What I did to create transformation in my life


Many years ago, it was so dark in my inner world. I was sad. I felt helpless, and I wasn't even sure I could tell you why.

The darkness had been there for so long. The sadness a constant companion - a friend...

How did I step into the light? How did that inner mess change? What were the keys to my transformations?

Was I afraid of that darkness? I wasn't. I had lived with it for so long that it truly was a companion of sorts. In fact, I probably didn't know how dark it was because I had no light to compare it to back then.

But it was painful and I was tired of the pain. 

What did I do that created transformation? 

  • I let in some light. I talked to someone(s) about my inner world who could shed light. I gathered with others who also were struggling with emotional pain and we shared our stories. Telling your truth is so healing.
  • I took responsibility for exactly where I was, blaming no one and yet knowing there were reasons I was feeling that pain. Again and again and again, I looked in the mirror - and continue to - to see what thoughts, beliefs, patterns and habits were supporting my darkness. I did the work of actively changing what no longer served me in my mind and in my heart.
  • I accepted the world around me as it is, and then got to the business of fulfilling my potential to effect change when and where I can. Fulfilling one's potential goes on endlessly. As long as I walk this path of spirituality, personal development, and conscious awakening, the deeper the layers of growing into my potential. It is both exciting and sometimes frightening. 

As Marianne Williamson says, "it is our light, not our darkness that frightens us."

Why frightening?

When I reached a point in my inner development that I knew, I had only come close to scratching the surface of what I came here to do, it was a "WAIT a minute!" moment.

And it will be for you too my friend.

Listening to your inner calling to become, to discover, to experience all that your heart desires... that's courageous. Because you will be called to do what is hard, what can be heart-wrenching, and what pushes you to the limits of your self-love and acceptance - so that you can expand into more.

Wanting more in life is a good thing. It's a game-changer when you heed the call.

More is limitless... it is infinite. Part of you is too.

Your call to more will lead you into that aspect of you that is infinite, that wants to fully express. It won't happen without taking risks, a fall or two (or more), and without calling on your courage - again and again. 

You and I can become more light

light of heart
light in energy
light in voice
light in creativity
light... always more light.

I've learned that I can deeply influence the light and the dark within me through my choices everyday. 

The world needs your light!

Are you listening to the call? Are you feeling like you want to step up but don't know where to begin?

Begin with you. Come home to your inner life. Connect with your precious inner power. You have light to share, love to give and more to experience. You do not need answers or direction or a plan. 

First come home to your authentic nature. The rest will follow.

The Courage to Live Your Vision

I loved this interview with Johannah Wilsey of Phoenix Handcraft!


Because Johannah literally speaks her inner power in this video and shares her clear thoughts on creating a life you love. 

She's courageous and authentic and has created a life outside the box with determination and consistency. 

Need some inspiration this week to follow your passion, your heart's calling? Here you go ~

When you are an artist and courageous enough to imagine youself also as an entrepreneur, you are living your inner power in a big way. Meet Johannah Willsey of Phoenix Handcraft!

How to Create What You Want Using Your Mind

What - January is over in a week?

Are you on a roll yet - heading like an arrow toward what you want? 

If not, take inventory right now on this one.

How often during the day do you talk about what you don't like or don't want?

How often do you repeat conversations about things you feel stuck in? 

Your mind initiates the creation of what you want. Take care and use your mind knowing this is true. In this 5-minute video I'm going to give you powerful reasons to monitor what you're thinking and redirect as needed.

I'd love to hear what you want to create in Your Life this year. Leave me a comment and share please. Let me know how this video helped ~

Journaling to consciously manifest in 2018

Forget the new year's resolutions! Tune in to your heart and let's get real about your inner truth and the year you just lived.

A strong suggestion - directive really - would be to develop the habit of centering yourself and connecting to your heart and highest Self before you do this kind of review and intention setting. To be free of the clutter that your mind accumulates that drives you into more egocentric and self-limiting places, this journaling is best done when you move beyond any confusion of the mind. You will create much more impassioned and exciting intentions and goals which you can truly put all of your energy into when your intentions come from intuition and higher sense of who you are and your potential.

