Psychic or Intuitive and how do you live well in all this chaos?

Plant your feet on the ground! Time to get real about what living with awareness and devoting yourself to personal/professional growth is all about!

I am just tickled to share this interview with you. Kim Thalken of Love First and I have become fast friends and she has so much wisdom to share, both from her voice and those of her guides. 

What's it like to be psychic?
What do you do to take care of yourself when you are intuitive?
How can we live more consciously with self-love? 

These are just a few of the questions Kim addresses in our 2-part interview.

Part 1 - How to build your intuition and self-care for the sensitive - Kim shares her own self-care practices and her thoughts about psychic versus intuitive

Part 2 - What can we do today in our chaotic world to make it better? - Kim talks about how you can live well today despite all the chaos and fear that is so troubling to us. 

Grab a coffee, tea or cider, get cozy and be loved by us as you listen in! 

When I Met God by Pixie Hamilton

My life – although early dominated by alcohol, drugs, dysfunction, and familial abandonment - has been a series of  “God moments” and “divine intervention.” Even at the age of 17 when I was at a crossroads deciding my "next step" after high school graduation, I recognized the power of something “big” working in my life. I couldn’t name it or even describe it. I look back and now know that a spark (or pilot light, if you will) was always on.

The journey started to grow in intensity in 1996 when I picked up “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. The words resonated and made my body tremble. I couldn’t get enough. I became fixated on reading, praying, meditating, journaling, and worshiping with others. I was a sponge, so thirsty for knowledge and understanding.

The words resonated and made my body tremble.

I began to think about and even rely on spiritual tools and “God” during the rough times of life during the pursuing years – which manifested in a brutal divorce, addictive behavior by close family, broken relationships, and deaths of dear ones. But I was still learning. Truthfully, my human nature and subconscious patterns prevailed a lot of the time, particularly during the challenging circumstances.

I gutted my way through a lot of life – as a fiercely independent survivor and visionary type-A personality – with God often on the sidelines…but thankfully never gone.

A pinnacle turning point was in 2013 when I suffered a traumatic injury that put me down for 8 weeks. Yes, like many people, one of my most enlightening experiences came through physical suffering. God picked the most perfect time and hit me with a 2x4 to really accelerate my spiritual path. During my long recovery, I had time to pray and meditate for months. I truly “felt” and “became” love, vulnerability, faith, peace, and total joy. An amazing, life-changing, trauma for which I am eternally grateful.

During my long recovery, I had time to pray and meditate for months.

I returned to work, and once again, was immersed back into the hectic, noisy, and multi-tasking pace associated with a professional career, family, and community. Fear -  in forms of anxiety, frustration, anger, doubt, overwhelm, judgment - often won out over my newfound peace and love. Regardless, I had changed and I realized that I could never step backwards on my spiritual path. The Light doesn’t go out, even though it may intermittently fade. Awareness sticks. I couldn’t deny or forget for long. Once Divine presence is experienced, one doesn’t settle for anything less for very long.

Fear -  in forms of anxiety, frustration, anger, doubt, overwhelm, judgment - often won out over my newfound peace and love.

In my craving for that Divine peace I decided to retire in early 2016. My sole (soul) purpose was to dedicate my days to my Divinity. I had (still have) no endpoint. My indefinite purpose is to “be” with God. My days are spent basking in the rhythm of rest, prayer, meditation, and activities that I choose, whether it is a long walk, a long swim, gardening, reading, journaling, biking, hiking, or communing with friends. I notice chirping. I gaze at the moon. I go out of my way for a sunrise. I feel the cold, the rain, and the sun. I smell the dirt. I sit, sometimes for hours. And in that silence, I have no past. I have no future.

And I am so grateful.

So, my times of resistance are minimal these days, in comparison to my previous 32 years of rushing, rushing, rushing and pursuing a career, raising a family, and serving my community. It also helps that I consciously choose to avert my eyes to that which doesn’t feel good, such as Facebook (and other social media), news, and happenings I can’t control. 

When those times of resistance do come – and sure, they still do because this IS a noisy, chaotic, and very contrasting world – I now have (take) time to pause and ask for Divine guidance to minimize the gap between my ego/ears and Source. I ask for Divine Presence. I ask to see this (now heavenly) world as Spirit sees it; to perceive without judgment. I lean into the resistance, feel the fear, and know that help is on the way. When I slip back into fear-based thinking, I no longer let it build and gain a momentum that becomes all-encompassing and overwhelming. I don’t beat myself up for slipping back. I remember that Source never left. I reach for the next best emotion and the next best thought, and Source lights the way. Always.

Sure, I realize that it is easy to be a monk on a mountaintop. 

And I know that at some point I will return to a different life with more “concrete” goals.

But I will let God guide me to that service and vision.

I am not hurrying anymore.

