Mid-year Tune-in

It’s July and now half the year has passed. Are you feeling the fleeting quality of time? In 2012, the wisdom-keepers told us it would be the end of time as we know it. I think that's what they were trying to convey. Our sense of time truly has altered.

I’m inviting you to a mid-year tune in. Not as in - have you made your way halfway through your to-do list -  but rather, let's take a few minutes to listen to your heart and soul. 

This video will guide you into:

  • Connecting with your 8th Chakra
  • Attuning to the wisdom of your soul
  • Receive guidance from a deeper place beyond your mind

Grab your journal in case you want to make notes right after the tune in. Of course, I’ll be asking questions!

Do you want to live a magical, mystical life?

Have you ever given yourself the gift of sitting with someone who's psychic?

How about an animal whisperer?

Do you know the feeling of Divine?

What happens in you when I ask these questions? Do you want to explore the magical and mystical?

I do - and so I do. I act on it. I invite it in. I seek it. I love it all. And it's pure joy. 

When I lived in Massachusetts my life began a big make-over the day I headed off with my mom to a psychic reading. This is a story for another time, but suffice it to say, it was a day that literally heralded in experiences that changed countless women's lives through what is now known as Authentic Women Circle in Ogunquit, Maine. If you live in Maine, hop online and see what's going there.

Then there was Ilana, who told me in 2000 that a "grandfatherly" man would keep me living here in the USA when I was wondering where the next chapters of my life might be played out. Her talent for sharing information came to her in videos as she looked into my hands. That grandfatherly man is the love of my life. Yay me.

If I were to be completely honest, and I am :), I turn a little green around the gills and wish my gifts were psychic like that at times. 

(Pausing as I write to say deep thanks for the gifts I do have and share in my circles. We all have perfect gifts for us!)

This week I had the honor of meeting and spending a little time with Kim Thalken of Love First . A mutual friend connected us months ago and we finally got together to connect about life, work and all things healing. We had an immediate connection. I recommend anyone living in Richmond to book a session with her if you love this stuff too.

Kim is a psychic medium. So cool right? Just before we parted after a lovely hour of chat on my deck enjoying glorious weather, she asked if she could share a message with me. After profusely (almost apologizing) she assured me she wasn't reading me but rather that she had a message that was really wanting to be delivered. 

A photo of the labyrinth at Wild Springs Habitat in Port Orford, Oregon visited during my summer travel

A photo of the labyrinth at Wild Springs Habitat in Port Orford, Oregon visited during my summer travel

"Write the book". Oh my goodness. And I had just announced to my Mastermind circle that I was putting that on hold till next year. I had just determined this week as I looked at my business that there were tasks that if accomplished I would feel much better about and more in control of things. I had decided, now is not the time. So much for being in control. I love it when the Universe laughs with me.

And here were my spirit guides telling me - now is the time.

Do you believe in the Divine and all things mystical? I do. 

Writing my book (that was started earlier this spring) is back in my schedule. I trust my spirit guides implicitly. The message came in the perfect way through a woman I know I will consider a friend and trusted other. Thank you Universe for bringing us together.

I end my week blissed out with gratitude for living in this world and also of the world all things Divine and mystical.

You can open and receive, to ask and have it granted, to seek the magical and mystical and come face-to-face with it. 

How about you - are you open to raising the vibration of your life experience and listening to the messages that call you into your best and most magical life? How open are you to receive if you are want this kind of life experience? 


Women, Business, Mothering, Healing and More!

I had a rich and honest conversation with Amber Lilyestrom on her podcast series, The Soul-Fueled CEO about women, healing, business ~ and so much more! 

 A few highlights include ~

  • How to approach releasing your fear of being seen and overcoming the conflict that holds you back
  • How to balance being a mother and business owner in a way that feels right for you
  • What you can do to deal with your attraction to “shiny objects”
  • How to manifest what you really want by looking at what you’re manifesting now
  • How to surrender to your truth by acknowledging what you’ve created

Amber coaches women into going bigger and bolder in their businesses all the while remaining authentically true to themselves. That's powerful stuff. This woman is a woman to watch - she's a force of nature and powerful at manifesting the life she deeply desires.