This meditation will be useful for centering, grounding and connecting this way. 

Grab your journal and pen and for this year’s review and next year in vision...

Carriage House Laurel-0092.jpg


What adversity did you encounter this year that has pushed you to learn something new?

How are you using adversity as your friend - a teacher about expectations, responsibility, planning, flow, resistance, openness and achievement? Think about what you struggled with and now what you know because of the challenge.

What have you learned and how will it impact your choices next year?

What are you celebrating from this year?

How did you grow this past year, what did you learn?

What progress did you make that you are embodying, sharing and cherishing?

What were the highs and lows and what made them that way?

Who do you want to become now?

How do you want to grow next year?

What's in your heart that needs attention and expression?

How will you create space and time for this? 

Tell us what you want most next year in the comments below! We'll be drawing names on New Year's Day from these comments and those on Instagram. We'll send a copy of my book, Courageous Woman to the winner!

A beginner’s guide to manifesting the life you want


There’s a lot of language out there in the personal development space these days about “manifesting” and the “law of attraction”. Language about putting what you want out into the Universe and then it comes back to you. All of that might sound a little involved but really, it’s pretty simple stuff. Let’s dive into how you can start this process in your own life today.

  1. Take an inventory of what’s working in your life and what’s not working. Start with an assessment of your core values. How are you living in alignment with what you value and where are areas you aren’t living in alignment with those values?

  2. Get quiet and ask yourself how you want to feel. What do you want your primary emotion to be that you aren’t feeling right now? What brings that emotion out of you? (ex. I want to feel joy. Then ask, what decisions in your days bring you joy?)

  3. DREAM! What do you want your life to look like? Write out your perfect day. What activities do you do? How do you spend your time? What do you feel? What do you taste/smell? Dive into all those sweet, juicy details.

  4. Put it out there and release. Create a vision board for your life. Share your dream with a trusted friend. Someone that allows you to wholeheartedly let yourself be seen and heard.

  5. And then, let go.


Here’s the deal.

In order for the universe (or whatever higher power you believe in) to hear you, then you must be in alignment with what you value and want in your life. That’s where that sweet little inventory at the beginning comes in.

Boundaries are also key here for coming into alignment. Creating boundaries and habits that support the life experience you want to be having is the initial step to becoming aligned, not only with yourself, but with your higher power.

When we are in alignment, we are vibrating at a higher frequency. Our energy is lighter and we feel good. If I lost you there, think about it this way. When you get rid of a burden, a weight has been lifted (aka you feel lighter). Or when you’re sad, you literally feel heavy and weighed down. When you’re happy, it’s like you could skip down the sidewalk or jump right up and touch the sky because of that joy. The simplicity is this -

Positive emotions are light and negative emotions are heavy. We want more of the positive ones so we experience that high vibration, light-weight energy.


Allowing yourself to express your dream and have it be received by the great beyond is so important. Don’t get bogged down with asking for it all the time or using your energy every moment to think about what it is you want. That’s not useful or effective.

After you’ve put it out there, you’ve gotta let go and simply live in alignment. Michael Beckwith explains it like this - if you keep asking for it then you’re only sending messages that you don’t have it. He also says it’s like a wishing well, you make the wish and then you release it.

“It’s just about letting the universe know what you want and working toward it while letting go of how it comes to pass. Your job is not to figure out how it’s gonna happen for you but to open the door in your head and when the door opens in real life just walk through it. And don’t worry if you miss your cue, they’ll keep opening.”

- Jim Carey

What do you think? Not too hard right? Follow those simple steps and you’ll be on your way to the life of your dreams. And if you want even more, go listen to Michael Beckwith and Oprah over at SuperSoul Conversations - wowwweeeee that’ll really put things into perspective.

If you have any questions about this or want more guidance, comment below! I’m here to help!