Ready for A New Story? by Pixie Hamilton

We all have “our stories.” We walk through life, emotionally and mentally responding to what happened today, yesterday, and every day in our past. Our stories are so seemingly unique, personal, intense, defining, and all-encompassing.

Some of us are alcoholics. Some are recovering. Some don’t drink.

Some feel overweight. Some feel absolutely fabulous.

Some of us are gay. Some of us are heterosexual. Some of us may not know.

Some have been abused or raped; some feel unloved; while some have known nothing but glorious harmonious relationships.

Some of us are white, some are of color.

I could go on.

Are we really that different?

Not really. Our “stories” and earthly experiences today, in the past, and what’s to come, simply do not define “who we really are.”

What does matter is that we each are woven into this sacred and wonderful fabric of life, love, and Oneness.

Our stories may not allow us to feel very good, worthy, or loved, but we ARE loved, unconditionally because a divine, pure, and unadulterated love resides in a sacred space deep within each of us.

Imagine that. We all have a part of us – a sacred space - that is untouched and unscathed by any hurt, wound, or rejection…a loving space that is totally separate from our earthly experience or “story.”

tuneoutnoiseI go into that space.

I breathe…deeply. I release my breath.

I inhale again. And release.

My breath is all that matters.

With my breaths I release my story. I release my fears, my anger, my hurt, and all mental and emotional noise and chatter that invades this space.

With each breath, I have no ego. I choose my divine self instead.

I am now deep in that space where I feel free, at ease, surrounded and comforted by warm light. I am not alone. I am strong. I am protected. I am creative. I am happy. And, I am at peace because I know that I am loved.

My mind is blank. My story fades. It’s gone.

Silence and stillness surround me. The feeling is magnificent. I remember now, and recognize “who I really am.”

I remember – yes, I remember - that I am, first and foremost, a divine spark of absolute Goodness and that love is available to me every moment of every day.

Silence is Golden

While I was in the throes of my early spiritual development, I went on a Zen retreat weekend. Much of that weekend was spent in silence. I left feeling restored in a way that is inexplicable until you experience it for yourself. For many years after that I chose one weekend in the summer when I would remain silent for a portion of the weekend. I loved this practice. It helped me become centered, it was relief to not speak for a time, and I relaxed in a way that only silence can provide. It was a beautiful portal to my inner stillness. I invite you to give it a whirl. Find the golden elixir of silence for yourself. tuneoutnoise

Creating Wholeness in My Broken World

I am 56 years old. At age 30, I felt in utter despair as I looked about me and saw how I had chased the American dream and had realized it. With beautiful children, a lovely home, the handsome husband, and the freedom to be the at-home mom I wanted to be, I was racked with inner despair. And yet my life looked so good on the outside. On the inside, I was a woman who wanted true love above all else. I wanted to live in a home of harmony and honesty. I wanted to contribute to the world in a unique and special way - and had no idea what that meant or how I would do that. I wanted to speak my truth and be respected - even valued for this. At thirty I had no sense of having anything that my heart was crying for inside (I couldn't even hear what my heart was saying in all that sobbing). But I had everything I was groomed to go get. My conditioning set me on the path I was on. Until I consciously conditioned my mind to look at what my inner being was calling for, I, like many others, lived out a marginal life story, often feeling disappointed and frustrated.

Now, at 56, I realized everything I desired. Once I faced that inner despair and started owning my inner truth, I did the difficult work of learning to speak my truth, and sit still with what my heart wanted me to know. Now I have true love of all kinds in my life. I live in a home of harmony and kindness. I contribute in a unique and special way - and I know what that is and what it means to me. I have defined it, and continue to do so. I speak my truth and am respected and valued for it. I have it all - the all I deeply desired! And guess what - I groomed myself so that I could realize these experiences. I reconditioned my way of being and living in the world with the process I call "BE Your Medicine™".


Now what? Life continues! I want more! Life wanting more is the truth of being alive! It is what the essence of being is all about - life wanting to express itself. Because we are all life wanting to express itself, the world is a composite of individual wants. We are all embodying something which our mind has decided is the "best" way to live. The question is - are you deciding it consciously? Are you choosing what you truly want, or are you part of the stream of life that is moving semi-consciously through the flow of reacting to what has already happened in life and in your world so far, and feeling blasé about it all?

At 30, when I was in a state of inner despair, I had a life that I had believed would bring me happiness. And there were parts of it that did. I felt like being a mother was a calling for me. My desire to experience motherhood and be an active and strong part of my children's lives literally drove me into therapy! When I realized I was conflicted about my marriage, when I felt like I was living a half-truth, my deep inner world was in turmoil.  I now accept that I have a strong need to be in alignment with my inner truth by living a life that reflects my inner reality in its fullness. My first marriage was an important partnering and I learned a lot. But in the depths of my heart I was not loving and committing the fullness of my heart. I had to let go of what was "good enough", to release myself from the pain of knowing I could give and be more in a relationship as important as marriage.

