Mid-year Tune-in

It’s July and now half the year has passed. Are you feeling the fleeting quality of time? In 2012, the wisdom-keepers told us it would be the end of time as we know it. I think that's what they were trying to convey. Our sense of time truly has altered.

I’m inviting you to a mid-year tune in. Not as in - have you made your way halfway through your to-do list -  but rather, let's take a few minutes to listen to your heart and soul. 

This video will guide you into:

  • Connecting with your 8th Chakra
  • Attuning to the wisdom of your soul
  • Receive guidance from a deeper place beyond your mind

Grab your journal in case you want to make notes right after the tune in. Of course, I’ll be asking questions!

The Courage to Live Your Vision

I loved this interview with Johannah Wilsey of Phoenix Handcraft!


Because Johannah literally speaks her inner power in this video and shares her clear thoughts on creating a life you love. 

She's courageous and authentic and has created a life outside the box with determination and consistency. 

Need some inspiration this week to follow your passion, your heart's calling? Here you go ~

When you are an artist and courageous enough to imagine youself also as an entrepreneur, you are living your inner power in a big way. Meet Johannah Willsey of Phoenix Handcraft!

The practice you must master to live your best life

To what do I attribute my great life? If I had to choose one thing it would be this ~

Leave a comment below ~ what is stopping you from sitting with yourself regularly?

Setbacks are Learning Opportunities by Pixie Hamilton

My friends and work colleagues say I have an uncanny ability to concentrate.

So, I sit and wonder what that really means?

In the past I would have linked that to self-discipline and self control.  

Today, I link concentration to bringing myself to a common center and putting my attention, intention and emotion to what I want and who I am becoming in this world. My concentration is more linked to a higher power or guidance system, rather than self-discipline.

Just for an hour…this next hour I determine what I want to think about. I hold onto it, letting my mind and heart concentrate from my core, moving along my path of higher consciousness.

I relax my body because this is now only a mental and emotional exercise, which quickly becomes part of my soul.

I am in a state of harmony.

I vow NOT to walk downstairs and practice any type of fear, self-doubt, anger, gossip, or disappointment today…because I know that then, I will introduce disharmony into my state of being. My subconscious mind will become confused and my day will take on an increasingly muddled state.

My desire is that my prayers, thoughts, words, and deeds reinforce one another because the effect in my day will be glorious and powerful. Where they are not in accord, they will cancel out, leaving me where I started, or even worse off.

I start to lose it a little. I instantly sense frustration because I didn’t (can’t) hold onto the harmonious state I achieved in that hour of concentration, meditation and prayer.

It’s ok. I am human. I am reminded that spiritual growth is not a steady upward line. I accept that I will not have a path of unbroken progress in the attainment of happiness and fulfillment every day. It’s ok to move steadily for awhile and then have a setback.

I stop beating myself up. I forgive myself and know that I will learn from the setback. I realize that my setbacks are not important as long as the general movement and desire for fulfillment of my life purpose is forward.


“Keep on, keepin’ on” comes into my head. I smile. The Divine is always leading me in the most perfect of ways.

Ready for A New Story? by Pixie Hamilton

We all have “our stories.” We walk through life, emotionally and mentally responding to what happened today, yesterday, and every day in our past. Our stories are so seemingly unique, personal, intense, defining, and all-encompassing.

Some of us are alcoholics. Some are recovering. Some don’t drink.

Some feel overweight. Some feel absolutely fabulous.

Some of us are gay. Some of us are heterosexual. Some of us may not know.

Some have been abused or raped; some feel unloved; while some have known nothing but glorious harmonious relationships.

Some of us are white, some are of color.

I could go on.

Are we really that different?

Not really. Our “stories” and earthly experiences today, in the past, and what’s to come, simply do not define “who we really are.”

What does matter is that we each are woven into this sacred and wonderful fabric of life, love, and Oneness.

Our stories may not allow us to feel very good, worthy, or loved, but we ARE loved, unconditionally because a divine, pure, and unadulterated love resides in a sacred space deep within each of us.

Imagine that. We all have a part of us – a sacred space - that is untouched and unscathed by any hurt, wound, or rejection…a loving space that is totally separate from our earthly experience or “story.”

tuneoutnoiseI go into that space.

I breathe…deeply. I release my breath.

I inhale again. And release.

My breath is all that matters.

With my breaths I release my story. I release my fears, my anger, my hurt, and all mental and emotional noise and chatter that invades this space.

With each breath, I have no ego. I choose my divine self instead.

I am now deep in that space where I feel free, at ease, surrounded and comforted by warm light. I am not alone. I am strong. I am protected. I am creative. I am happy. And, I am at peace because I know that I am loved.

