Journaling to consciously manifest in 2018

Forget the new year's resolutions! Tune in to your heart and let's get real about your inner truth and the year you just lived.

A strong suggestion - directive really - would be to develop the habit of centering yourself and connecting to your heart and highest Self before you do this kind of review and intention setting. To be free of the clutter that your mind accumulates that drives you into more egocentric and self-limiting places, this journaling is best done when you move beyond any confusion of the mind. You will create much more impassioned and exciting intentions and goals which you can truly put all of your energy into when your intentions come from intuition and higher sense of who you are and your potential.

This meditation will be useful for centering, grounding and connecting this way. 

Grab your journal and pen and for this year’s review and next year in vision...

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What adversity did you encounter this year that has pushed you to learn something new?

How are you using adversity as your friend - a teacher about expectations, responsibility, planning, flow, resistance, openness and achievement? Think about what you struggled with and now what you know because of the challenge.

What have you learned and how will it impact your choices next year?

What are you celebrating from this year?

How did you grow this past year, what did you learn?

What progress did you make that you are embodying, sharing and cherishing?

What were the highs and lows and what made them that way?

Who do you want to become now?

How do you want to grow next year?

What's in your heart that needs attention and expression?

How will you create space and time for this? 

Tell us what you want most next year in the comments below! We'll be drawing names on New Year's Day from these comments and those on Instagram. We'll send a copy of my book, Courageous Woman to the winner!

Who’s your mama? Don’t forget this gratitude ☺

One of the lovely reorientations I experienced when I trained in Shamanic practices was attuning myself to the truth that our collective Mother is Mother Earth. This reorientation held so many beautiful healings embedded in it ~

  • I forgave my mother for not being the “perfect” mother, let go of hurts that had accumulated along the path of growing up, and released any ways I still “needed” anything from her to be well.
  • I forgave myself for not being the “perfect” mother to my own children. I humbly allowed them their own path of healing and growing, and believe that whatever dissonance they have felt with me was a part of their own awakening and evolving.
  • It matters how I treat this home of ours, Earth. If we trash her, disregard her natural rhythms and take for granted her resources, we will surely experience a collective disease and suffer.
  • I’m constantly aware of how our Earth is a self-healing, self-regulating organism, just as each of us is. Without the proper awareness of what we require to maintain wellness and experience wholeness, we lose the probability of maintaining self-healing and self-regulation.
  • My consciousness connects to the Earth and every part of her – that’s why it feels so healing and comforting to be in nature. As we spend time outdoors, paying attention to the beauty of our Earth, our nervous system relaxes and recharges. It’s as if we remember who we are in the deepest way.

One of the ways you can begin to feel more balanced and whole, after such a disturbing election and what we experienced as humans of our darker side, is to take responsibility to grow your commitment to live more wholly in line with what Mother Earth needs from you.

And that can begin simply, with gratitude.

We are, and can be the change we want, by Doing things differently ~ beginning with the way we think and where we put our attention.

How might you show and express gratitude for Mother Earth? 
For those of you who want to adopt a ritual for healing Mother Earth and honoring what we receive every day, I share with you a beautiful practice called Despacho. This is a lovely experience to bring a family/group together around.

  1. Before you actually begin, gather some offerings. Things like feathers, leaves, flowers, incense, essential oils, food, dried flowers, bits of papers for messages and intentions. Get a large paper to hold all that you will be placing in the offering.

  2. Create a sacred environment for this time. Light a candle, burn incense - whatever will symbolize your taking part in an important experience - a ritual or ceremony.

  3. Take your time and think about your gratitude and the gifts you receive every day that are often taken for granted. Mindfully, choose an item from your offering collection ~ really feel the gratitude for what you are focusing on. Blow the energy of your gratitude into the offering and place it on the large paper. Continue this process, taking turns if others are with you, circling around until the experience feels complete. 

  4. Gently fold your paper and tie the bundle, the Despacho. Make any final blessings you wish with it and then take it outside and mindfully bury it in a place of honor. Thank Mother Earth one last time for all your gifts ~ and spend time feeling the love. 






The Gift of Being Seen


How good does it feel when you are really seen? When you are listened to intently? When someone really gets you? 

Do you have this in your life? Maybe with a best friend ~ or just maybe you're fortunate enough to have this experience in your marriage, or with a sister, a mother.

The feeling is like ~

coming home

the warmest blanket on the coziest couch

a breath of spring air just after winter

a belly laugh after having felt down for a while

sinking into a comfy chair with a book you don't want to put down

the feeling is fulfilling, it's soothing, it's uplifting, it's warm and it's love-drenched.