Facing that truth eventually led me to finding new life, in so many ways. I learned about the me that is more than wife and mom.  I  discovered meaningful work that lets me contribute in a way that I feel proud of. I got good with the truth that I don't like small talk and I need a pretty good dose of alone time as a way to stay in balance. My idea of fun is a fabulous meditation, connecting intimately with those I love, sitting on the deck with my husband gazing at the clouds or my garden, or enjoying a delicious meal with lively conversation and a few laughs with wonderful peeps. Those simple pleasures can bring me great joy. But I wasn't groomed to know all this. I had to go find all that out and then become the transformational agent that created those experiences in my world.


Now at 56, I have more dreams and desires that arise in my being. I want to share my work with as many people as I can. I want to be a part of the larger movement of human evolution, the recognition that we are pure consciousness becoming aware of itself and all that this awareness means about manifestation, love, truth, beauty and harmony. I am deeply committed to sharing my wisdom in ways that will help others find their passion, take hold of the power within them, follow their hearts, align with their soul and live consciously and joyfully.

I am here to help you BE Your Medicine™ too.

Sharing a Meditation Experience

Meet Pixie. She attended my workshops last year and is on a wonderful spiritual adventure that includes regular meditation. Pixie sent me this delightful email last week. I, in turn, asked if I could share it with the readers of Focusing Inward for inspiration to sit still, to continue their quests to develop a meditation practice. When we have direct experience such as this, it enlivens, invigorates and causes us to feel blessed by Life itself. Thank you Pixie, for this beautiful testimonial to meditation...
"I have GOT to share my meditation with you. Amazing this morning. I usually meditate and then write in my journal whatever comes out. Another pivot towards clarity. God, I love it.
Anyway, I got quiet and envisioned a beautiful ball of light entering my crown, lighting up my third eye, my throat, and then surrounding my heart. It felt warm. I felt it spread through my body and then outside my body. Out. Out. Extending. Going. Out. Spreading far away into the universe. I was in the middle of the universe. An amazing space. I stayed there.
Not sure how long I meditated.
Then I wrote. In my journal. Word for word, this is what came out, fast, too.....(I think in reading it after I wrote it, I would title it "Universal Love"
You grabbed my soul, and now I am embraced by total light. 
My soul feels untouched, sacred. I feel it expand. Out into the universe. I am now in the center, embraced by the serenity and power of the universe.
In this space, I am calm. I am still. I am fulfilled. I am joyful. I have everything I need!
In this space, I am grateful. I forgive myself and I forgive those around me.
In this space, I am authentic to me and who I really am, and I don't care what people think. 
In this space, I am compassionate to myself and I don't need to be perfect anymore...just for the approval of others.
In this space, I don't work, work, work with task oriented action, action, action. Instead, I create joyfully with ease, through the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
In this space, I am loving the journey. I don't care about an outcome in this space. I have meaningful work, no longer guided by "shoulds."
In this space, I laugh. In this space, it is easy. 
In this space, I listen. I feel. And I choose based on my feelings because I am divinely guided and they are real.
In this space, I am loved. I am free.
In this space, I have no control. 
That feels good. I like that !! 
Thank you God. And AMEN!!!!!!"


Connecting with Divine Energy

My partially written post for the week remains on hold until my health returns and I can focus mentally once more. Today I reissue a post from the beginning of my blogging days, with a few modifications. Thank you for your patience. Divine Light

I sit this morning in gratitude for all your blessings

I sit still to remember to connect to your stream of profound wisdom this day; at any moment of the day I may do this

I sit tall to connect to your river of brilliance

I draw radiance into my head, where it may cleanse my thoughts, here it gives me the space to let go and release my troubled thoughts to a higher order of perfection

I breathe this radiance into my heart where it may heal any pain and infuse my love for life and all that is

I bring your energy into my belly where it may ignite each action of my day with pure intent for the good of all

I release anything heavy within me into this light, where it may be carried away and cleansed by a holy spirit, replacing my heaviness with your brilliant bliss, once again

In gratitude I bask in your beauty

LHH 11/15/09, updated 2/7/13

Re-Newing Your Power Consistently Part II

Last post I focused on transitioning - how you can re-center consciously within yourself following a transition with renewed wisdom and empowerment. You can read Part I here. Now let's go deeper with this idea :) Birth and death are the major life transitions, the entry and exit points of our lives. It seems we come into the world semi-conscious, evolving into more consciousness, and then we release our consciousness at death. I have come to believe that the process can take a different path than this. This discovery has come through personal experience.