I loved our conversation and think you will too!

Stay tuned for what's coming next at Live Your Inner Power! Sitting with yourself is one of the most powerful paths to creating the life you most deeply want. We're getting ready to guide you through mastering that skill!

How to Stop Pretzeling and Live Authentically

What have you done this week that is in complete alignment with who you truly are and what you deeply want?

Rachel and I had a great talk on Monday’s FB Live at Noon about “pretzeling” versus living authentically. It brought on some big Yeses from our community. Women resonate with the reality of twisting and turning inside and out to please, avoid and accomplish.

Do you get a creepy crawly feeling when someone you love is sharing themselves and you disagree with what they are saying, or you want something different, or you feel hurt by it inadvertently?

How about when you look at your to-do list and want to head back to bed?

Or do you know the feeling when you are in a conversation and you want to say what you think, what you feel, what you want and instead you clam up, shut down, or push aside that truth because it’s too scary, intimidating or anxiety-provoking to just day it?

Zap! That’s how pretzeling happens! Instead of courageously speaking up, you become a pretzel, modifying, withholding, or sidestepping. Along with all that comes emotions - maybe hurt. Maybe anger. Maybe guilt. Or all of them in bits. And then the inner pretzeling starts as you accommodate that inner energy.

And let’s face it, that’s just not healthy for your digestion, your state-of-mind, or your heart. And inner peace, forget it.

How can you stop pretzeling? As we suggested in the FB Live, start by tuning into yourself and recognizing what your doing. Pretzeling does not feel good – it’s downright uncomfortable in your body. Then tell yourself the truth. Say it in your head, write it in your journal, and say it out loud when you’re alone. Practice the truth.

The next best steps are finding a safe place to share – a relationship or circle where you can say it all and not be judged. A place where you can be you and be loved. In that circle you build your courage and confidence. With more of the big C’s – courage and confidence – you start saying and claiming your truth in the more challenging spaces and relationships.

Building a life that’s in alignment with your truth and your wants happens one conversation and one decision at a time. Living authentically makes getting up each day an adventure.

Let's keep the pretzeling on the yoga mat where it belongs :)


What’s your favorite non-yoga pretzel move that you’re ready to stop so you can live more authentically?

Practicing acceptance and making way for self-love

Have you ever learned something about yourself that felt soul-shifting?

And once you learned that thing it cleared the way for so much goodness? Welp, that happened to me this past month - hard and fast.

I’ve been focusing on practicing acceptance in the Live Your Inner Power (LYIP) program and wow has it created some huge shifts. Accepting in this sense is all about acknowledging where you’re at...

In life
In work
In relationships
In your body
What’s past
What’s present
All of it

...and accepting it for what it is without resisting or trying to change it. When you’re able to take a step back and become a witness to your life it’s totally groundbreaking.

My goal for this program is to shed my fear of judgement and I’m already well on my way after learning this practice. As I was learning and working my way through the journaling questions for this practice it became clear that I’ve been judging myself all along - it hit me like a freight train. For doing too much, for not doing enough, not being productive enough, wanting to do this or that differently, wishing for more of this, wanting more of that.

As women we are always judging ourselves, our bodies, our friends, our lives, every little facet of it and when I was able to step back and see that my fear of judgement came from how I’ve been talking to and treating myself...whoa, that was big.


After I uncovered this, I was able to consciously try to move past it towards what I truly desire which is more authenticity and vulnerability, allowing myself to be seen in all my beauty and imperfections by others. Whenever I felt myself resisting or assessing how things were in a good or bad way I would stop and simply accept them as the reality of what’s happening in my life. That’s all. No judging, no resisting, just being.

I found that after I started doing this I had more energy and more clarity about my direction and how I wanted to spend my time. I’m able to arrive in each moment more fully and see the abundance that I already experience in my life with the knowledge that I created that. I’m able to love myself even more now because I’m not resisting or judging anything that happens but instead recognizing right where I’m at and how amazing that truly is.