I am wishing this for you today.

My heart is brimming with the feeling after having worked with Rachel Camfield of Carriage House Collaborations. 

Yes, Rachel and I were friends before she gave my website a make-over. And yes, she was in my first circle of women to become Live Your Inner Power graduates in 2015. And yes, we are co-leading a Mastermind group together. So, yes ~ she gets me. And yet, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to work with her if she hadn't courageously set up her own business.

Rachel intuitively listened, and then trusted her instinct about how to deliver a product that was what I really wanted. Thank you are small words for work this big.

Part of my work with Rachel includes a photo shoot. For any woman who has had self-esteem issues (moi included :)), a photo shoot can be part of our healing journey. Stay tuned for Phase 2 this May! It's my birthday present to me.

Are you into self-care, do you treat yourself as the most special person you know?

As a woman, taking self-care to the next level - where it's a work of art and a joy of life, not the tedious next thing to get done, translates to opening the doors to endless possibilities.


I'd love to support you in this life changing habit.  Join my list and receive monthly support so you too can make your self-care a matter you enjoy

Thanksgiving Morning Meditation

It is dark. I awaken and lie in bed for a bit, begin my prayer of thanks for the day ahead. I hope that I will drift back to sleep, but alas, I am Awake. I head to the bathroom, prepare to greet the dawn, and head to the kitchen to put the tea water on. What do I want this morn? Hot water with a healthy splash of apple cider it is.

Warm mug in hand I head to my office, light a candle and take my seat.IMG_1352

Good morning, Thursday November 28th, 2013. Thanksgiving day. Twenty eight years ago this day I cradled my infant daughter, only a week old and blessing life with her light. She remains one of the guiding lights of my world. My heart suddenly surges with love for my three children. The holy act of motherhood was a blessing in my life, and continues to grace my world with relationships of love and joy. My being swells with love and gratitude.

Breathing gently in and out I allow the energy of this radiant feeling wash through me, and I keep my attention on my breath. My mind reaches for the next thought of gratitude. Ah, my home, my husband. The grounding of my world to this earth, the anchor of my days, the resting place I return to each day. What love and gratitude for these blessings, I feel this daily. It is not new or different today, but still my heart swells with my love and gratitude for this man who loves me so well, this home we have made together, enjoying in our unique and creative way. Thank you, thank you for these gifts of stability.

Breathing in and out, this lovely and loving sensation washes through me and I allow my consciousness to notice how my full being is affected by this tingling warmth. My heart relaxes and my breath quiets. Next thought.

Oh, my dear friends. Their sweet essences arise as I think of each of one and the ways they touch my life, the beauty and love they offer, each in her own special way. They see me, and I them, right into the very heart of who each of us is. My friends see me, the best me, and they show this to me. For this reflection, I am grateful. These beautiful beings inspire me to continue my journey into bringing forth my highest potential, my radiant essence, my gifts to share in this lifetime. Thank you, thank you friends-sisters, for being a mirror that I often pass by, forgetting to notice my own essence, the beauty I came here to offer. Thank you for reminding me.

Breathing in and out I gently let this gift of deep and honest friendship wash through my heart and enliven my soul for this day. This energy continues to awaken my spirit ever-more deeply, calling me forth. Thank you friends, and the tears spill now.

Breathing, I have quietly entered the holy place within, where I dwell with spirit. I place my hand on my heart, words of gratitude for sensing this divine energy this day fill the very fibers of my being, do not need to be spoken because spirit knows my heart and the loving energy that streams forth from me. I bow my head in humble joy, thank you thank you thank you. Many of the gifts of my life tumble through my consciousness, the healing, the awareness. all the many friends, the abundant goodness that surrounds me daily, the gift of work I love, the gift of wanting for nothing. Tears, tears gush. I am blessed and my heart feels as if it will burst with this love and gratitude. Thank you thank you thank you. Breathe, breathe deeply - and let it all wash through.

Happy Thanksgiving dear ones.IMG_1351

Acceptance = Peace by Kelly McCoy

michael-suit-1A few months ago, I came across an article about Actor Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future, Family Ties, Spin City). In it, he talked about his family, his new television series and his challenges with Parkinson's disease. His story was funny, scary and inspiring. I walked away unable to stop thinking about one of his comments. When asked what he has learned from his disease, he said that he has recognized that his happiness increases in direct proportion to his acceptance and his happiness decreases in direct proportion to his expectations. Read those two sentences a few times and let them sink in. Happiness decreases in direct proportion to expectation.

Happiness increases in direct proportion to acceptance.