My mind is blank. My story fades. It’s gone.

Silence and stillness surround me. The feeling is magnificent. I remember now, and recognize “who I really am.”

I remember – yes, I remember - that I am, first and foremost, a divine spark of absolute Goodness and that love is available to me every moment of every day.

Feeling the Ease by Pixie Hamilton

I love the ease of my world.I love knowing what I know about vibration and energy. I love my vibrational nature. I love knowing that this life is all about frequency and energy and that I can focus on and manifest a feeling of well-being. I love setting this time aside to find this feeling of ease. I love starting my day this way. I know that my ease comes with the power of my focus and intention and allowing. I feel momentum building in this ease. I feel it fully. I own it. I so adore this non-physical energy that is flowing with perfection and ease, in and through me. I love knowing that I can experience this atmosphere of well-being and ease to the degree I allow it. I love knowing the Laws of the Universe and knowing that they are working in my life right now for my highest good. I love knowing that I can stay in this feeling of ease and well-being for as long as I want. I love knowing that Source is surrounding me and everyone in my life and that everyone I know and love is surrounded by this ease. I am in a place of utter well-being, and I shine my well-being through my focus in the direction of things that matter to me.


Source Has My Back I know I will be guided to perfect thoughts and behaviors at the perfect time. Meanwhile I sit in this ease and eagerness and appreciation for all that is to come. I feel so happy that I leave “conditions” and outcomes out of my ease. I allow myself to feel the eagerness about things. Not an eagerness that inspires me to action right now but one that inspires optimism and renewal within me. I know that the timing may not be now. I am patient. I am comfortable in this space, in focusing and aligning the Universal energy to flow to me and through me. As I bask in this ease, I am more and more capable of not putting conditions in my way to block the energy flow. I am excited, but I will not run ahead of it. I will let the ease guide me. I won’t act yet. I will sit in this “knowing” a little longer. I will allow myself only to feel the ease. My desire will ultimately inspire the right action at the right time. I am setting the tone. I am focusing on alignment. I am asking the questions. I am readying myself. And then I will watch the results manifest – revealing the place that I have found – at the perfect time. I am eager to watch the greater expansion. Meanwhile I watch what is going on right now. Right here around me. I am watching the energy moving around me now, as I create and activate my vibrational alignment. I know that I can and will influence anything I desire. I am so appreciative of this life experience and my focus on things that are important to me. I can feel the allowing. Source energy is flowing to me and through me. This is the “work” I am to do. I reside here right now. There is no impatience on my part. I am not ready. I will never be called to do something that I am not ready to do. I will not push myself to act when I am not ready to do it – because that is where a vibrational misalignment comes. Source has my back. My work is to hold this place. I will not try to take the role of Source. Instead I wait and serve as the vibrational heart of the movement. I own this vibrational place and allow Source energy to do its thing. I know that I am in the right place at the right time and loving what I am supposed to do and what this life provides for me. And all is well.

False Dichotomy by Pixie Hamilton

I hope you enjoy this writing as much as I do. It's written by Pixie Hamilton, a dedicated practitioner of meditation. She sent it along to some friends (including me) and I asked if she was willing to share it more publicly. She said she'd love to help :) I think it is a beautiful guided meditation piece that allows you to open to the energy of your chakras. There are two separate parts within each of us if we let them be. It’s our choice. It is our free will, every second of every minute, of every day to choose the Divine as we move through our daily routines and throw the humanness to the side.

Bringing each segment of our day into this divine space allows access to the infinite universal wisdom, love, intelligence, truth, life, and spirit. In this space, we have all the answers. In this space, we are calm, protected, creative, happy, confident, loving, grateful, authentic, true to ourselves, intuitive, wise, and one with our Source.

Why not bring our highway adventures, work phone calls, trips to the doctor, appointments, meetings, social gatherings, meals, bath times, yard work, finances, health, wellbeing, relationships…into this space?

When we do, the separation disappears. The dichotomy between Divine reality and human illusion disappears. Everything happens at the perfect time. The right people arrive at the right time and say the right things. There is divine unfolding of events that bring out the greatest expression of who we really are, in every moment. We reach our “soul” (sole) purpose as divine spirits, fully experiencing the contrasts of this earthly experience…all of which are good and all of which move us towards growing, evolving, expanding, and experiencing and expressing the God within.

Each morning I awake and bless my physical being and the divine energy in each cell. But even more, I focus on specific energy centers because I can feel them, sense them, relate to them. Each “center” has a divinity that I love – each center also has human ego that I throw aside. Yes, each center could show dichotomy….if we choose. Erasing the dichotomy in each center helps to erase the age-old resistance, the patterns of beliefs built up over the years that don’t allow us to experience the Divine.