One woman’s journey through the Live Your Inner Power Program: Part 1

What do you want to change in your life?

Is there an emotion that’s holding you back?

Mine is fear. I want to get rid of the fear of judgement in my life so that I can live with more freedom, vulnerability, authenticity and abundance.

Before I get ahead of myself, I should probably introduce myself...I’m Cassandra and I’m a participant in this year’s Live Your Inner Power (LYIP) online class. I’ll be here each month sharing my experience with you as I move through the program and grow alongside a truly wonderful group of women.

Taking part in the LYIP class was something I wanted to do so that I could understand myself better and work through a “something” that was holding me back. Before starting the program I honestly didn’t quite realize what that something was that was holding me back.

Now I see the fear, and I’m consciously working through it everyday thanks to Laurel and her powerful wisdom.

I’ve only completed one month of the Live Your Inner Power (LYIP) program and it has already been filled with ah-ha moments. The first part of the program that I completed and brought into my daily life is listening to the wake-up call.  This module was all about observing my life and daily routine to find areas that are serving me best and others areas where I need to do some work and cultivate new habits that will bring about more of what I actually want in my life. Through this work I’ve uncovered areas of my life where I need to shed old patterns and habits that hold me back.

I’m already noticing more about myself than ever before. I’ve become a witness to my life in such a profound way, constantly curious about how I’m feeling, moving through the emotions as they arise and asking questions to gain more awareness.

I’m now able to tune into all aspects of my being daily, ask how I’m doing and without judging - simply accepting where I’m at and doing my best to move through my day with positivity and acceptance.

This is so hard. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m very aware and in tune with how I’m feeling but the accepting is really tough. I want to be at a certain point, I want to feel a different way, I want to achieve more - these are all things that play out in my head constantly. The acceptance is proving challenging but that’s the module I’m currently on so more to come on that!


Here are a few reflections I’ve had while listening to the wake-up call...

I literally have to listen to the wake-up call (aka my alarm). I’m wasting time laying in bed, too lazy to get up and start my day off on a positive note, I’ll snooze there until I have to get up. Then I’m rushing to get out of the door - what is that about?!

When I do hop right out of bed I have time for all the things I prefer to start my day with - a morning meditation, some journaling, walking my dog, taking my time to make a delicious breakfast and ultimately setting myself up for a successful day. So many people always talk about this magical morning routine so here I am saying I WANT IN! And no, it’s not going to be easy for me, a perpetual snoozer, but I’ll try a little harder each day to get where I want to go. Is there anyone else out there that struggles with this?! If you have a morning routine - how’d you get into one? - I’d love to know (comment below!).

I have found I’m already more in tune with my emotions. When something starts to bubble up inside, I’m more able to put it into words as opposed to simply acting poorly and in ways that might affect others negatively. I really wanted those behaviors to change.

For example, one evening while I was in the kitchen I started to feel a little put off that my boyfriend wasn’t helping me. As my hanger began to set in, all I wanted was dinner to be ready and the dishes done, feeling like I had to just do all of that myself to get it over with. I stopped, noticed what was happening, and then when my boyfriend came in to see what was going on, I told him straight up. Usually I would snap or say, don’t worry - in a tone he knows means I’m not okay (he then would reply with “why are you snapping at me?”). I told him, this is how I’m feeling and usually I’d snap at you but here I am today acknowledging that this is happening and the fact that I wish you’d simply ask me if I need any help. We both learned something major in that moment and it’s truly stuck with me. This is the power I have to stop, reflect, and move forward with a clear head, in new behaviors that feel good.

Without this program, I’d still be living on autopilot and not reflecting on my actions and how they serve me - or don’t. I know that I want to accomplish big things, ultimately moving through emotional states and patterns that hold me back. This program is helping me do just that as I’ve been reflecting more and taking inventory of what is really going on so that I can move through it with intention.

This is some life-changing work and I look forward to sharing more of my process in a few weeks. Until then, be well my fellow courageous woman!

Cassandra is a Designer and Yoga Instructor living in Nashville, TN. You can learn more about her at www.cassandra-neece.com.

