Your Competitive Nature and Your Soul

First, let’s get the truth out of the way – we are all competitive.

Competitive – it’s a human quality. So it exists in all of us in some way. We all have all the qualities - in some form, somewhere within.

The question to pose is – how is my competitive nature showing up – what’s its focus?

When you don’t ask the question, bring the topic into the light, it lurks in the shadows where you might want to disown this part of you. When you do this, the competitive you shows up in ways you don’t feel good about or want to claim, so disclaiming it may feel like the best course.

Disclaiming it can look like this - 

Jealousy – “She’s better than me”

Mean thoughts – “She thinks she’s so great”

Self-loathing – “I could never do that”

How do you work with your competitive self so she can serve you and others and not wreak havoc and unpleasantness around you? Invite it in, and have a conversation with yourself.

Ask –

What haven’t I grown in myself fully?

What still awaits expression?

What’s she doing that I want to be doing but am not?

How is my life not fulfilling in ways that I deeply desire?

What lies dormant in me that I see in her?

What’s getting uncomfortable not to express?

Your competitive self can get driven by your ego –

Look at me!

I’m so grand

I’m the best

Or by your soul –

What’s next for me?

I am committed to fully expressing myself

What’s in my heart and soul is here to be shared

What am I waiting for? 

What’s the best thing about bringing your competitive nature out to be seen and guided by your soul?

You love all women, all people. You want everyone to shine brightly and contribute greatly and create more goodness in the world. You know their great is different – not better - not less – than your great.

And that’s a truth you can relax into, let go and allow in your life. Competition isn’t bad, it just needs to be led by your soul, not your ego.