What can we do in difficult and chaotic times?

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How have you held up this week in the wake of all the pain and suffering? 

My Monday morning started with a client sharing the question she poses to herself as she drives to her appointment with me.

She asks herself, "What is heavy in my heart right now?"

I bowed to her, internally, acknowledging the wisdom in her question as well as her courage to face her heaviness and seek healing, rather than turning away and living in anger and frustration.

And so I ask you - "What is heavy in your heart right now?"

What happens when we are hurting? When we don't address what's wounded, we often act out in anger, frustration, bitterness, resentment and other damaging ways.

We are watching the chaos of the results of unhealed wounds running rampant, striking out at the world at large. We are watching ourselves struggle with how to respond and what to say that will unite us and comfort us. 

It's important to seek the leadership that lives in light; leadership that represents the highest values we aspire too. Be comforted by those leaders and let them ignite the leader in you so that you use your voice well. 

Leaders come in all forms. Some are front and center. Many more quietly influence others to open their minds and reorient their inner compasses toward love, compassion, tolerance and respect. We need you, now more than ever, to use your voice of love and respect as we move through the chaos. 

It's easy to lash out at the ones we see as at fault and a problem. It's not as easy to lead conversations that lift us all into more thoughtful, open and collaborative places.

What can you - we - do to serve in a way we desperately need right now? 

Stand for what you believe in. Be quietly resolved - march through each day in service to your heart.

Learn the language of collaborative dialogue. This is a must for our survival.

Strengthen your ability to grieve well without being lost and weakened by all the tragedy of the world.

Be inspired by leaders who uphold your most precious values - lead
your life well each day.

Heal your wounds so you are not blinded by them and unconsciously acting on that pain. Commit to this and get the help you need to really do the work. I am here to help you with this work.

My heart cries with yours as we move through this time of chaos, seeking higher ground, struggling to evolve into a more enlightened human race. 

I send you light and love this and every day.


Prosperity for All– Not just the lucky, strong, or hard-working by Pixie Hamilton

“You are the owner of all that you perceive. But you can’t perceive apart from your vibration. Feel your way, little-by-little, into a greater sense of abundance by looking for the treasures that the Universe is offering you on a day-to-day basis.” ~ Esther Hicks

Prosperity is derived from Old French “prosperite” and from Latin “prosperitas” and translates to “doing well.”

To me, “doing well” is NOT about money or material wealth.

Prosperity goes much deeper. I can’t see prosperity. I can’t touch it. But I know it. It stems from a deep contentment in life and my highest purpose.

Prosperity is in every single moment, constantly adding value to my life and those around me. The value manifests in terms of serving, forgiving, accepting, creating opportunities, providing joyful and purposeful experiences, promoting peace and love, creating harmonious relationships, and finding pleasure in everything I do.

Prosperity is constantly coming towards me – an idea, a thought, an inspiration, a hug, the right word, a smile, relationships, wellness, expansion, ease, love, feeling capable, watching a sunset, listening to the songs of birds or a train, and enjoying Nature’s vibrant colors and sounds.

I feel prosperous when I allow this constant flow of universal and abundant prosperity; when I call attention to its presence in every moment; and when I allow the higher vibration to punctuate my life and add value to others.

I have no doubt that recognizing prosperity in all things and becoming aware of life’s small pleasures leads me to even bigger pleasures and more prosperity.

I also have no doubt that prosperity in terms of money follows these universal gifts. Manifestation of material wealth and financial abundance follow the giving of oneself and the creating of value, small and large. It follows a life committed to giving and receiving.

So….go love. And love some more!


Create a “feel good” experience. Sing, smile, laugh, and do something fun. Embrace joy. And embrace joy some more!

Pay attention to the small and large blessings coming your way. Be grateful for the smiles, touches, hugs, music, and the stillness. And be grateful some more!

Create a larger space for the abundance coming your way by releasing any resistance and blocks due to grudges, fears, and negative thoughts. Forgive. And forgive some more!

Celebrate life’s infinite abundance in your life and in lives of those around you. And celebrate some more!

Giving and receiving are universal gifts of prosperity. Feel them and allow them into your life some more!!!!!!