What You Might Do when you feel Lost, Emotional or Confused


I am going through quite a time right now. Maybe you can relate.

It started earlier this year. Part of me was acknowledging that my 60th year was to begin in May. And here I am on the cusp of that day.

I want to be alone. I am crying suddenly and if I'm not, the tears are just below the surface. I had a whole day of feeling depressed and irritable because I did something I didn't really want to do. It made me feel like a child. My skin feels sensitive to the touch. Today I burst into tears, crying pleas of sanity, as I briefly passed by the news station this morning. ugh...

All of this, and I love my life. I wouldn't really change anything in a big way. 

Because I have been "here" before, or somewhere similar, I am riding the wave and wondering what might being wanting to come forth from my deeper essence. What might I need to express more of?

This morning I read a blog by one of my favorite - see if you can read this one :) - medical, gone holistic-medical, woman-mentor-from-afar's. Lisa Rankin beamed in, reminding me about an author's words I read last year. His name is Charles Eisenstein. The term came from his amazing book, The More Beautiful World Our Heart's Know Is Possible.

His words ~ "The space between our stories" is such a potent term ~

I am in an ending of sorts, and not yet in the beginning of my next life's chapter. I am between stories.

As soon as I read it - AHA! There it is. This is exactly what I am going through. 

No - I am not moving, getting married, divorcing or having a baby (HA-HA!). But surely as the sun will set tonight, I am bringing forth new life, through me, in the days to come. 

I can feel the urge to BE in a new way - but what? She/they remind me, I don't need to know. I just need to be gentle with myself.

And rest. And wait.

Are you feeling like your story is changing? Like you need to make some changes but don't know what? Many of us are waking up to new lives as we collectively move through change rapidly. These growing pains can be tricky :)

We'll get through it together. 

So, I'll see you on the other side ~ in my new story. Soon.

A Sure Way to Lose Your Zest for Life - Resisting, Clinging and Conforming

When we are growing up and being socialized, we learn how to adapt. This adapting involves three practices that many of us become proficient in – resisting, clinging and conforming. We adopt these behaviors to create relationships, to get through learning experiences, and to find our way to make a living in the world.

Unfortunately these very same practices that help us grow and make our way in the world when we are younger can stifle our fulfillment, peace and joy later in life. It takes awareness and persistence to break those limiting patterns. And the pay-off is huge! 


When we are young we are simply alive. We eat, sleep and release. Then we add play and learning. As we age, we are taught how to resist our natural inclinations in order to become socially acceptable, like going to the bathroom, throwing a temper tantrum when we want something, and playing outside when it’s dinnertime. We were taught to resist these inner impulses and instead conform to the “rules” of our home life.  Resisting helps create environments to live in that allow for the collective “peace and orderliness”. This is a good thing.

Once you have learned how to be a “good” citizen (I use the phrase loosely), resisting your inner impulses automatically hurts you in many ways. Deep within your being, your innate wisdom knows what you want and need to create a life of adventure – of peace and joy. Unfortunately, if you become too disconnected from that inner impulse, habitually resisting the inner voice, you create a life of ongoing stress and tension. Your inner voice and impulse is not gone, it simply gets ignored, argued with or dismissed as unworthy of attention. For a fulfilling life, you must become strongly reconnected with your inner wisdom and guidance again.

This isn’t a guarantee that you will never experience stress and tension again. You will, but you learn to use it as a motivating energy to self-create a fulfilling life. Sure, there may be hard work, challenges and more growth when you follow that inner wisdom. But you also experience excitement, passion and joy! And inner peace becomes a steady state deep within- because you no longer resist what is pulsing through your body as Your Truth.


Clinging is a form of extreme attachment. Attachment is a good thing because it helps us feel safe at a time when we need others to keep us alive and safe - literally. Think of how helpless a baby and a young child are! We all need trusted others to help us until we can do life more independently. Healthy attachments are formed when we feel connected in ways that allow us to flourish and thrive in the world. Forming healthy attachments requires healthy individuals who know how to let go and allow others what they need to have fulfilling experiences.

