Let the Tears Roll and Keep 'em Comin'

What an invitation to grieve openly? Yes, that's what I am offering you. 

Worn out with the "being strong and composed" part of my life - I was so bad at this anyway - I am letting the tears roll now.

In the grocery store, at the cafe, in the office when I lead a meeting - yep - I am giving myself and everyone else permission to cry. Permission, invitiation, heck it would be a prescription if I were an MD. And now I am going to share with you the why.

Because on the other side of your grief is your creative flow. 

Deep within your grief is your profound compassionate nature.

And to teach the art of emotional flow is the greatest gift you can give your children and those that you lead. You'll be leaving a legacy of honest, heartfelt connection to the world and all that is around you.

Hope those are good enough reasons for you to let the tears roll. 

What inspired this writing for you? 

I said goodbye to what feels like a family member. A home that's been in our family for 27 years. My mum named her "The Gull's Nest" back at the beginning. 

The Gull's Nest - she grew a story higher over the years :)

Because I am emotionally tuned in and energetically sensitive (I feel certain that you are too dear one) I was feeling the loss coming for a month as I headed toward the official farewell. Tears at strange moments, nostalgia suddenly had me in its grips, memories surfacing spontaneously, deep and overwhelming gratitude for the time spent there... a flow of emotion and image that must not be stopped. Because it's healing.

For anyone who is looking for a little guidance about how to actually grieve well, I offer 3 small steps that will make grieving possible in a world that says - "we don't have time for that stuff".

*** Acknowledge the end - the loss - the disappointment - the passage in it's entirety. Don't minimize it, don't sidestep it and most of all don't deny it. Feel the emotions as they wash through you - and there may be many.

*** Make space and time to reflect, to journal, to cry, to dance (I know but it might feel right) and whatever else will help move the emotional energy though you. Do it alone and do it with others. 

*** Celebrate the gift that came with the loss. What did you learn? How did you love? What do you know now that you didn't know before? 

We have time for this stuff. We do. Stop telling yourself you don't. That's an old story for the generations of the past. It's a new world now my friend. Make time because it matters and it's important.

Grieve well and then get back to your creative flow, your compassionate heart and let your emotional journey roll on.  

I'd love to hear about your grief journey and where you are. Are you willing to find what's within and beyond the depths of your grief?