How do you know when you're living authentically?

How do you know when you're living authentically? And why does it matter?

It matters because when you live inauthentically you pay a price. Sometimes we don't even realize what those costs are. Those costs can be big -

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Always questioning yourself
  • Seeing the green grass on the "other" side 
  • Addiction

Other times the costs are less dramatic but still unfortunate -

  • Worry about the future
  • Guilt about the past
  • Feeling uneasy in your body
  • Feeling detached from your body
  • Overall boredom

When you live authentically, you look around your life and feel at ease - and hopeful. Even when you are in the throes of change and it's uncomfortable to be in the turmoil, your body will register that - this is okay. This is part of my life process right now.

You just need to keep moving through - and breathe.

One of the quickest ways to step into living more authentically is to gently own where you are feeling and living inauthentically. Begin the process of checking in with yourself in all areas, in all decisions. Does this feel right and true? Do I feel like I am in integrity? Do I feel good about who I am being right now?

A poppy is only a poppy :)

During my training on the Shamanic path I learned how to face my inauthenticity with love and grace. Questions I kept in the forefront were -

Where was I not speaking the complete truth?

When was I not willing to share my feelings?

How did I make choices that didn't align with my heart and inner truth?

Who was helping me be more authentic, who was hindering me?

No why's - they come later when you can see life in retrospect. The answers to the why's arise naturally when you've grown and time has passed.

Authentic living is being in the light. The light that let's you know - you can do this. 

Managing life in your head is troublesome. We know now that it's the stress producing path. And it's the path to chronic self-doubt. Sure, we need to think, but mental direction needs to come from an inspired place.

Instead of staying in the mental chatter of your mind, tune in to how your body feels when you make decisions. Learn your inner wisdom and how it speaks THROUGH you. Get friendly and well-acquainted with your signals, your pushes, pulls and pulses that know what's right, wrong, what's best, and what's off course for you. Learn the little details of those pulses that signal honesty, register truth, and the fear that accompanies living vulnerably.

The fear dissipates as you grow authenticity muscles and develop an inner wisdom practice. The truth and comfort remain. 

Living your authentic life is the pulse that's beating through your heart, calling you to your best life. 

Will you answer the call?

I'm here to support you in your authentic life. 

How are you feeling about your journey to authenticity? Leave a comment below and make authenticity a topic on the table!

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