I found these thoughts about acceptance, expectation and happiness fascinating and started trying them on for size in my own life. Does this mean anything to me? Is that how it works in my life? As I examined my responses to life I found that when I expect something and it doesn't happen, there is disappointment or stress or anxiety. When I accept whatever comes along, whether it meets my expectation or not, I feel calmer, less stressed, peace.

Michael's magazine revelation seems so simple, yet so profound. It has become a private litmus test for me in many situations. When I expect a client to like a draft of an ad, a letter or a brochure that I've created, their reaction holds power over me. If they don't like it, I often feel defensive, insecure, even guilty, that I was unable to give them what they wanted. Yet, when I enter the same meeting consciously, knowing why I have made the creative choices I have and leave myself open - and accepting - of whatever their reaction is, I feel less stress. If they aren't happy with what they see or read, I am open to the comments and ask questions about how we can better meet their requirements. If they love what they see, all the better.

I am continuously reminding myself that it's not all up to me. Every human interaction is just that, a relationship, a collaboration. I should not EXPECT to have it all right all the time in the eyes of another. I can ACCEPT that things are not always what I EXPECT them to be. This makes everything okay. We're all just doing what we think is best at the time. Perhaps there's another way to look at the situation or challenge and reach a peaceful solution in which both parties reach acceptance - and feel good about - the outcome.


This is wrapped up in the concept of not taking things personally. It's not all about me. However, for those of us who were raised to BE RESPONSIBLE, this can be a challenge. When I enter into a situation with my husband, one of my children, or a client, I feel responsible for the outcome. That feeling has been cultivated in me since my childhood and it's not easy to release. However, when I consider the honest intent of what my mother and father insisted on from the time I can remember, it was "be responsible for yourself." They never told me to be responsible for another person's happiness, reactions or feelings. They taught me to be kind, to finish my homework, to clean up my room. In hindsight, I understand that these simple things were designed to keep my own life moving forward in a positive way.

When I really consider the intent...they were saying, "Always do your personal best so that you can be comfortable in any situation." The key is to be comfortable with yourself, not to be right in the eyes of anyone else. If you are comfortable inside your own skin, then it is much easier to ACCEPT whatever comes your way. If you know you have done everything you, let go, accept. This lack of tension and anxiety is a magical thing.

peaceThe only place that I differ with Michael is in the word "happiness." In examining his words of wisdom, I prefer to insert the word "peace." I am more peaceful when I accept what comes along and less peaceful when I expect anything. I find that to be less qualitative than "happiness," which I've been somehow trained to think is a good thing. Peace, for me, is simply a state of being in which you experience less conflict and less struggle. Peace is possible when acceptance happens and expectation ceases. What a powerful thought and lovely way to be.

So, in the future, perhaps I can sit with Michael J. Fox to tell him how much his words impacted me and to debate semantics on this. I will never expect this to happen, however if the opportunity presents itself, I will definitely accept.

Be well and revel in the peace you can create for yourself each moment of the day.

Focusing On What You Want and Why It Can Be Tricky

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling joyful, fulfilled, enlivened by living your dream life? If you answered no to the above it may be because you are trapped in the loop that many are trapped in - unable to manifest your dreams and goals. And frustrated! Feeling matters...

It can be tricky to focus on what you want when you are living in ways that FEEL unfulfilled or disappointing or boring. When you are feeling these things your thoughts will naturally follow your feelings with thoughts of lack, heaviness and powerlessness. The stream of thought and the flow of feeling are a beautiful dance within each one of us that reflects the connection we have to our personal power. The power of creation.

Feeling matters...

How you are using your personal power can be revealed by watching your personal dance of thoughts and feelings.What you are doing within- with your energy - the energy of feeling and thought - matters in essential ways. What you are doing with your energy is reflected in your outer world.  Often we remain bound up and unable to manifest what we want because we repeatedly travel the loop inside of what we don't have, versus what we have and are moving towards with excitement. What we don't have feels heavy. What we happily enjoy and are excitedly moving towards feels light and expansive.

Feeling matters...

The fastest way to elicit change is to recognize what you have and what are currently creating. Your thoughts and feelings all proceeded this current life experience to get you to today - to this now. Consciously moving into the "next" now - or tomorrow - means specifically altering your thoughts and feelings that will create that specific "now" experience you seek.

Are you lost? It's okay if you are. This manifestation process is tricky and a bit complicated. If it weren't a bit tricky, don't you think we all would have manifested our hopes and dreams by now? :)

gratitude-rainbowspiral1Feeling matters...