I take you with me….. I focus on Center 1, at the base of the spine. I breathe, deeply. I feel the spiraling red energy, swirling, expanding, as I allow and receive its calmness, protection, security, and grounding through the divine source. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that protection and security comes through bank accounts, job security, a big house, networks, and stature. I feel the Divine cover of protection, knowing that all is well. My lower back feels alive, full, grounded. And, I am grateful. I move up to my splenic area, the womb. I breathe, deeply. I feel the spiraling orange energy, swirling, expanding, as I allow and receive happiness, creativity, passion, and sensuality through my divine source. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that happiness comes from the outside, through material possessions, romance, and relationships. I feel the happiness within, despite circumstances. I know that happiness is inside/out, and I know that all is well. My splenic area is alive, full, vibrating. And, I am grateful. I move up to my Solar Plexis. I breathe, deeply. I feel the spiraling yellow energy, swirling, expanding, as I allow and receive confidence, discipline, courage, enthusiasm and a surrendering to the will of my Divine Source. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that success comes from work, work, work, struggle, competition, and a feeling that “there is limited abundance for all.” I feel worthy, collaboration, and success, knowing that the right people are in my life at the right time and I am doing exactly what I need to be doing right now. I reach my goals effortlessly. My mid-section is alive, full, vibrating. And, I am grateful. I move up to my heart. I breathe, deeply. I breathe, again, deeply. I bask in the spiraling, warm green energy, swirling, expanding, as I allow and receive unconditional love, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that love is for only a few. I see Divine love in everyone. My heart is limitless, swollen. And, yes, I am grateful. I move up to my throat. I breathe, deeply. I feel the spiraling, blue energy, swirling, expanding, as I feel authenticity and a knowing that I can be who I truly am, freely expressing the Source within me. I speak my Truth, without reservation. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that I have to “fit in” and say what people want me to say, think what they think I should think, do what is expected. My throat is open, clear, alive, vibrating, allowing. I am grateful. I move up to my third eye. I breathe, deeply. I feel the spiraling indigo energy, swirling, expanding, as I am filled with intuition, wisdom, and Truth. I am tuned into the words of my Source. I am listening. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that I must study, educate, read, and analyze life around me. I have all the answers within. My brow is open, alive, vibrating. I am grateful. Ah, yes, my crown, the Source of spirit. I feel the spiraling violet energy, swirling, expanding, as I am filled with the Oneness of life. I leave behind my earthly beliefs that I am separate from my God. I am infinite in possibility. I am at peace. And, I am grateful. We are given free will to recognize that dichotomy is false. We are Spirit. We are One. Every second, of every minute, of every day. And all is well.

Silence is Golden

While I was in the throes of my early spiritual development, I went on a Zen retreat weekend. Much of that weekend was spent in silence. I left feeling restored in a way that is inexplicable until you experience it for yourself. For many years after that I chose one weekend in the summer when I would remain silent for a portion of the weekend. I loved this practice. It helped me become centered, it was relief to not speak for a time, and I relaxed in a way that only silence can provide. It was a beautiful portal to my inner stillness. I invite you to give it a whirl. Find the golden elixir of silence for yourself. tuneoutnoise

Who wants inner peace and fulfillment?

What are you passionate about? What will make your life feel really good? I love helping others experience the richness that exists within. I am committed and passionate about this because I know what fabulous results await those who commit to self-reflection. My heart aches to think that in some respects the cure for what so many crave and feel devoid of is available to them - right now - with the proper attention and intention. Do you take time to reflect on your experience? Do you give yourself time to sit with yourself and fully acknowledge what is happening within? Are you willing to make this a priority?

So many people want more peace and a sense of fulfillment in live. How ironic that we can only provide this for Self. If you don't feel like you have inner peace and fulfillment, you can decide to cultivate them in your life beginning right now.


The most successful and happiest folks I know are those that prioritize discovering who they are and what they want. This requires knowing yourself and reflecting on your experiences thus far to distill the wisdom that life experience offers as you take the time to acknowledge your inner response to your life thus far.

You can start today by making the habit of sitting for 5 minutes every day this week, by yourself, in quiet, reflecting while deep breathing, and begin your transformation right now. Up your time to a few minutes every week, and before you know it life will start to feel a little different and you will begin to know the real you. With this knowledge you can take action.

If you want guidance for cultivating this quality of life, join me in our upcoming workshop, Living the Real You, Leading Life from the Inside Out happening this month! Email me for details at laurelhollandh@gmail.com. I love supporting you on this journey to inner abundance!