One woman’s journey through the Live Your Inner Power Program: Part 4

I’m here to fulfill my highest potential. Are you?

I’m seeking the fullest expression of myself and that is why I’m in the Live Your Inner Power program. I’m done letting fear stand in my way. I want to experience all that I am here to create and share with the world in the most abundant way possible.

I read a quote in Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes just the other night that said “I love my creative life more than I love cooperating with my own oppression.” Whoa. Got that one loud and clear. As I learn and grow into my fullest self I must choose to move forward in that direction towards creativity and authenticity. Those qualities don't fall into my lap while waiting ideally by - it is for me to claim them and embody them, once I grow the courage to step up and live my power. Instead of letting culture shape me and tell me what to do when (go to school, get a job, start a career, etc.), this life is for me to live, create and enjoy.

I have chosen consciously that I am ready for this. As I reviewed my habits and patterns this month I found that I could be using my time better. Seriously, so much of my days were spent worrying about doing everything on the to-do list and practicing yoga and spending time with friends and tackling a house project and on and on and on. Just thinking about that worry is exhausting. I am now seeking the opposite of my worry...patience. Focusing on not worrying about what I have to do but just doing the task right in front of me in that moment.

Understanding how I spend my time and looking at it through the looking-glass has made me realize that it’s my decision each and every moment of the day to choose how I use my willpower and my energy. When all the energy for the day is drained...that’s it, call it quits and relax. It doesn’t do anyone good to push past the limits of the energy I have to give others. It certainly doesn’t bring out my best in the projects I’m tackling.

Observing my choices allowed me to make better use of my time and relax into the fact that it will all get done. Maybe not this moment or this week. But it will happen.

This program has given me a deep awareness of both myself and my choices, which was not there before. Doing only what it is I want to be doing, taking away things that drain my energy, has become a new habit. This awakened awareness allows me to sink into enjoying the moment and release the worry I was fraught with for so long.

I’ll leave you with my latest intention that's powerfully influencing me right now and speaks directly to my constant worry. Maybe it will serve you as well…

There is time and space for everything I want to do

What emotion you are fraught with, and what may be it’s opposite that you'd like to consciously bring into your life?