Waking up after birth means slowly growing your capabilities to fully inhabit and utilize the resources with which you have been blessed. By adulthood (around 21), it is assumed that we are mostly awake and grown. How wrong that idea is. Awakening to Self and growing fully is a lifetime journey. The physical part peaks at some point, but the spiritual part goes on endlessly. Many sleep-walk through the spiritual part.

I feel like my waking up and growing didn't begin until the age of thirty. It's as if I was on some automatic pilot until then, semi-conscious and unable to really sit in the pilot's seat of my human machinery. I felt like I had made a bit of a mess in my life in some important ways and it took me time and attention to wake up enough to undo the chaos I had created and re-center myself in a more meaningful and authentic life.

My daily practice of meditation, of sitting still with myself, continuously affords me the opportunity to re-center in the deepest sense of Self. It connects me to a resource within that has informed me of my true personal power. It has called me out on the ways I have misused that power. The inner voice of wisdom has forgiven me and acknowledged my growth so that I act differently today, embodying the wisdom of a life lived with imperfection. It has deepen my connection to life in ways that serve me everyday. I renew my power and re-center in that deep connection to Source energy daily.

Daily meditation practice allows me to find relief from the fear of death. I welcome the opportunity to experience what will happen at that major transition time. Through meditation, I know that my consciousness has power beyond the ordinary thinking and experiencing of daily life. This direct experience through meditation reminds me that I am more that this body that carries me about and houses my soul. It shows me that my awakening presence - when activated with my consciousness in the now, realizing I have the power to create my life quality through aware choice -  is what creates my life of meaning. Now that is authentic power.

Practicing for the last big transition is a great gift of meditation. The renewal of authentic power through daily centering in Self refreshes in ways inexplicable until directly experienced. I invite you to have your own experience :) I am here to help you.

The Solitude Gift

I am sharing a posting from a couple of years ago and I wish it yet again... Someone recently asked me why I thought they might be creating chaos in their lives. I answered that perhaps they did not want to be alone. Their immediate response was that they liked to be alone! I could only ask, are you comfortable sitting with yourself, your thoughts, your desires, your confusion, your anxiety, all your feelings, all your thoughts? Can you sit in the stillness of a space with nothing around you and stay still, just be where you are, allowing anything to surface and spend time with it?

So many of us are running from ourselves. Mostly from our inner worlds. Some are literally running, as in excessive exercising. Some are numbing out by using screens, as in television, computers. Some are hiding in drinking, eating or drugs, as in over or under eating, alcohol, medications maybe. Some are shopping and erranding away free time, as in filling the void with stuff. Some are just over-scheduling their time so they don’t have space for the inner stuff to pop up into consciousness. We can see it - this look of running from ourselves. Just look at all those glazed over eyes, not really connecting. They can’t connect outwardly because they won’t connect inwardly.

So here we are in a season of great beauty and stillness. The symbolism is finding light in the darkness, returning to light after a season of growing darkness, looking out at a symbol of lightness and pure love, like angels, newborn babies, holy spirits. I love all this symbolism and I love the reality of seeing the lights on evergreens, the candles burning in early morning darkness or descending evening quiet, the extra angels poised about my home. All of it feels so comforting as the days get shorter, the nights getting longer.

Most of all I love that I am able to sit quietly with myself and feel great peace and light. I can remember days long ago when this was not an easy thing to do because I had such inner turmoil. I remember my dark night of the soul passage, so emotionally painful during those months of tremendous fear and confusion. But mostly I remember the time after it, when I passed through that tunnel and found incredible light on the other side. Since that passage I have had a sense of lightness about life, a deep sense of stillness that I can touch inwardly at any moment by focusing on that inner quiet within. And I love the quieter life I have created that mirrors this inner calm. When my life is lively, I can enjoy that too. But I always look forward to the peace and light that returns when I go inward, when I quiet and calm the chatter of my mind, and then sense the wonder of what lies beyond this human form that is me right now.

I wish I could give this gift of sitting quietly with “self” to everyone. I would wrap this present up in beautiful golden and silver shimmering paper and ribbons. It would be the most beautiful gift under the tree. Once received, the recipient could have this gift within them at every moment – the gift of the ability to return to light after any moment of darkness. Now that’s a gift. But it is a gift that we can only bestow upon ourselves. How fortunate though, that it is within our reach to find this inner beauty. In our world of fast paced living and immediate responses, it’s an unusual prospect, this sitting still and moving beyond our dark inner lives to the deeper inner light. But for those who give themselves this gift, their lives are changed forever. Their season of darkness has truly passed.

Connecting Physical and Spiritual Energy, Laurel's Monday Message 8-27-12

Today's message calls on you to directly experience the uplifting quality of spiritual energy by tuning into your physical body in stillness. We have the opportunity to experience this enriching aspect of our humanity, but we must be willing to practice stillness in order to receive this amazing energy. I hope today's message will inspire you to learn to get quiet with yourself!