Focus on what you have that is good. This will help you create more good through FEELing good. This is how and why gratitude journaling works. If you haven't created a gratitude journal yet - take that step. Many years ago a gratitude journal helped me focus my attention on the positive and then take action to clear out the negative and unsatisfying. Now feeling grateful is a way of life. I no longer need to condition myself to elicit this feeling. It comes automatically, consistently because I have made it a habit. See how those habits work :) If you don't want to create a journal - try this approach.

Feeling matters...

If you have difficulty feeling that your life is worthy of gratitude, then it's time to see your life through new eyes and work with me or someone else who can help move you into the state of being perceptive about what you have created, what you are experiencing and what you are doing with your precious life. This perception can move you forward by putting the power back in your court. From there you will begin to experience gratitude for this new insight and the ability to create the change you desire. Then instead of feeling unable to create what you want, you recognize that you can.

Feeling is power, fuel, important to your creative process...

How grateful are you today? What do you want to create? Be clear, be specific, stay focused. Use the resources around you. If you are conflicted about what you want, either consciously or unconsciously, you will find yourself stalled or unable to move forward in your desired ways. There are tools that can help you change these patterns. Choose to work with someone who can teach these tools.

You have more power than you know. Watch the dance of your thoughts and feelings and remember - the dance is a result of your conditioning to this point in your life. You can recondition your thinking and feeling as you move forward. I know because I did it and I help others do it every day. Are you ready for change?

The Vibration of Gratitude - Laurel's Monday Message 12-24-12

Do you need more ideas and encouragement to activate the powerful vibration of gratitude in your life?  Do you want to rapidly change the quality of your life? Are you not yet convinced of the power of this incredible emotion? The key is feeling gratitude. Not simply stating or writing things you are thankful for, but stimulating the sensation of gratitude. This is a powerful shift for reorganizing your life in the ways you deeply desire. The vibration of gratitude is expansive, high and inviting. On an energetic level it sends a message - more of this please! And so it will be! In today's message, my friend and colleague, Coco Krissey shares her innovative gratitude journal using her iPad. But you don't need an iPad for gratitude journaling - just a commitment to experience how daily gratitude journaling enhances the quality of your life. It is a fabulous way of stimulating the vibration of gratitude - the secret to the actualization of your dreams as well as feeling good every day!

If you need more video fuel to start that gratitude journal, here is a link to a snappy delivery by Marie Forleo about how gratitude can change your life.

Change and Gratitude by Dawn Jepson

I am discovering that change and gratitude can work in my favor as I bust my old pattern of change, fear and powerlessness colluding unconsciously to weaken me. As I prepare for a major change in my life it is hard to feel appreciative or good about anything. My mind keeps drifting to what I fear. Today I am committing to starting a new habit. This life change is one for which I was not fully prepared. Perhaps no one is ever prepared when there is a huge upheaval in her life. But change does come … change that is difficult and painful. At this time it is very easy to focus on what is being lost, what I don’t have, the unknown. If I continue with this kind of thinking the anxiety is triggered, growing stronger and stronger, threatening to bring my life to a grinding halt. This is not helpful when I need to be taking practical action to respond to a big change.

As I sift through my “bag of tools and techniques” for help, I realize one technique that carries great power - gratitude. I practice directing my mind away from the pain for a moment or two and think about all I do have, and what I am going to create in my new future. With this shift of attention I feel some easing of the anxiety. The fear becomes less. There are moments of peace. What sweet relief.

At this time of year when so much of the world is focused on gift giving, I am faced with releasing what I thought was a great gift in my life. It is very difficult to imagine the future as abundant. The present is so powerfully making itself known through the painful emotions that come up, I can become stuck in a cycle of thinking that is not beneficial. But it is not impossible to make the shift.

There are moments to mourn and sit with the feelings that arise within. And then there are times to gently help the mind review the beauty that is in my life, to consider all the possibilities that await me in experiencing anything new and different. I direct both of these experiences through allowing space to process the flow of emotional energy that exists within me.

Is this easy? Not always. But it isn’t impossible and that’s what is so important for me to remember. I have the power to think what I choose. I have the ability to create thoughts that soothe and inspire. It truly is one breath, one thought at a time. I can do this.

So now as I sit quietly each day, I breathe deeply and think about all the love I am blessed to have in my life. When I feel overcome with the fear of the unknown I say thank you for the skills and abilities I have developed over the years. My health is good and I have an exciting adventure ahead. I am thankful that I am here to experience it. Change and gratitude become my working partners in life as I recognize my power in alternately flowing with, and then directing, the full experience. I feel powerfully grateful for this wisdom today.