Love & Light,

Boundaries are Key

You can do this! Take it from a reformed people-pleaser that saying no can become a response you give with love, kindness and clarity. It's also essential to learn how to deal with others who have a hard time taking no for an answer. Building a life you love involves learning to become a skilled boundary setter - with others, with your time, and with your energy.

Share your tips in the comments below for setting boundaries with love and kindness, but also with firmness and clarity - we want to know!

The practice you must master to live your best life

To what do I attribute my great life? If I had to choose one thing it would be this ~

Leave a comment below ~ what is stopping you from sitting with yourself regularly?

The Gift of Being Seen


How good does it feel when you are really seen? When you are listened to intently? When someone really gets you? 

Do you have this in your life? Maybe with a best friend ~ or just maybe you're fortunate enough to have this experience in your marriage, or with a sister, a mother.

The feeling is like ~

coming home

the warmest blanket on the coziest couch

a breath of spring air just after winter

a belly laugh after having felt down for a while

sinking into a comfy chair with a book you don't want to put down

the feeling is fulfilling, it's soothing, it's uplifting, it's warm and it's love-drenched.

I am wishing this for you today.

My heart is brimming with the feeling after having worked with Rachel Camfield of Carriage House Collaborations. 

Yes, Rachel and I were friends before she gave my website a make-over. And yes, she was in my first circle of women to become Live Your Inner Power graduates in 2015. And yes, we are co-leading a Mastermind group together. So, yes ~ she gets me. And yet, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to work with her if she hadn't courageously set up her own business.

Rachel intuitively listened, and then trusted her instinct about how to deliver a product that was what I really wanted. Thank you are small words for work this big.

Part of my work with Rachel includes a photo shoot. For any woman who has had self-esteem issues (moi included :)), a photo shoot can be part of our healing journey. Stay tuned for Phase 2 this May! It's my birthday present to me.

Are you into self-care, do you treat yourself as the most special person you know?

As a woman, taking self-care to the next level - where it's a work of art and a joy of life, not the tedious next thing to get done, translates to opening the doors to endless possibilities.


I'd love to support you in this life changing habit.  Join my list and receive monthly support so you too can make your self-care a matter you enjoy

Who's in Control this Year?

Clients always talk about control "issues". Mostly other peoples :)

We all have control issues, so let's get over it :) The important part is knowing what yours are and how to use them to your advantage. It's also really great to know what they are so you can own them instead of having others be annoyed by them and calling you out for them.

I call myself out all the time on my control issues -  I'm including you today! Confession - I love a neat house! Why? Because

It makes me feel in control

 it gives me a sense of peace and

it allows me to focus.

How can I not appreciate this control issue when it serves me so well? 

Here was the office mess from last year that I needed to deal with this week before I started the new year and could think clearly ~

Because I am in control of my paperwork and my agenda for the year to come, I put this mess to bed in less than 2 hours. I have a new system for the year to keep my mess in control and I love the feeling of starting fresh.

What I realize more than ever this year is that my joy and creative energy are tied to my actions, the way I organize my days and how I set my agenda. I am ready for the year to come! I'll leave you with this quote I received serendipitously at a retreat late last year. I'm pretty sure I'm embodying this now. 

What are your control issues? How aware are you of them? Ask a trusted friend for some feedback on this one and just listen. Take it all in and just consider what they might see that you don't. Feel free to share one with me in the comments here. I won't feel alone in my confession :)

What are you doing for yourself this year to become more aware of your habits, of what holds you back, of your control issues? Do you feel in control of your agenda, your life and the stuff you are responsible for? I'd love to have you be a part of my online program to  Live Your Inner Power - understand what your control issues are and really get in the driver's seat of your life. You can learn more here. We launch in just a couple weeks! 

2015 Highlights and Lowlights for Laurel

Have you done your 2015 review yet?

In order to assimilate the past year fully, release any unnecessary energy from moving forward with you, and to own your growth without it “defining” you, reviewing your year helps.

This year my review came out as highlights and lowlights. The highlights are my celebrations, the accomplishments and the joyful peaks of the year’s flow. The lowlights are the challenges, the “life” that happened as I lived fully and reached to experience my full potential. These were the difficult bits that I used to help me be more present, more accepting and more compassionate.

