can make to the community of our humanity, the contribution that brings you joy. I stand for demonstrating kindness and respect, honesty and courage. I stand for discovering and claiming the essence of self, and dedicating to that experience. I stand for living in your deepest truth and aligning your life with that wisdom. I feel solid in my inner power because my life is a testimony to what I stand for and my voice aligns with all that I stand for.

On this lifetime journey of all that I stand for, I am not done using my voice in a powerful way. In fact, I may just be beginning :) And most importantly, the experiences that push me beyond my comfort zone - so that my comfort zone becomes greater - are the ones that open the doorway to discovering more of myself. As I stood before others and was held lovingly and appreciated fully, I started leaning into a stronger determination to claim more of who I am becoming.


What do you stand for? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone to claim more fully what you stand for? How will you use your voice in service to yourself and the evolution of humanity? Where will your energy be directed? How will you be remembered when you are gone? I'd love to know. Please comment below <3

If you are interested in exploring your authentic self and leading your life from the inside out, consider attending my program this spring.

Dreaming Your Life into Being and Your Habits How are you doing in creating a life you love? There are actually practical steps you can take and new habits that are essential to form if you want to succeed in your creation. Here is a great video that talks about the importance of holding your vision as well as your ability to identify the details of it all in order that you can successfully bring it into manifestation.

You are creating your life as it is today, either consciously or unconsciously. Creating a life you love happens consciously :)

Breaking the Habit of Excessive Thinking Our culture conditions us to think excessively. The benefits of learning how to quiet your mind, becoming more connected to your full being, are infinite. That's one of the reasons I practice daily meditation, to become less attached to my thoughts. The truth is - your thoughts are what create most of the anxiety that you experience. Your thoughts can drive you crazy - literally - if you let them! Or clear, directed thinking can help you build a life of joy and peace. You decide. Today's video supports you in changing one of the worst culture habits you can experience, until you decide to direct your mind consciously.

Tips for Meditation This month I am sharing links to videos that can help you create masterful habits. Everyone who connects with me knows that I am a big proponent of meditation and the powerful transformation this practice allows in your life. I meditate for an hour most days, which sounds like a lot. Deepak invests even more time than I do :) Here are great tips for helping create the meditation habit. Want healing, happiness and peace? Meditate!

Moving In to Distress

Here is a short video that helps to identify the benefit in moving towards your inner distress rather than denying or ignoring it. Pema talks about the importance of watching your mind as the source of your suffering rather than the past, or the events themselves. I love writing about this topic!

Money Habits This month I am posting my favorite videos about healthy habits. Here is one from Kate Northrup. Kate is Dr. Christiane Northrup's daughter! She is coming out with a new book about money soon. I love Kate's energy. She has some practical tips on how to raise the bar of respect for money in your life, causing you to be more conscious of how you are handling the money that you do have.

Will You Love Me Forever?

OKAY - here it is - sorry for the unfinished posts before this! I am STILL having trouble with my publishing. Oh my!

I hope you enjoy this video post! Kinlen Wheeler and I discuss the way our inner self craves a partner in the world to hold us and love us well but often struggle to create that experience with another. In this video we talk about the need to feel full and loved regardless of whether we are in a primary relationship or not. We talk about co-dependency and the way our culture pushes us to look outside ourselves to get our needs fulfilled rather than finding that inner fulfillment from self-understanding and knowledge. Here is part I!

I'd love to create a dialogue with readers about any challenges you are experiencing in your primary relationship so that we can collectively consciously transform these important relationships into places where we learn to thrive in fulfillment and comfort.