Clinging becomes habitual when we lack an inner sense of confidence and security. We aren’t confident that we can go get what we need for fulfillment and live a vibrant life regardless of the relationships we are in today. Relationships may contribute to our happiness and joy, but they are not the sole factor in feeling secure and excited about life. Healthy attachments are helpful, clinging hurts us.

Clinging to anything establishes an inner habit – and eventually a belief - that leaves you feeling like a victim to the very thing you are clinging to for dear life! If that “life preserver” goes, you are sunk. We become free and relaxed when we release our attachments to having to have anything, or having to having anything a certain way. We recognize that we are powerless over any “thing” - and we welcome it. Non-attachment is a spiritual practice in many faiths. Learning how to let go - not cling - is preparation for the big finish – death. Not preparing for the end sets us up for incredible suffering. A favorite teacher used to say to me, “ungrip”, when I was mentally struggling, or wanting to control an outcome of a situation.

Learning not to cling, grip or control allows us to find a security deep within and a faith beyond our individual experience.


Being socialized means we conform to the rules of the environments within which we are raised. Those with a rebellious streak are often unconsciously controlled by their environment through the need to NOT conform. Conforming is a good thing when it allows us to feel a part of a community and enjoy the experience of nurturing and growing collectively.

The trouble with conforming, especially unconsciously, is that it controls your behavior and disconnects you from your inner wisdom, the wisdom that wants you to continue evolving throughout your entire life, finding new tribes and new environments to express the ever-emerging you.

Automatically conforming hurts us by stifling the creative energy that naturally wants to emerge through us. Our creative energy is essential to our wellbeing. Conforming is a sure away to tamp down that energy and dull your life experience. If you are bored with your life today, consider a thorough exploration of how you are conforming and how you might start to release these chains from your life so that you may experience the joy of authentically expressing yourself once again.

For resisting, listen to your inner dialogue or feelings like, I don't like that. See if you can alter it to something like, wow, that's different and see if you can develop a curiosity about it.

If you are clinging, tell yourself "ungrip!" like me :)

If you are conforming, try breaking a few little rules. There are plenty you can break without harming anyone. Do it so that you break the automatic stream of conforming.

If you’ve lost your zest for life, take inventory and start to break your habits of clinging, resisting and conforming. You might find yourself waking up one day and feeling the passion that’s always been there, waiting for your invitation to come forth

How to Create Mindful Moments by Pixie Hamilton

One of my “happy places” is high above the James River in Hollywood Cemetery.

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    In this cemetery I am mindful. I allow Spirit to gently guide me. Like the river below me, I easily connect with my creative flow and loving Source.

In this cemetery I am mindful. I allow Spirit to gently guide me. Like the river below me, I easily connect with my creative flow and loving Source.

The views are undoubtedly one of the best kept secret in Richmond, Virginia (I say this because there are many more people wandering below at Belle Isle :))

The tombstones are majestic, inspirational, and even humorous, such as (no fabrication here) “She did the best she could.”  (By the way, I have found that engraving twice!)

In this cemetery I am at peace and connected to a larger presence within myself and around me. I am mindful. I allow Spirit to gently guide me. Like the river below me, I easily connect with my creative flow and loving Source. I am open to feeling vulnerable and to unleash my authentic self. I find joy in exploring my hearts desires, even those that may seem edgy or scary at first.

I am never the same person when I leave.

On August 18, 2015, I also left with some journaling, inspired by the peace and co-spirits around me.

What I now better understand is that life isn’t so complicated after all. Life can (and should) be a simple, joyful, loving journey—built on one mindful moment at a time.

What if?

Yes. What if?

We simply approached every moment of every day mindfully—first by paying attention, setting our intention, and then allowing “it” to happen – knowing in the end, that we are grateful?

Here are five simple steps in what I now understand as “Mindful Moments”:

·       “Watch.” Pay attention. Step back. Observe, with no judgment, no control, no intrusion.

·       “Tune in.” Feel your emotion. How does “whatever is going on around you” make you feel? Do you feel inspired? Awesome!  That inspiration comes from your inner guidance system – your Source of wisdom, goodness, and love—your Core sense of “who you really are.”