This process makes your whole year important and useful, helping you zero in on how to live a life that feels good every day!

Here's a peek at my highlights and lowlights for 2015. 

Celebrations! The highlights…

I published my first book! Courageous Woman, Live Your Inner Power has been made its way out into the US, England and New Zealand! My sales are slow going but they have been continuous and that has warmed my heart. I have heard wonderful stories about how my book has helped and so that means one thing to me – success J You can buy a copy here.

My first grandchild was born on May 30, 2015 – River Ruth Lewis. Of course she is special, beautiful, and has won my heart in new ways. Yes, grandchildren are different than children! I was elated for my daughter who wanted to be a mother in a huge and passionate way. To see her blossom in motherhood has been a great joy. I love this new phase of motherhood even more than grand-motherhood, watching my daughter beam in happiness!

My first group of Courageous Women completed the Live Your Inner Power pilot program and I can only say – wow! We had an amazing group dynamic that has taken on a life of its own as we gather regularly to witness our ongoing growth and celebrate life together. Enroll in the Live Your Inner Power online program and join this transformational community.

The women in my Conscious Leadership Mastermind had solid success and big aha’s as they achieved goals and we supported one another monthly with cheering and affection. Woohoo!!! Next year is shaping up to be another fabulous group experience. You can still request an invitation to the 2016 group. Send your request to laurel@liveyourinnerpower.com.

My husband and I won the distinction of being included in the Circle of Excellence as our Child Development center was honored with this award in 2015. This is my husband’s primary work focus and I, a support player. I like to think of myself as the Chief Happiness Officer, involved in the planning and growth of creating an atmosphere where people enjoy their work environment, feel supported and cared for, appreciated and acknowledged for their important work. We want our families to feel that we are one big family community who truly care about one another, because we do.

I returned to the re-birthed Women’s Center for Wellness, now called Authentic Women Circle, centered in Ogunquit ME to co-lead a retreat weekend late in the year. It was a lovely coming home to reunite with old friends, and meet new soul sisters who are leaning into deep personal exploration and supporting other women in the same. What a beautiful homecoming experience it was.

Challenges! The lowlights…

Within a week of my granddaughter’s birth, my ears started ringing. The condition has been a part of my waking experience ever since. For a woman who has grown attached to her daily silence and the gifts that meditation has bestowed, it was an enormous ouch!

Although it has been emotionally painful, it set me on a quest to see if I could recover some silence once again. The quest has led to a variety of healing aha’s, beautiful moments of appreciation for the health I do have, and reclamation of the awareness of the distance I have traveled in this life, to have a really wonderful life, every day. It has also restored my sleep to the best sleep I’ve experienced since pre-menopause days over 12 years ago. Thank you Carey Phillips of Well Into Life for all your healing care. I send another big thank you to Heather Dunning of Fusion Integrated Therapies for your “other worldly” insights to help me shift perspective as I integrated the changes.

I wrapped up the year with bunion surgery on my left foot. Again, my love of mind-body medicine led me to consider what my body was expressing through this imbalance. If you are interested in mind-body medicine, check out my blog - my letter to my foot!

My desire to make a greater impact led me into bringing my work as a Life Coach and teacher into the online world. It’s been a huge challenge! One in which I’ve had to get better at asking for help, develop patience for a new learning curve, and be good with very slow early growth in the business development part. The challenge has been part of following my intuition despite the difficulties, and trusting what feels like the next right steps for me, even when it would be easier to say – the heck with it!

There were many smaller highlights and lowlights along the year’s journey but these are the ones that really have helped me grow, find more joy and peace, motivate me to live more authentically, and to help others do the same.

Now ~

Take a few minutes to create your own. Enjoy the ringing in of 2016 and make time to celebrate in a way that feels really good to you ~ honoring what’s important to you and what you really value. I'd love to hear about your highlights and lowlights – please share in the comments. Let’s celebrate life together and keep growing forward.

Happy New Year to all!