What to do when you're not understood

We want to be understood. Being understood feels good and in an indirect way it affirms us. This is also the fuel that ego wants to keep being right.

What do we do when we feel misunderstood or someone just seems to not “get it”?

Ungrip - let go and accept that they aren’t in the same mind space that you are in. Forgive them immediately for the lack of understanding (this doesn’t necessarily happen out loud) and then let it go.

Courageously love them anyway, or at least be kind. Don’t insist that they understand. Allow them to be in a different place.


Ask for acceptance and the space to be where you are, even though they don’t get it.

Give what you are asking for and what you want.

Trust that if they need to understand, one day they will. The timing is unimportant if we trust that we all are on our “right” path to personal and spiritual development. What one person gets for a lesson, another might not need or be ready for. And it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that we treat one another with respect and love, kindness and acceptance – the path of the heart. These things are highly underrated and more important and comforting than understanding.

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