Do you feel scared, fear, resistance, or apprehension? Awesome! You now know you are out of alignment with what you—your inner Source—your true self—really wants.

·       “Ask .” Set your intention based on what you feel. If you are inspired, SAY YES! And ask and allow it to come into your life. Only ask once – with conviction - knowing with utmost faith that Universal abundance, truth, wisdom, life, and love are all around you to make it happen.

·       “Allow .” "The right people and experiences will appear. Just watch. If you are feeling fear, PAUSE! Do nothing! Except ask and allow Universal guidance to lead you to something different (more) for your higher good.

·       “Appreciate.” Be grateful for the moment (or experience) and know that all is well. Let your heart flow with grace and gratitude for the inspiration that will push you forward to “who you really are” and your ultimate purpose for being.

Similarly, be grateful for the contrasting experiences that let you know what you don’t want. The good news is that you can’t feel grateful and experience fear and resistance at the same time!!!

Simple, right? Let’s all let our life be a simple, joyful, loving journey—built on one mindful moment at a time.

Mindful Moments with Pixie Hamilton

An Unexpected Path to Self-Love through Relationship by Pixie Hamilton

I love Laurel's blog entry about Surrendering to Difficult Relationships.


But in reality, what is missing for me in this blog is the “reality.”

That reality, for me, is that the answers to these very important steps can only arise from a state of spiritual maturity, growth, and self-love. 

Authentic handling of these steps requires a space of clarity and openness; a willingness to be vulnerable; and, most important, a space in which you first love yourself, without the affirmation of those around you and outside the boundaries and expectations of our social world.

I lived this reality.

My marriage was in tatters in 1996. For the next seven years I tried everything – anti-depressants, counseling, self-help books, church(es), more counseling, alcohol, and obsessive working and career climbing. Thoughts of suicide became more and more common. 

I now know that I fought for this most intimate relationship in the most absurd way – first, without any self-love and self-worth, and second, in the company of others, allowing their influence to take precedence. Social norms and pressures prevailed, keeping the marriage vows and knot tied for more than 20 years.

Finally, I could not take the relationship any more. I garnered enough courage to somehow edge out my fears. I left. Broken. Shamed.  I left feeling like a failure. Socially, I felt unacceptable.

No doubt, I left my marriage in fear and resistance. I didn’t surrender to the relationship out of love.

I couldn’t.

I had to first connect to me - my spiritual core to love myself. I had to tap into the universal love, abundance, intelligence, and peace that were in me all along before I could love someone else, authentically.  Only in that space could I ever surrender to a difficult relationship like my marriage.

Over the last decade, through gratitude, meditation, prayer, friends, and mentors, I returned to love. It’s in that space that I can authentically develop, maintain, surrender, and, yes, leave relationships (if my true self leads me that way).

I realize now that my soul won. I left that relationship to save myself.

In 1996, these "relationship steps" most likely would have annoyed me. I wouldn’t have understood their essence.

Today, in my space of self-love, the power of those steps is amazingly alive and resonating.  In fact, in a space of self love, surrendering to relationships in this way becomes a natural way of handling life.

I now view all relationships as gifts—opportunities to surrender to myself, others, my core, offering more views of forgiveness, boundary setting, self-realization, acceptance, awareness, and life.

I also see relationships as dynamic. They can’t be possessed or bounded by a time frame (and certainly to a "death do we part" perspective). I accept that each will change. I depend on my true self to guide me on their shape. I now know that it’s ok to let them be or go, and if that means leaving a marriage or changing a relationship with a parent or child to evolve into something else, that’s ok, too. As long as the changing occurs in a space of self-love.

Many years after my divorce in 2005, I reached out to my ex-husband from my space of love (not fear or resistance) to establish a relationship at a different level. I remember it as one of my most scary, courageous, vulnerable and forgiving acts. Unfortunately, he was not receptive and that relationship never evolved.

And that's ok.

It wasn’t about him.

It was about me, and the continued growth of my soul.

The relationship was one of my greatest gifts in this world. And, I love him more for that gift every day.