Who’s your mama? Don’t forget this gratitude ☺

One of the lovely reorientations I experienced when I trained in Shamanic practices was attuning myself to the truth that our collective Mother is Mother Earth. This reorientation held so many beautiful healings embedded in it ~

  • I forgave my mother for not being the “perfect” mother, let go of hurts that had accumulated along the path of growing up, and released any ways I still “needed” anything from her to be well.
  • I forgave myself for not being the “perfect” mother to my own children. I humbly allowed them their own path of healing and growing, and believe that whatever dissonance they have felt with me was a part of their own awakening and evolving.
  • It matters how I treat this home of ours, Earth. If we trash her, disregard her natural rhythms and take for granted her resources, we will surely experience a collective disease and suffer.
  • I’m constantly aware of how our Earth is a self-healing, self-regulating organism, just as each of us is. Without the proper awareness of what we require to maintain wellness and experience wholeness, we lose the probability of maintaining self-healing and self-regulation.
  • My consciousness connects to the Earth and every part of her – that’s why it feels so healing and comforting to be in nature. As we spend time outdoors, paying attention to the beauty of our Earth, our nervous system relaxes and recharges. It’s as if we remember who we are in the deepest way.

One of the ways you can begin to feel more balanced and whole, after such a disturbing election and what we experienced as humans of our darker side, is to take responsibility to grow your commitment to live more wholly in line with what Mother Earth needs from you.

And that can begin simply, with gratitude.

We are, and can be the change we want, by Doing things differently ~ beginning with the way we think and where we put our attention.

How might you show and express gratitude for Mother Earth? 
For those of you who want to adopt a ritual for healing Mother Earth and honoring what we receive every day, I share with you a beautiful practice called Despacho. This is a lovely experience to bring a family/group together around.

  1. Before you actually begin, gather some offerings. Things like feathers, leaves, flowers, incense, essential oils, food, dried flowers, bits of papers for messages and intentions. Get a large paper to hold all that you will be placing in the offering.

  2. Create a sacred environment for this time. Light a candle, burn incense - whatever will symbolize your taking part in an important experience - a ritual or ceremony.

  3. Take your time and think about your gratitude and the gifts you receive every day that are often taken for granted. Mindfully, choose an item from your offering collection ~ really feel the gratitude for what you are focusing on. Blow the energy of your gratitude into the offering and place it on the large paper. Continue this process, taking turns if others are with you, circling around until the experience feels complete. 

  4. Gently fold your paper and tie the bundle, the Despacho. Make any final blessings you wish with it and then take it outside and mindfully bury it in a place of honor. Thank Mother Earth one last time for all your gifts ~ and spend time feeling the love.